Olympus HS athlete Brach Davis has been overlooked due to a devastating knee injury he suffered but BYU offered & he likes the Cougars

Originally from Las Vegas, Brach Davis moved to Utah five years ago where he plays for Olympus High School. After missing most of his junior season due to an injury, Davis has flown largely under the recruiting radar. That is until BYU recently came knocking on his door.

BYU coaches heading to watch Olympus High School’s spring practices were interested in evaluating athlete Brach Davis, who at the time was involved with the Titans' track team when the coaches stopped by.
“Yeah, that was really exciting,” said Davis. “How it all started was BYU came out and talked to my track coach and watched me during my track practice. I guess they saw a lot of my track times and they were really interested in me because of my speed.”
The coaches visiting Olympus to watch their spring practice and recruit Davis was BYU defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki and running backs coach Reno Mahe. After a brief conversation they offered Davis.
“They came out while we’re in football in spring practice right now and they came out to see football,” said Davis. “While they were doing spring practice, I was doing track practice at the same time. They kind of watched me doing track practice. They talked to me for a little bit and asked me some questions and things like that. After that they offered me.”
The offer by BYU was Davis’ first, which is big for him for a few reasons.
“Well, I’m going to be a senior next year so for them to give me my first offer made me extremely excited,” said Davis. “This was extremely exciting for me because of that. Also it’s exciting for me because I missed my whole junior season. Then being able to come back and run my 10.96, everything has kind of come full circle for me.”
Davis’ track times are impressive.
“They said they really liked me speed, my height, and my athletic ability,” said Davis. “Right now I’m a junior and I’m 6-1, 170. My 100-meter time is a 10.96 and my 200 time is 22.6.”
While competing in track last year, Davis suffered a season-ending injury causing him to miss his entire junior football season. The injury caused him to go largely unnoticed by college football recruiters. However, BYU's recruiting staff didn't miss him despite being absent from the field his junior year.
“I tore my ACL and my MCL,” Davis said. “I did it during tack and when I was competing during the long-jump at the start of track season. That is why the offer by BYU is big for me because I didn’t go unnoticed by that coaching staff. I was just smiling from ear to ear and my dad was all grinning and stuff. We were really happy and excited.”
As can be imagined the BYU offer means a lot to Davis.
“It means a lot to me because I’ve been pushing hard and working hard to come back and get myself right,” said Davis. “The fact that somebody like Coach Tuiaki would put his faith in me and trust in me is really big. I’m just grateful for everything BYU has done.”
Although Davis plays a wide-range of positions at Olympus High School, BYU is looking at him to play in the Cougars' defensive backfield.
“In the past I’ve played halfback, wide receiver, and cornerback,” said Davis. “I also played some safety as well. When I played halfback I was always noticed for my quickness and break away speed. I also had quick reactions to the ball and things like that, so that’s why they’re recruiting me for corner. They’re recruiting me for my speed, reaction time to the ball and my athleticism.
“They offered me to play the cornerback position. I’m excited about that and have been playing defense my whole life. The plan was to start on both sides of the ball my sophomore year, but then I got shifted up to varsity so I just played running back. I love playing defense and I love hitting because that’s right up my ally.”
Having moved from Las Vegas, Nevada five years ago, Davis is still becoming familiar with BYU, especially now that he's received an offer from the staff.
“Well, I don’t know a whole lot about BYU,” said Davis. “I’ve only lived here for five years but know they’re [an Independent] team that still plays a good schedule across the nation and they hold their own. I didn’t know much about BYU until Kalani Sitake became the head coach. Then I became a little more interested in BYU. The whole coaching staff is cool and I got to know them, and I’m learning more about BYU now.”
Davis' parents graduated from the University of Utah and are naturally fans of the Utes' football program. Now that their son has an offer from BYU, there is a new interest in BYU's football program.
“It’s funny because my parents were always Utah fans and I’ve been a little bit of a fan but didn’t care much,” Davis said. “I’ve been a fan of both schools Utah and BYU, but then BYU offers me and it’s like, ‘Oh, BYU just offered me.’ Now we kind of laugh about it because BYU offered me and Utah didn’t. My parents laugh about it but they’re beginning to really like BYU.”
Davis is close to two BYU players in Jackson McChesney and Ben Bywater, who both signed in the 2017 recruiting class.
“I can see myself playing at BYU,” said Davis. “My mom and dad graduated from Utah and have been Utah fans their whole life, but after talking to BYU’s coaches I can for sure see myself playing there. I also know and I’m good friends with Jackson McChesney and Ben Bywater and all those guys. Playing with a bunch of my friends would be awesome!
“I actually talked with Jackson about my offer from BYU and that would be a really good time playing with him, so BYU is actually really high on my list. He congratulated me and we’re going to be amazing in a few years when we all get up there. I think he’s right.”
Although Davis didn't commit to Coach Tuiaki and Mahe, he is heavily considering the Cougars. He believes he might just end up being a Cougar when it's all said and done.
“I was going to wait a little bit through the summer I guess,” said Davis. “I was okay to commit to BYU, but my dad didn't want me to do anything like de-committing because that’s just not very trustworthy. At the end of the day I probably will commit to BYU, because I like what I see with the coaches and players and everything.”

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