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BYU has offered a scholarship to Washington Union High School do-it-all prospect Demarcus Griffin & he's excited about the opportunity

BYU offered a 2019 athlete from Washington Union High School in the Central Valley of California. BYU assistant head coach Ed Lamb recently offered Demarcus Griffin, who he believes would fit well in BYU’s football program.

When it comes to high school football positions, DeMarcus Griffin is Washington Union’s utility man. He’s a do-it-all player who fields punts, covers receivers, and scores touchdowns when called upon by his coaches.

“I play at Washington Union High School located in Fresno, California,” said Griffin. “BYU is recruiting me as a cornerback, but at my high school I’m considered an athlete,” said Griffin. “I also play receiver, quarterback, safety, and I pretty much do it all. Most people say I’m a better receiver because I’m small but I’m fast. I’m 5-9, 170-pounds but I’m fast and really shifty. I consider myself to be more of a DB because that’s the position I mostly play.”

Griffin racked up some nice turnover and touchdown numbers on both sides of the ball during his sophomore season.

“Last season I had eight interceptions but I don’t know how many tackles I had,” Griffin said. “As a receiver I had, I think, 11 receiving touchdowns and eight rushing.”

Griffin recently spoke with BYU assistant head coach Ed Lamb, who expressed interest in his abilities as a football player.

“It was great! I spoke to Coach Ed Lamb and he offered me,” said Griffin. “I think BYU started recruited me after I got my first offer, which was about a month ago. It was a good conversation and at first it just seemed like a normal conversation. When I spoke to him we talked about my major and what I wanted to study at the college level. We talked about how it is around there at BYU.

“I could tell he was interested in me. He said he wanted to offer me but said he wanted to talk to the other coaches to see what they think. He asked me what position I would prefer to play in college and I told him cornerback. Then he told me to keep grinding and that he might offer me soon but he wasn’t sure yet.”

After their first conversation, Griffin again spoke with Coach Lamb who informed him he was extending a BYU scholarship offer.

“Then about 15 minutes later I spoke to him again and he said, ‘Demarcus, I have great news! We’re going to offer you a full ride scholarship.’ He said, ‘Keep your grades up and don’t stop. It only gets better from here.’ I wasn’t expecting that. Now I have to step my game up and push myself harder than I usually do. The way I look at it now is I’m a college athlete at the high school level, so I have to step up my game and focus on getting my grades higher and improve my game.”

Southern Mississippi was the first to extend an offer to Griffin, but he’s excited about his newest offer from BYU.

“Yeah, this is big for me,” he said. “I’ve watched BYU on TV a lot and they’re a good school. I was really excited when I got the offer and was surprised because I didn’t think it was coming, if it was going to come, this soon.

“I’ve heard BYU is a Mormon school and is religious. I don’t know much but I’m going to learn more. I also know BYU’s academics are really high up there.”

However, football isn’t the only sport Griffin participates in. He also runs track, where he competes in multiple events.

“Yeah, I also run track too,” Griffin said. “I run the 100 and 200 and I do the relay 400. In the 100 I run a 10.72 and in the 200 I run a 21.86. In the 400 relay I run a 50.23.”

After receiving his scholarship from BYU, Griffin has thought about taking a road trip up to Provo, Utah with a relative who once played for San Diego State.

“I was talking to my cousin and he was saying that we might have to take a visit out here,” said Griffin. “He played for San Diego State and took a vacation out there to Utah and said it was cool. He has a brother who went to the Washington Huskies and he was recruited by BYU. He said we might have to take a visit out there and check things out. I think that would be a lot of fun.”

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