Orem High School athlete Puka Nacua said that he's very familiar with BYU, the coaches, and school and says they'll be a top option for him

The younger brother of former BYU safety Kai Nacua, Puka Nacua first received an offer from BYU on March 1st, 2016. Not long another after Utah followed suit. TotalBlueSports.com caught with Nacua to get a quick snapshot of where he currently stands.

When it comes to recruiting, it all starts with the relationships with the coaches doing all the legwork. In regards to BYU coaches, Orem High School’s Puka Nacua feels everything is going smoothly.

“Things are going really well with the coaches in regards to my relationship with them,” Nacula said. “I would say everything is going pretty good. I get to see them pretty often with several coaches living near me.”

One specific member of BYU's staff Nacua is particularly fond of is BYU’s Director of Recruiting Operations, Tevita Ofahengaue. Nacua and Ofahengaue have established a personal relationship built on friendship and trust.

“Coach T.O [Tevita Ofahengaue] and I have a really good relationship,” Nacua said. “Every time I see him we always have a good conversation about a lot of different things: sports, family, and the world. The question he always ask me is ‘How are your grades? Are you staying on top of your grades?’”

Nacua stated he has two offers currently on the table.

“I have two offers to date in BYU and Utah,” Nacua said. “I’m getting a lot of interest from several Pac-12 schools, but BYU is always going to be a top three school for me.”

Nacua says BYU is one of his favorites because of the overall strength of their athletic programs.

“BYU will always be a top school for me,” Nacua said. “Going to school in Utah and living on campus it's amazing to see how diverse BYU has become with coach Sitake and other sports doing so well.”

His older brother, and former BYU safety, Kai Nacua has told Puka a lot about the new coaching staff under Kalani Sitake. This perspective, as well as many others, is another reason why he holds BYU high on his list.

“Watching the team grow and get better every year as my older played there was great to see,” said Nacua. “Also just hearing Kai talk about how much he loved playing there, and how fun it was playing for Coach Sitake is exciting to me. I really like how the recruiting for BYU is becoming more diverse and they are going out to get the best athletes they can.”

Living basically next door to BYU, Nacua has pretty much seen everything twice over. He’s been on campus many times, seen all the facilities there are to be seen, and knows the staff better than any other college program. So, when it comes to taking an official visit to BYU, Nacua feels it really isn’t necessary.

“Me living in Provo, and having my brother go to BYU, I would probably not take a visit there,” said Nacua. “That’s just because I have toured the campus before and have seen the football facilities a lot already.”

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