BluNotes: Raves & Rants about BYU Sports

When was the last time BYU actually increased the amount of votes they received in the AP poll after a loss? Respect is coming, if only in small doses. Of course, college football fans have no trouble shooting from the hip, even if their comments come off half-cocked.

…A PAC-10 follower elpalito1 hasn't really grasped the concept of the real average player age of the BYU football team - BYU's spiked grape juice. BYU fans always talk way too much. Every year they hope that their team of 24-27 year olds will push around the younger 18-22 year olds in games.

El palito, please, whatever it is you are smoking, please take it outside… the contact high is killing me. 27 year olds? Hey, somebody please call Weinke and tell him he might have another year or two of eligibility at the Y.

National_Titles_Rosebowls_Heismans tried to be coy with a slight religious card jab - playin for jesus......they might want to call him for help Saturday.

NTRH, they are and they did and don't you wish you were in on that phone conversation?

…Well, the BCS issue is in full swing now that the government has begun to show interest. What normally would fill the message boards of teams on the outside is now seeping into the woodwork of the "haves" - UCLA'65 obviously isn't towing the company line when he points an accusatory finger at the current BCS Don - Delaney gave the BCS pitch. He explained the history of the bowl system and how the BCS was formed. Its only goal was to create a 1-2 match up. Heinrich Himmler or whichever one of those 1930's Nazi's said "repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth" would be so, so proud of this guy.

Be careful 65, the Disney Mousekestapo might pay you a visit from Buena Park and threaten you with a mandatory ten-year sentence to the Liberty Bowl if you don't get in line with the rest.

…Well, I stumbled over an interesting conversation just prior to the USC game. Can I actually believe what I am reading? Notre Dame's Superirish_25 must see something that most in the BCS don't - Hey I am actually predicting a huge upset this weekend. I think BYU has the tools to beat USC Saturday. I have been saying all season that BYU will be the toughest team the Irish play all year and I will be there November 15th.

I can dig that. Actually, with the benefit of hindsight, Superirish just may have a valid point. Of course, not everyone is willing to buy his argument. Auburn's tommytub decides to bad cop the Mickey with the 3rd degree - And what tools are those? I don't know anything about BYU, but I know what you need to beat USC.

1. You need the best offensive line in the game, or one of them, because they'll be facing the best D-line in the game at USC.

2. You need a helluva backfield to try to contain their great receivers Williams and Colbert.

3. You need a QB that can run extremely well...someone who can make big plays when, not if, he is flushed out of the backfield, because he will be....a lot.

Does BYU have all of that?

Well, tommytub, guess what. Considering BYU's performance last Saturday with freshman players like Keele, Mohetau and Kuresa holding their own against the senior laden Wild bunch II, I'd say BYU qualifies point 1 to BYU. Backfield coverage shut down a strong passing game. Yes, Williams was the man and he schooled us a couple of times, but he would school anybody in college considering he is an undercover all pro wide-out working on some weird drafting experiment. All in all, BYU hung with them, point 2 to BYU. While Berry isn't bringing the house down with wild breakouts from the pocket for 15 o 20 yards a la Steve Young, he moved sufficiently to tear the USC secondary apart. Point 3 to BYU. So we still lost. Why? Experience…we didn't have it at the Coliseum, but we will have it in South Bend.

…Volunteer's KungFuCharlie is showing his age with this worn out mantra - I didn't realize that BYU students and fans were "allowed" to get to hyped for a football game. No booze and no caffeine, what fun is that.

Let me see hee er nowah Kun foo Charleee! We needs to make a deecishun nowaah. Shudda we yall git lickered up and coon dog Rocky Top as loud as we kin, or stick to da kew layed, n watch da gayme.

Tell you what KFC (no, that didn't spell what I think it did. Did it?) You may want to get boshed, pass out in your flatbed in the Stadium parking lot, and wake up in your own vomit. Heck, that sounds like real fun (NOT). The Cougars are housebroken for a reason. BTW xtra crispy leaves fewer chunks on the dashboard when you decide to hurl.

