KC Bills Named to All-American True Freshmen Team

A BYU true freshman back-up middle linebacker was named yesterday to the <b>Max Emfinger</b> All-American True Freshman team. Emfinger is one of the countries most respected prep recruiting experts and writers.

K.C. Bills joins fellow freshman standout Ofa Mohetau as the only two Cougars on the impressive All-Freshman team.

With three names added to the list each day until Sept. 22, BYU has the distinction of currently being one of only five colleges with two players on this elite squad. The others with two selections are USC, Florida, Louisiana State University (LSU) and Tulane.

Joining Mohetau on the offensive team so far are Reggie Ball, the athletic quarterback from Georgia Tech that BYU faced in their season-opener; Chris Leak, the standout freshman QB from Florida; Kevin Kolb, QB at Houston; Reggie Bush, the outstanding running from USC that exploded last week against Hawaii; RB Austin Scott from Penn State; I-Back Chauncey Washington from USC; I-Back Skyler Thornton from Florida; H-back Champ Davis from Iowa, WR Jayson Swain from Tennessee; WR Mike Mason from North Carolina; WR Dwayne Bowe from LSU; WR Demetrius Simmons from South Carolina.

On the defensive team so far with Bills are WLB Justin Warren from Texas A&M; FS Chad Johnson from Texas Tech; FS LaRon Landry from LSU; Kick returner Fred Smith from Tulane; and Kicker Barrett Peppers from Tulane.

Bills was a high school All-American fullback in Littleton, Colorado. He returned from his LDS mission just before spring ball and has worked himself to second strong middle linebacker behind senior Mike Tanner.

Tanner's breakout play was a sack for a safety of USC quarterback Matt Leinart several weeks ago.

Bills' sack forced a touchback against the Trojans and BYU extended its NCAA-record streak to 352 games without being shutout. The last shutout against the Cougars was on Sept. 27, 1975, in a game against then WAC foe, Arizona State. Interestingly, the Cougars do not have a single player on their roster that was alive the last time BYU was shutout.

In a TBS interview last week, Bills said, "I'm just happy to get in. I'm still learning and I have so much to learn at linebacker. What I've decided to do is just play ball, and just run around. I'm loving it, so whatever I get is fine," he said.

He described his safety sack. "We just had an inside blitz on and it just opened right up for me. All I had to do was sidestep the back and there he (Leinart) was," said Bills. "I thought he threw the ball away before I had him. Then I saw everyone do the safety sign. It was exciting and awesome. I was pumped. It was right in front of all the 20,000 BYU fans sitting there, so it was nice and loud. It was awesome," Bills said.

With three senior linebackers starting, defensive coordinator Bronco Mendenhall and linebacker coach Barry Lamb are liberally using their underclassmen back-ups in game situations.

"What I loved was how confident we were and it wasn't like we were in the Coliseum and intimidated. It was just like we were playing and handling it and it was great. It just felt good. It was nice and loud and everything was good," said Bills.

Bills also played in the Georgia Tech opener.

Link to Max Emfinger's massive prep recruiting database: http://maxemfingerrecruiting.theinsiders.com/2/57984.html

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