2018 ILB Oliver Nasilai (Gabe Brooks / SCOUT)

Har-Ber (AR) athlete Oliver Nasilai grew up rooting for BYU & now that he has an offer from the Cougars, he's excited to have it

Har-Ber (AR) linebacker prospect Oliver Nasilai grew up cheering for BYU. The one time Utah native turned Arkansas resident grew up cheering for BYU ever since he was a young boy. He recounts the day when he received an offer from BYU and believes more are coming on the horizon.

During the 2016 prep football season, Oliver Nasilai heard from his father that BYU was interested in him. Then one day a call came in that really excited the Nasilai family.

“It was about three-fourths away from the end of my football season, I was sitting at home when my dad got a phone call,” recalled Nasilai. “I guess BYU had been talking to my dad. He said to me, ‘I think BYU is going to call you today because they wanted to talk to you.’ Coach Ofahengaue called and we talked. He was talking to me and talking to me then he offered me. It was crazy and I was grateful, especially since it was from BYU. I love BYU!”

The Har-Ber High School (Springdale, AR) athlete was offered on the phone by BYU’s Director of Recruiting Operations Tevita Ofahengaue, who is a cousin to Nasilai’s mother.

At one point in time the Nasilai family lived in various cities in the state of Utah. The family, which is LDS and cheered for the Cougars, ended up moving to Arkansas where they currently reside.

“When I was little I used to live in Utah and I’m LDS,” said Nasilai. “BYU is pretty much every little LDS kid’s dream growing up. That’s kind of how I stayed connected to BYU is I knew I wanted an offer from them. When I got that offer I was excited.”

So, what’s it like living in Arkansas?

“It’s really different from there in Utah,” said Nasilai. “I think I’m the only Tongan out here in Arkansas.”

At this point in time Nasilai has two offers on the table. However, according to Nasilai more are waiting in the wings if he would do but one thing.

“Right now I have offers from BYU and the University of Central Arkansas,” Nasilai said. “I’ve been talking a lot to Memphis and Oklahoma State. I’ve also been talking to Arkansas. All of them want to offer me but they want me to come to their camps and run the forty. They said that’s all they’re waiting for is for me to come out and run and get out to their camps. I’m thinking about heading out and possibly doing that this summer.”

Coming in at 6-2, 238-pounds, Nasilai also has plans on heading out to Provo, Utah to attend BYU’s summer camp as well. The last time he was at BYU’s summer camp is when Coach Mendenhall was at the helm.

“The new coaching staff installed this past year is just crazy with what they’ve been able to do in their first season was incredible,” said Nasilai. “The talent they’re bringing in and the production they’ve had is crazy. I’m excited for everything they have to offer.

“I’ll be at BYU’s summer camp this summer. I’ve been out there to BYU’s camp when I was a freshman, but that was when I was a freshman year. It was really good. This was when Coach Mendenhall was there, but I haven’t been out there since Coach Sitake’s been the head coach. I’m looking forward to it.”

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