…Now this really makes sense, coming from Penn State's Big beef tacosupreme ...GT not looking as bad as everyone thought...they got beaten by BYU, a middle of the road mid-major. Beaten soundly, I might add. First N. Illinois, now BYU is threatening... Okay, help me tacosupreme. I know, I didn't get that Penn State education that has provided you with an illustrious job opportunity at Taco Bell, but please explain to me how getting soundly beat by a middle of the road mid major translates to a usually strong BCS team as "not looking as bad..." Snorting hot sauce can do funny things to you brain. Just remember. BYU IS NOT A MID MAJOR. COMPRENDE?

Collegefootballaddict dares to ask the question on many people's tongues, but are afraid to ask. Is BYU really a mid-major though? Even though the Cougars don't play in a power conference they have been known to beat tough teams. Now of course this question needs an appropriate response, but alas, ftbobs falls flat on his face by repeating the lie - BYU is a mid-major. They are not in the BCS so, they have to be classified as such, but they are certainly among the best of the mid-majors and with last night's victory they are 11-9 against BCS conference teams since the formation of the Big 12. Yeah ftbobs, I can see how the ESPN bobble heads are twisting your arms to classify one of the most exciting college football programs in the U.S. as a mid major. All you have to do is say NO. …Man, they seem to be crawling out of the woodwork this week. Well maybe they will invest BCS headquarters and Delaney will give Val Hale a call. NC State's cowvet92 is very astute in his breakdown of the validity of the antitrust angle against the BCS, but here was the real kicker for him - ...But the thing that caught my eye in the article in the Wash Post this morning is that, based on the BCS, Brigham Young-- a large, world class university with one of the most successful football programs in the US, is a "mid-major". As far as I'm concerned, most of the schools who are left out of the BCS don't matter. But a few-- maybe BYU, CSU, a few others- clearly need to make some efforts to get into real conferences. Yes folks, you heard it here from the ACC. BYU is a... let's here it...yes.. A WORLD CLASS university with one of the most SUCCESSFUL football programs in the US. You people in Prove didn't think that we got any respect. That was worth at least 10 Jell-O salads and don't skimp on the koolwhip.

Florida State's cstrick is telling it like it is, and has been. Finally we are penetrating into the deep south here, boys and girls. Can't wait until LSU actually admits that we are quality - BYU gave USC everything they could handle. It wasn't until midway into the 4th quarter that USC pulled away. MWC is tougher than people think.

Georgia Tech's techneek1 may not be nails in the grammar department, but nothing wrong with his comprehension - Who woulda thunkit ??? .... that we would be 1-1 at this time and we would have lost to BYU & beaten Auburn ??????

While I am not in the habit of thunking things, I am not surprised in the least.

Well things are rocking in Wake Forest, but it is understandable considering they run a lean mean 3-3-5 which is taking the ACC by storm. Could there be a conflict of interest amongst the Demon Deacon fans come December? Keep up the current trend, and Basketball might suffer a major setback for butts in seats. One devilish deacon KinderGentlerSatan lives up to his reputation for staying up all night - My friend and I wanna watch the BYU-USC game tonight, but my satellite is down. Anyone know where we can watch this game. It's an ESPN Gameplan game! Thanks! And Gooooooooooo Deacs! I have one question KGS, who is your friend, yikes to scary for me.

…Obviously Maryland's HolyMoly is disgusted with the Fridges lack of progress this year after getting hit with two losses early. His solution to the problem? - ...But if we can become a true, consistent Top 25 program with top 25 talent (not well-coached teams playing over their heads), there will be a year or two where we can make a run at the title. To do that, we will need to have a special QB (as other teams in similar situations had in making their runs, like Vick at VTech, Hamilton at GTech, the BYU guys, even Brad Banks at Iowa last year) and some luck. "The BYU Guys?" Sounds like some cheesy carpet cleaning company, or auto parts store. Instead of Manny, Moe and Jack, we got Jimmy, Steve and Ty.

…Hurricane fans have the right to talk the talk, but myopia has its downside. Miami's RickySixx explains to a few fellow fans why USC isn't top 5 material - USC though was up 21 nothing early to BYU then they proceeded to play like crap and were caught in a 21-18 (3 pt game) with about 4 or 5 minutes left in the 4th Quarter before USC scored two late TDs and won 35-18. Hey Lucy, I'm home. Helloo McSixx, the reason USC played so badly was because BYU's Mountain Mayhem defense rocked their world. No go sing five Babaloos and don't call me in the morning.

