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After taking an unofficial visit to BYU, where he was blown away by the unique environment and coaching staff, wide receiver prospect Jaren Mitchell flew back home to Texas where he was going to think things over. It didn’t take long for him to come to a decision and commit to BYU.

Last week Jaren Mitchell flew out to the Utah to take a closer look at BYU. This was the first time the Hebron High School (TX) prospect had stepped foot in the Beehive State.

“Man, I fell in love with BYU and it’s just a great environment and great place to be, not just for football but academically as well,” said Mitchell. “I got to BYU at 9:30 and stayed till 4:30. I got to meet the players, the whole staff, and got a chance to experience BYU’s great atmosphere. It really put me over the top just being there and seeing the place.”

While on campus Mitchell met up with a fellow Texan, Micah Simon who took some time to talk about BYU. He also met with the BYU coaches.

“It helped me to get reunited with Micah Simon, Coach Cahoon and Coach Detmer,” Mitchell said. “Me and Micah [Simon] have been really close and he’s been a mentor to me throughout this whole recruiting process between me and BYU. He played a big part as to why I committed to BYU. So, him and Akile [Davis] and Tejan [Koroma] who are all from Texas said they love it there. Tejan said he hasn’t really gone back home to Texas since he’s been there because he loves BYU so much.  To hear all these Texas guys say they love BYU so much really made it easy for me. It really just helped me to become more interested in the school to the point where I just committed.”

So, what exactly are the reasons why Mitchell, who held offers from Colorado State, Utah State, Stephen F. Austin and Central Arkansas, decided to commit to BYU and end his recruitment?

“The reason why I committed, man, it’s just an overall great place to be,” said Mitchell. “I just see myself being there and playing there and it just felt right for me. Coach Kalani Sitake and Coach Detmer and Cahoon showed so much interest in me, not just as a football player but as a person. They spent more time with me than any other school has. Being up there really helped me with my decision.”

But that’s not all. Mitchell is excited to play in the offense Ty Detmer has implemented.

“Man, it is exciting being around guys like Coach Detmer who won a Heisman and being able to play in his offense,” Mitchell said. “It’s a great opportunity for me, but not just being around him but Coach Cahoon who was also an outstanding receiver and is among the best pass catchers when he played. These are guys that can really help me progress myself, not just as a person but as a player, and develop my craft. They know what it takes to play at the next level, so being around those guys is really going to impact my life and made my decision much easier.”

One of the more impressive aspects of Mitchell’s unofficial visit was meeting with BYU head coach Kalani Sitake. Despite visiting many college campuses, Mitchell had never experienced the kind of personal attention he received from Coach Sitake and Coach Cahoon.

“A lot of coaches that I’ve been to I didn’t really sit down and talk to their head coach as much like I did with Coach Kalani Sitake,” Mitchell said. “I met with other coaches at other school, but I never sat down and spent time with them to have a real meaningful conversation like Coach Kalani Sitake and Coach Cahoon did with me. It was a real meaningful conversation and that really stuck out to me a lot and helped with my final decision.”

“The highlight for me about being at BYU is, other schools really emphasis really the football side and just showed me the football facilities, but BYU was different in how they approach things with me,” said Mitchell. “They asked me beforehand what I wanted to major in. Then when I got there they took me to the academic facilities and introduced me to the directors and people who run the particular academic programs dealing with my major.  They showed me all the academic side of the school and all the resources available to me to help me get my degree while I’m there. The business department is rated among the top three in the nation, and I looked at the advertising department and met all the professors for the department. They showed everything their students had accomplished like videos and commercials for everybody that they’ve advertised for. They showed me all the projects they’re working on and some of the awards they’ve won. That’s something that really stuck out to me.”

It was clear Mitchell enjoyed his time surveying all that BYU had to offer. He enjoyed touring the facilities and spending time with the coaches and players. However, he wasn’t the only one enjoying their time at BYU.

“Man, my mom was pushing me to go there,” Mitchell said. “We were in Utah for a couple of days and visited Utah State and saw that campus, but she wasn’t really impressed. When we visited BYU she told me that she liked BYU more than any other college that I had been to so far. She just fell in love with the place and the academic side of the school. It just felt like home and my mom liked it, so that made it a place where I wanted to be. My mom plays a big part in my life so a lot of the decision making was also because of her.”

Mitchell ended his tour of BYU and headed back to the state of Texas with his mother after a couple days in Utah. There he thought things over and later that night knelt down on bended knees to ask if BYU is the place he should be. The next morning he knew where he needed to be.

“I just had that feeling of home and can’t wait to get back up there,” Mitchell said. “When I got home I wanted to go back up there, so I’m definitely going to take my official visit up there so I can get back up there. When I was leaving and we were walking in the parking lot I knew BYU was the place where I wanted to be. BYU is definitely where I’m meant to be. I just wanted to go home and think about it, pray about it, then sleep on it. When I woke up the next morning I knew that’s where I needed to be.”

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