BYU is the lone program to have offered a scholarship to Arbor View High School athlete Isaiah Herron and he's thankful to the Cougars

Many talented high school football players aspire to play at the collegiate level for reasons more than just the love of the sport. Such is the case for one prospect who was closing in on his senior year of high school football without an offer to his name. That was the case for Isaiah Herron until BYU entered the picture changing everything.

From Arbor View High School in Las Vegas, Isaiah Herron has worked hard his entire prep career hoping his efforts wouldn’t go unnoticed by college recruiters. Just about to wrap up his junior year of high school, Herron had not garnered an offer. Then one day out of the blue everything changed. A coach showed up at his Arbor View and requested to speak with him.

“I was in class and my coaches usually come through our coach’s office and they’ll call me out of class,” said Herron. “One day I came out and I spoke to a BYU coach, Coach Lamb. We had a conversation and he said he couldn’t tell me much right then. Then right before I left, a teammate of mine, Elijah Wade who was offered by BYU as well, gave me a hint.”

Hoping the cryptic hints from Elijah Wade would turn out to be something more real, Herron’s phone soon buzzed with a text from his high school head coach.

“As I was leaving, I got a text from my coach telling me to come back. That’s when he told me that I got a full-ride scholarship offer to BYU and that Coach Lamb would call me that night. It was very surreal and I was just extremely excited.”

The offer from BYU was a happy moment for Herron, who could hardly contain himself knowing what he just accomplished for him and his mother, Duana Herron, who worried she would never be able to send her son to college.

“It was a dream come true,” said Herron. “I felt like it was just one step closer to fulfilling my goals, and it made my mom proud as a single mother. Even though my dad was in my life, I did this for my mom who struggled to raise three kids. It was a big relief off my shoulders to know that I had accomplished one of her dreams and erased one of her worries of me being able to go to college. I know that really affected how I felt. This is the biggest accomplishment in my life.”

When Isaiah Herron told his mother the good news, she broke out in uncontrollable excitement expressing her joy in her son’s accomplishment.

“She was just excited and was losing her mind!” Herron said. “She was like, ‘Oh my gosh you did it!’ She was so excited and extremely happy and just going crazy! She was just so happy and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I actually told my dad as well and he was happy for me. He was one of the motivating factors for me and constantly pushed me and always stayed on top of things. Because of him, I am the young man I am today.

“You know, this is a life-changing experience for me. This is very life-changing for me. It’s hard to explain because this is my first offer and I’m in the 2018 class.”

Once Herron received his BYU scholarship offer, he went home and did some research to learn what this life-changing opportunity entailed.

“I did look up BYU,” Herron said. “I was looking at the facilities and looked up the area and campus. It’s really nice up there and I like the area a lot. I checked everything academic-wise and I know what I want to major in. I want to major in business economics and sports medicine. I know BYU’s department is crazy.”

A tall and rangy cornerback, Herron also plays wide receiver but Coach Lamb wants him on the defensive side of the ball.

“I’m 6-1 pushing 180 and I play cornerback,” said Herron. “I also play a little bit of receiver but mostly defensive back. BYU is looking at me to play cornerback. Coach Lamb said they needed cornerback help and the depth isn’t where it needs to be. I was told I was one of the best in the state. I mean, I still have work to do but if I go there I’m going to work and bust my tail to show them I’m an athlete.”

The question as to why he’s gone relatively unnoticed is a mystery to him. Herron said he’s gone to many camps, competed against outstanding receivers, and has even been named among the top cornerback performers at those camps. Still it’s a mystery to him why no other college has thrown their hat in the ring.

“Honestly I don’t know,” Herron said. “I’ve been going to seven-on-seven tournaments and played against some of the best guys in the country. I’ve played against from American Heritage, guys from Florida, and a lot of guys from Cali. I’ve been doing exceptional when it comes to coverage and colleges have been sleeping on me. BYU took a chance on me and I want to make them proud.”

Herron is very close to a recent BYU commit. Liberty HIgh School cornerback Allan Mwata and Herron have played together in camps and have built up a close relationship. The two plan on visiting BYU together over the summer.

“Me and Allan Mwata, who is the Liberty cornerback that just committed to BYU, we talked about going up there sometime in the summer to take an unofficial,” said Herron. “I’ll be coming back during the season to go watch the LSU game.

“I’m really close to him and I met him during seven-on-seven tournaments, and we were named the top defensive backs. We worked together really well and called plays together, so we have a lot of chemistry on and off the field. I actually consider him to be like a brother. We work together very well and can actually picture us playing together at BYU.”

With one scholarship in hand, Herron wants to make a final decision by the end of summer.

“Probably towards the end of this summer I’ll have my decision made,” said Herron. “I want to have my decision made before the season starts so I won’t have any distractions.”

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