…Nothing to say here other than Ohio State's buckeyewriter is still unable to let go of his superiority blanket when he refers to BYU as mediocre, but give the guy credit. He nails it head on. - The BCS in for a Rude Awakening (Long)…

After watching the top teams today, none of them look heads and shoulders above the rest of the college landscape. Miami almost lost, Oklahoma was seriously tested, USC was challenged at home by a mediocre BYU team and of course the Buckeyes looked very beatable. The top 25, already littered with white elephants like Notre Dame, Kansas State and Pitt, took a major hit yesterday – 1/5 of the nation's ranked teams lost, to luminaries like Bowling Green, Georgia Tech and South Carolina. The most impressive-looking teams, FSU, Michigan and Va Tech, haven't been tested (though FSU, my pick for #1, looked excellent against Maryland).

This points to great theater come late November, when the computers try to figure out the differences between a slew of 1-loss teams and a lot of very good teams are left out in the cold. Expect caterwauling from whomever is shut out, from squeaky wheels that think the media has it out for them (Pac-10, this means you) to the annoying 2-loss team that finishes the season looking stronger than everybody else and thinks that makes them title-worthy (Colorado, Iowa, USC). Factor in the inevitable, equally annoying small-conference school that goes undefeated against community colleges and you've got a recipe for some great entertainment. You think the offseason Big East/ACC feud was fun? Just wait until every BCS conference produces one 1-loss team, and all six of them think they deserve to play in New Orleans. Or the BCS gets nervous about the congressional investigation and lets Florida State play Miami for the National Championship – only this time it's Miami of Ohio. Or – better still – the winner of the Sugar Bowl wins the USA Today poll by proxy but loses the AP poll and we have the split championship the BCS was designed to prevent.

It's possible that none of that will happen, but it's impossible that there won't be controversy. The BCS got very lucky to have exactly 2 undefeated major-conference teams last year, and I guarantee it won't happen again in 2003. The pressure currently being exerted in Congress could help push us toward the inevitable – a college football playoff. We all know it's going to happen; it's simple supply and demand. The BCS will supply the need for a playoff, and the fans will demand it.

Idaho's Meridianvandal seems to appreciate one of the best exports out of the state of Utah, BYU coaches. They seem to show up anywhere and everywhere. BYU should be known as Coach U with the amount of coaching talent we create or develop - I remember about a couple years ago when everybody here thought it was absurd and crazy that we had hired Lamb as our d-coordinator. Because at the time he was only a graduate asst. at BYU. But he's proven to be a valuable asset on our coaching staff and our defensive play is about our only bright spot on the team. Well enjoy him while you can Meridian, because, in all honesty, who would want to stick around in Moscow?

…Filled with confidence after their pounding of San Jose, Stanford & sons own BigRedFoxx is taking an academic approach to his myopic destination - We played the first quarter pretty much like a team playing its first game against an opposing team on its third game. Fortunately, it only took one and a half quarters before the talent differential took over. I somewhat expect the BYU game to progress along a similar pattern, particularly since we'll be coming off a bye week. I somewhat expect the BYU game to progress in a pattern where the Cardinal give up the ball 3 or 4 times, their players get bruised and battered all day long, and BYU has an offensive clinic in Provo. This will probably hurt our chances of getting into the PAC-10, but what the hey, I have always been a Big XII fan.

…Boy, what is going on in the world of college football? We come off a losing season, everybody expects us to be the equivalent of horse manure, and we control a poorly rated Georgia Tech team and bring it in a losing effort over a highly rated USC team. All of a sudden, we together with our MWC brethren get this from Golden Bears own powripp - I've been very impressed with the MWC. CSU is no cupcake and could very easily be 2-0 and in the top 15. BYU looked very impressive against SC, especially on Defense. I expected a blowout, but BYU thwarted SC's run game entirely. SDSU did better against Ohio State than Washington did, and basically dominated that game. Utah nearly took A&M down in college station, and probably would have won the game if it was played in Utah. New Mexico is a quality, up and coming club.

