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Wakeland (TX) athlete Tre Adams visited BYU recently and says he favors signing with the Cougars at this point in time

BYU has been mining the state of Texas for skill players and have found success in doing so. The Cougars recently offered Wakeland High School wide receiver Tre Adams (ranked 20th in Texas) and he was recently on BYU’s campus for an unofficial visit.

From the time Wakeland (TX) prospect Tre Adams, his mother Jennifer, and father Kearney stepped foot on BYU’s Provo campus, the family loved the scenery and campus experience.

“It was beautiful how the campus sits right next to the mountains over there,” said Adams. “The campus is beautiful and amazing. I met up with Coach Cahoon and he toured me around the campus. Once Coach Kalani Sitake got done with his golf tournament, he and Coach Detmer talked to me for a little bit and showed me around.

“What I like most about the experience was the family environment that I felt as I walked around the campus and met some of the players. I just like how everyone takes care of each other. It’s just a different feeling.  I’ve been to other campuses and seen other teams and it’s different at BYU.”

Adams came away from his visit with a positive impression of BYU’s facilities and also liked the relationships in the football program between coaches and players.

“Yes, definitely,” he said. “I definitely did. Honestly, I’ve seen some of the top facilities and the facilities at BYU are great. What really stood out to me is the atmosphere and how you feel while you’re there.  Even when the players were just walking I saw how friendly they were with the coaches. Coach Kalani said he has an open door policy and how the coaches and players can talk even if it’s not about football. The coaches really look out for their players over there and want them to be the best in every aspect of life.”

While on campus, Tre Adams spoke with current members of the football team to find out more what the program is like under Kalani Sitake.

“I was talking to some of the players and they said how when Coach Kalani Sitake took over as head coach, the environment completely changed,” Adams said. “I think every coach but two played at BYU, so they really know how things run at BYU. I was talking to Micah Simon and he said how it was a relief when the new staff came in. The whole environment with the team changed. Micah said how when Coach Cahoon came in things changed and how they have their hangout place for the team. He said it’s been really nice ever since Coach Sitake [took over].”

BYU wide receiver Micah Simon, who is also from Texas, has developed a relationship with Adams. However, it was former BYU wide receiver Margin Hooks who helped give Adams his first exposure to BYU.

“Yeah, yeah, I met [Micah Simon] when I was there and I’ve been talking to him on Twitter,” Adams said. “He worked out with [Margin Hooks] when he played at Bishop Dunne High School. [Hooks] definitely helped me to get exposure to BYU and helped me get the offer. He played with Coach Kalani so I know they’re good friends.”

Micah Simon answered questions Adams may have had. One question was concerning the business school at BYU.

“One thing I was asking Micah about was education and how they help us when we leave college,” Adams said. “They have internships with big companies around the city, and they’re not the same internships but three or four different types of internships based on what you’re majoring in. These aren’t mailroom internships but you’re following around the CEO’s of companies and establishing connections.”

While many recruits might view BYU’s honor code as being restrictive at a time when they desire to spread their wings away from home, Adams has embraced the standards.

“Probably the most impressive aspect about BYU was how they have an honor code,” Adams said. “Some recruits might not want this but for me I’m asking other schools if they have an honor code, because they should be holding their football players to a higher standard than the rest of the student body. Football players are representing their college, their coaches, their team, and their families, so what stood out to me was the honor code. We knew BYU was unique but we had to go see it for ourselves. I’m glad we went.”

In fact the visit went so well that Tre’s mother Jennifer Adams wanted him to commit to BYU before leaving the campus.

“My mom was ready for me to commit before we even left there,” Adams said. “When we met and sat down with Coach Sitake, she really loved him and how he said he was going to take me in as one of his sons. He talked about how they really strive to teach their players character and how important that was for their program. He said how they place an importance on character development and how they’re going to expand that. My mom just felt that BYU was a safe place for me and really felt comfortable about sending me there for the next four years of my life. I think that was what won my parents over is how BYU provides a complete education in all aspects of life.”

Following his visit to BYU, Adams is now leaning towards being a BYU Cougar.  He mentioned that he’s looking to make a final decision in about a month.

“I definitely feel it’s safe to say that of all my offers right now I’m definitely leaning towards BYU,” Adams said. “I haven’t found anything that has come close to the right mix of social, academic, and football as what I’ve found at BYU. Nothing comes close to BYU.”

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