QB Beck Brings "No Worries" Attitude with His Game

"I can't speak for everyone, but I'm sure every one of us is confident about it. John Beck is a very confident and capable back-up (quarterback). His attitude is his biggest strength. Beck has a great arm and can get it to us downfield. He tells me he can throw it 85 yards, I don't know if that's true or not, but he can definitely get it downfield."

These encouraging words from senior wide receiver Toby Christensen describe the feelings of many Cougar players in light of Matt Berry's broken throwing hand. Berry is expected back to full strength in 3-4 weeks.

"It was so tough to watch Matt go down, just because you never want to see a teammate go down," Beck said today, adding that "I would be in there if I was healthy and I couldn't be there to help my team. I was there to greet the team at 2 a.m. in the morning when they got off the plane."

Asked about his recovery from concussion, he said, "My head feels fine. I've felt fine since last Wednesday. Tuesday, I was still a bit woozy, but I'm completely fine now. I'll for sure be doing some more hook-sliding when I'm in the open field, I can't afford to take on guys like that in the open field. I need to take hits better as the quarterback filling in for Matt."

Though a true freshman, he said, "I actually feel less pressure this week and I'm more relaxed than I was before the first two games. Some of that has to do with the fact that I only got a set amount of plays. Now that I know that I have more room, I don't feel as much pressure because I know I'll have a lot of plays.

"Everybody comes up and tells me this is my chance. I'm looking at it as just an opportunity to fill in for a teammate and help my team win. It's all about helping the team win and if I can do that, then that's all I want."

John Beck was a record-setting quarterback at Mesa Mountain View High School in Arizona. "When I came to this school, I wanted to work as hard as possible. I wanted to get as much chemistry with my teammates as possible. You get that working during the off-days and doing extra stuff with them.

He said "I would just call players on the team after practice or on days we didn't practice and ask them if they wanted to go throw the ball around. Every time I'd do that, we'd have eight or so guys show up. So there's definitely chemistry there between myself and the receivers, even though I'm 2nd-string. When I go to the line, I can just give some guys a look and they know what I'm thinking and we're on the same page. That's what you need to have as a quarterback and I feel I've gained that to some degree in my short time here. Chemistry comes from working hard with your teammates," Beck noted.

A self-professed football field-rat, Beck's enthusiasm and attitude are infectious. He will need as much of that positive viral effect to lead the injury-hampered Cougars to their second home field win against a PAC-10 foe.

"I love football a lot. I hate losing and I hate not being successful. I credit my dad. Ever since I was young, he's taught me that you have to prepare and practice like you're going to win because when that opportunity comes, you need to be ready."

"I'm so glad that I'm here at BYU with Coach Crowton. Anytime I need to talk or learn something, he's always there. I've been here late at night watching film and Coach Crowton will still be here. We'd have the only cars in the parking lot, so I just go to his office and go over things. He's great."

"I watch a lot of film. I watch film as much as I can. The coaches always give us a little cut-up tape and I always go in with Coach Crowton to watch film with Crowton, so I probably end up watching at least 10 hours of film a week."

Prior to Berry's injury, it was a common sight to see Beck practicing with receivers after practice is finished. He was at it again today with back-up quarterback Lance Pendleton working with him.

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