One could argue, based on early season indications, that the MWC has more top to bottom balance than the Pac does. Other than SC, ASU, Oregon and perhaps WSU, the Pac 10 looks very pedestrian this year. In addition, SC's victory over Auburn is diminished somewhat by GT's relatively easy victory over the Tigers. Auburn simply isn't a very good football team right now.

If the Mountain West added Fresno and Boise St., an argument could be made that the MWC might be the premier football conference out West. The conference is doing more with less, and doing it very well. Kudos powripp. A bit over the top, but kudos nonetheless.

Washington State's Always a Coug should focus on the cheerleaders as he obviously doesn't understand football - ...They ought to try BYU's 3-3-5 or UW's 4-3-5 defense against Michigan. Man, after all these years, I finally understand why the Huskies were always so tough to beat. They have an extra player in the backfield. Yeah, the 4-3-5 defenses will get you every time.

…You think Coats isn't getting the looks. Well, it is now official. Daniel is a player. When the SEC starts drooling over your Tight End, you know you're big time. HOOOWAAAH! Crimson Tide's Rodney doesn't hide his covetous tendencies for his team - a look at next year. I sorta of like the explosiveness of that lineup, although it would be very inexperienced. We need one or two very explosive juco wr's maybe. Matt caddell and tyrone protho could give us some depth at the slot wr, and greer showed some signs that he could become a solid possession reciever. Hopefully Britt, smiley, and mathis return for their senior season and we add a couple of impact OL and TE in recruiting that can step in. We need a Daniel Coats of BYU type player at TE and the highschool center from colorado and BJ mcclain(or is it BJ Stabler).

Shula is the man! the future is bright.

…I really feel sorry for Auburn fan au1sec. He really believes what he is saying - BYU has played the same two teams that we have. Difference? They've scored 42 pts on them, we've scored 3. They have an average offense. They have two RSFr on starting on the O-Line, yet are able to protect their QB. They have very average receivers, yet are able to catch. Their backs are decent, but can't hold a candle to ours. Our players aren't our problem, and neither are the players we've faced on the opposing teams. The problem is clearly offensive coaching. The question is whether it can be fixed. Is Nall going to learn how to call a game by trial and error? There have been enough errors that he should be well on his way. If CTT has a plan B he hasn't said what it is yet. I just hope that we start using that no-huddle way Jason can call worse plays at the line than what is being sent in to him. BloodTypeORANGEandBLUE. Dude, that is just depressing. Never thought I'd be glad. BYU wasn't on our schedule for fear of being beaten!

Somebody please buy au1sec a pair of tickets to Provo so he can watch our team practice up close. Our offense is average, well, Tigers offense is non-existant... stinks to be you. Yeah, that must be scary when two Redshirt Freshmen are holding the line against arguably the best Dline in the nation. Ouch. That must really hurt. Average receivers? How many catches have yours made this year? Oh sorry, I forgot you are a running team. What do you know about receivers? Our backs are decent, but can't hold a candle to yours? It is all about what have you done for me lately, and lately your backs stink. I can sympathize with you as far as coaching goes. BYU has reached Nirvana with defensive coaching changes that were five years later than they should have been. Yeah, isn't that scary when an SEC power is afraid of BYU. Get used to it, because there is more where that came from.

…South Carolina's scwolf understand good coaching when he sees it, but unfortunately he doesn't understand the religious undertones that make this match virtually impossible - Hire Crowton from BYU. I watched your game and was routing hard for you guys, but was honestly surprised at the difficulty you guys had moving the ball on the ground. BYU has an excellent head coach who adapts his offense to his players and schemes his offense very well to the opposing Defense; he created opportunistic matchups against our Defense with average players, and I can just imagine what he can do with your above average players most importantly, he is NOT afraid to take risks to win big; he's not one dimensional, and he was keeping our D off balance when his QB had time to pass, all Trojans were impressed by BYU.

Take a serious look at Crowton, he's young and hungry to create a name for himself and he's doing a heck of a job so far.

Crowton is young, he is hungry for championships and he is doing a heck of a job so far. He is also staying in Happy Valley, one can always dream, right? Kind of like being in a BCS conference, but knowing that you will never be able to win a championship, Darn, that hurts. At least we have an excuse.

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