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Katy High School running back Joshua Oglesby didn't know BYU was interested in him till recently but he's all-in with the Cougars now

The BYU coaching staff is constantly looking for speedy athletes to carry the rock and they found it in Katy High School running back Joshua Oglesby. Without having stepped foot on campus, Oglesby decided to commit to Kalani Sitake and the Cougars. The question is why?

The BYU Cougars just received their latest commit for the 2018 class. The commitment came by way of having first received an offer while Joshua Oglesby was attending BYU’s Fan Fest that was held last Saturday in Houston, Texas.

“Yes I have committed to BYU!” said an excited Oglesby. “BYU first offered me last Saturday during the Fan Fest out in Houston, Texas. It’s about 45 minutes from where I am. That last Friday I got in touch with Coach Mahe and he told me he was on campus and said they were very interested in me. He invited me out to the Fan Fest. I did a little research and everything and he invited me out to the Fan Fest. That was the extent of the conversation we had.”

Oglesby drove 45 minutes away to Houston to see what all the fuss was about. He figured he would meet a few coaches while interacting with all the BYU fans that came out of the festivities.

“I had no idea that BYU was even interested or even knew about me,” said Oglesby. “I came down and met the coaches and it was pretty obvious that they had done some research on me. They knew who I was when I got on site. Coach Lamb had been looking some track times and then they saw my 100-meter time and my name came up. Then went and watched some film on me and that’s when they started liking me more.”

His laser track times are impressive.

“My laser time in the 100-meter I run a 10.6 flat and in the 200-meter I run a 21.5,” said Oglesby.

After meeting the coaches, Oglesby was treated to a big surprise. White he simple thought he came for a meet and great, the coaches had something else on their mind.

“Well they offered me a scholarship! When they offered me I was shocked!” said Oglesby. “I was kind of blown away a little bit because I wasn’t really expecting to go to BYU because we really hadn’t talked. I didn’t go out there expecting an offer. I just went out there to see and get to know the coaches and everything like that. I was very excited when I received the offer from the coaching staff. It’s kind of hard to explain.”

The offer from BYU marks his second offer. Oglesby explains why he decided to commit to the Cougars now rather than wait for more to come in.

“I have two offers in BYU and Montana State,” Oglesby said. “The reason why I decided to commit to BYU is because me and my family watch a lot of football, so I know the history of the program. When I was at the Fan Fest they were excited to see me and knew who I was. I was sold and just felt very comfortable and could trust them. It just seemed like a good fit for me, and I’m kind of ready for my recruitment to be over with so I can focus on my final high school season. I also know BYU’s academics are phenomenal and I’m a pretty decent student.”

At Katy High School, Oglesby plays multiple positions, primarily on offense and special teams.

“I’m 5-9 and about 185 pounds and play running back. That’s my primary position, but I can also play slot receiver and I also play special teams,” said Oglesby. “I play the gunner position on punts and I do kick return. I also blocked some field goals during the season too and like doing that.”

Offensive coordinator Ty Detmer and running backs coach Reno Mahe want to use Oglesby’s speed in the Cougar backfield.

BYU is looking at me for running back,” said Oglesby. “They said they like my speed and need some speed out there. They said they don’t get a lot of speed at the running back position out there in Utah, so they said they have to come down and get some Texas speed. That’s my biggest asset is my speed is my speed. I have a lot of advantages over people and it shows on my film. My speed is my biggest weapon.”

Oglesby rushed for 911 yards and scored 11 touchdowns on 148 carries last season. Coach Mahe will have a lot of speed and quickness to work with once his new running back commit gets into the program.

“I felt like I knew Coach Mahe before I even talked to him,” said Oglesby. “He was a very cool dude and made it easy for me to like him and BYU. When we talked I he was just like another guy off the street and answered all my questions. I didn’t really have to talk to him like he was a coach because he was so personable. I felt very comfortable with him and he never stops smiling.”

The Katy High School running back star also knows a lot about BYU’s offensive coordinator Ty Detmer as well.

“I know about Ty Detmer and he’s a legend,” said Oglesby. “He goes down as one of the greatest at BYU, I know that for sure. It’s exciting to know that you have an offensive coordinator that has a Heisman Trophy. My brother goes to UIW and Ricky Williams was a running backs coach, and he told my brother what it was like to be a Heisman Trophy winner. He told him all about the Heisman and what that was like, so I figured I’d go play for a Heisman Trophy winner too like my brother.”

To know someone of Detmer’s college and professional accomplishments wants someone like him to play in his offense has given Oglesby a lot of self confidence.

“That gave me a lot of confidence in myself that a Heisman Trophy winner wants me to be a part of his offense,” Oglesby said. “It’s great to know that someone of that caliber wants me in his backfield. I’m pretty happy about that.”

Oglesby will be heading out of Provo next month to take a closer look at the school he has committed to.

“I’ll be coming up to visit BYU on June 6th,” Oglesby said. “When I get up there I want to meet the players and get their thoughts on how it is. I want to see the facilities and the campus to see all the benefits BYU has to offer. I’m excited to get out there and learn more about the academics and get to know the coaches more. I couldn’t be more excited.”

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