Yoakum (TX) athlete Silas Robinson know a lot about BYU thanks to the Detmer family & is excited to have an offer from the Cougars

He’s big, mean pancaking machine. Silas Robinson is a 6-5, 305-pound lineman who is terror upon the snap of the football. A two-way lineman prospect, BYU, among others, has offered the 11th ranked defensive tackle in the 2018 recruiting vlass. With eight current offers on the table, BYU is one he’s very interested in because of a close friend.

Yoakum High School (TX) lineman Silas Robinson remembers the day when he received his BYU offer. He spoke to BYU’s offensive coordinator Ty Detmer by phone when he received the news.

“Coach Detmer called in the morning and said he and their O-line coach (Mike Empey) liked me, so they offered me a scholarship,” said Robinson.

Robinson personally knew Ty Detmer due to Detmer’s nephew, Zadock Dinkelmann, who has a close relationship with Robinson from their early years of playing football.

“I kind of know Coach Detmer because I played against his nephew Zadock [Dinkelmann] when we were in junior high,” said Robinson. “We don’t play against each other now, but we’re pretty good friends, so he knew me and I kind of knew they were interested in me. They think I can fit in their system well, and  I could make a good player for them so they wanted to offer me. I’m excited about it, and I like their offense and I like Coach Detmer.”

Because of his relationship with Zadock Dinkelmann, whom BYU has also offered, Robinson knows of Detmer’s outstanding accomplishments at BYU, which led him to winning the Heisman Trophy. He also knows of Detmer’s 14 year run in the NFL. He also knows the Detmer and Dinkelmann extended families as well.

“It was cool and I know Coach Detmer, I’ve met his dad [Sunny Detmer], and I’m good friends with his nephew and I know Koy and all them, so it was really cool getting an offer from him,” said Robinson. “He came here last year to my school, so it was cool. He was at practice watching and everybody knew he was pretty popular. It was cool being able to talk to him and getting that offer from him because of all the accomplishments [he's achieved] in college and in the NFL.”

Because of his relationship with Ty Detmer and knowing many of his family members, Robinson is interested in BYU and actually knows quite a bit about the university.

“I do know about BYU and I’m interested in them and want to check it out,” said Robinson. “I want to go up there and check it out. I’m not going to go on a [LDS] mission because I’m not Mormon, so I like how they said they could get me in early where I can make a difference.”

Robinson believes his close friend, and highly rated four-star QB Zadock Dinkelmann, is also interested in the Cougar program as well.

“He likes BYU and I think he would like to play for his uncle,” said Robinson. “He really wants an opportunity and I think he feels BYU could give him that. He’s a really good quarterback and a great player. If BYU gets him they’ll be lucky to have him. He’s super smart and he’ll be a great person off the field. He won’t get in trouble off the field. He’s been playing quarterback for his grandpa, who is a legendary coach, so he knows how to play quarterback. He’s really good and I know he really likes BYU.”

The two friends have talked about what it would be like to play with each other at the next level and even paying a visit to Provo.

“Oh, that would be cool and we’ve talked about that,” said Robinson. “It would be very exciting and very cool. I think it would be cool to protect his blindside because of how good of friends we are. It would mean more to me because of how close we are, and I think our chemistry would be good on and off the field.

“We’ve talked about finding time to go out to BYU together. The offer from BYU really surprised me and excited me. Zadock had told me they were interested in me about a month ago. They were afraid I wouldn’t want to leave Texas, but when they found out that wasn’t the case, that’s when they decided to offer me. They said they wanted to throw their name in the recruiting hat and wanted to come after me.”

A 6-5, 305-pound member of the class of 2018, Robinson has played multiple positions on both sides of the ball.

“At The Opening I was measured at 6-5, 305-pounds,” said Robinson. “I play left and right side at the tackle position, and I’ve also played tight end (sophomore year) and moved around for an off-balanced set. I play every snap on defense as well. I play some [defensive tackle and nose guard].”

Robinson currently has eight offers on the table with just about every Texas program currently evaluating him.

“BYU is my eighth offer,” said Robinson. “I have offers from Virginia, UTSA, Army, Yale, Rice, SMU, and Liberty. Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and TCU are evaluating me but they haven’t offered me yet.

“I’m excited about BYU because BYU is a historic program. I watched them beat Texas and I liked BYU. I met a lot of BYU fans who were really friendly. I want to play for coaches I know I can have a great relationship on and off the field, and I know I could have that with the coaches at BYU. I’m very interested in them.”

After spring camp Robinson said he’ll begin to narrow down his options.

“Coach Detmer is coming out here in the spring,” Robinson said. “After spring is over I’m going to start narrowing things down. I want to make some trips and I think BYU will be one of them for sure.”

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