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Sound minds ruled the boards this week, but as always, there were a few out there who gave me a bad case of the headshakes. Our first game against Georgia Tech lingers on as the ACC begins tackling its in-house schedule.

Clemson's Atlanta J comes up short in his attempt at astute observations:

Re: they key to the GT game is WIDE

The staff needs to look at Tech's 3 previous games and we should win against Tech. BYU beat them passing the ball and they don't have as good a team or QB as Clemson. Auburn lost because they tried to run the ball to much. FSU almost lost because their QB doesn't have it all between his ears. Notice FSU finally scored on Tech with passing TD's. Not with one of the best RB's in the country. We will just have to see if Tommy's ego gets in the way and makes him try the run all day.

2016 National Champions (16-0)

… Atlanta, guess what? The staff needs to look at Tech's three previous games. Can you say-DUHH? This, of course, doesn't = victory for your Tigers over a hard-hitting hungry Yellow Jacket team. BYU's passing game, while alive, isn't kicking by any means.

How does BYU beat an ACC team? Yes, my friend, it is with defense. Had you been watching the game, you would know that. It is time to put down the newspaper and turn on TV come Saturday. Auburn and FSU had problems because the Wrecking Crew kept them off balance and disturbed their ability to execute. Bowden with an ego? Naaah, you've got to be kidding me. Well, sorry to tell you this Atlanta, but Georgia Tech is ticked off about the FSU game, and the Tigers are just the team to help them get over all that frustration. Georgia Tech has a Ball over Clemson 24-7.

… Georgia Tech's Golden Tornado definitely has it going on in the football smarts department. He sets the record straight in diplomatic fashion:

I don't really agree with Stinger

... I'm not so sure about the assertions that Clemson is better than BYU (or the many opinions I've seen elsewhere that BYU is a very bad team). I think BYU is a much better team than they were given credit for being in the preseason. They really gave Southern Cal a hard time, on the road no less. They shut down USC's running game, and BYU outgained the Trojans by about 360-300. And USC is supposed to be a legit top five team with a great defense.

Then last week they beat New Mexico by a non-MWC-sounding score of 10-7, while rushing for a bunch of yards. I doubt BYU can pass the ball as well as Clemson, but I think they can run the ball better and maybe play a little better/more aggressive defense. It's like the two programs traded places. Who would have thought that, 10 years ago ...

Yes, the Cougars are a much better team, but you know what a preseason poll and .50 cents will get you...well, probably nothing. Can .50 cents buy you anything these days? Yes Golden, we do have a legit running game which will surprise a lot of people before this season is over. I do like your assessment that 10-7 is a non-sounding MWC score. Get used to it as the MWC rises to become a defensive power conference. With UNM, Utah and now BYU on the bandwagon, CSU, SDSU and AFA are sure to follow. … Golden Tornado was board busy this weekend. Of course, after his excellent post above, he goes flat:

... A big problem for us has been laying the ball down. We have to hang on to the ball better and I think Chan is working very hard on that. He benched PJ Daniels for the rest of the quarter for a fumble in the FSU game, and in the last two games we haven't had the problem with receivers fumbling after the catch that we had in the BYU game ...

Psst, Golden, I'll let you in on a little secret. The reason your receivers fumbled the ball was because of a few well-placed BYU helmets. Play us again next week and PJ Daniels might get benched in the first half.

… Stadium standards keep our fans on the best behavior list according to GTMoose:

I don't think that you have the worst fans.

I did see a few obnoxious people communicate their feelings with the middle finger whenever we cheered something good by GT or when FSU did something good. Some of our fans took issue with it, but frankly people like that are not worth our time. Just about every school has a small minority of fans that imbibe too much and look for trouble (except for BYU - they don't even serve friggin' caffeine at their stadium!) I generally try to avoid the fools, which causes less trouble.

Hey Moose, the next time you are in Provo and are looking for trouble in LES, just smuggle in a couple of six packs of Mountain Dew. Whewee, heads will be spinnin' then. Talk about a party atmosphere.

… This must be Golden Tornado week, because he was Dennis Rodman-like in covering the boards. People claim that BYU holds on to the past. Well, we aren't the only ones:

I'm willing to bet...

… anything you care to that an 11-1 BYU team with an OOC schedule of USC/ND/Stanford/GT would be ranked in the top ten. BYU is the ND of non-BCS-conference teams. They do have an MNC in 1983, and have consistently been the best of those programs.

I'm pretty sure a lot of FSU fans were arguing that a one-loss BYU team deserved to play for the MNC in 1996. Remember that? That team wasn't just in the top ten -- they were something like #4. And their schedule, while it had two more games, probably wasn't as hard.

Hey Golden, you are absolutely correct. An 11-1 BYU, with this season's schedule, could be ranked in the Top 10. Just keep winning baby. Now if you think he is reaching when he says that BYU is the ND of the non-BCS conference teams, I'll go one further. If nothing changes as far as the existence of the BCS-non BCS, then in 10 years, Notre Dame will be the BYU of BCS-teams. Just keep baptizing them baby. I wish we had a NC in 1983 to go with our 1984 NC, that would be in a word, COOL! … The Yellow Jackets BubbaBee can spin it anyway he wants to, but a loss is a loss is a loss: Having been at the FSU game…

… Let me tell you that the secondary did not get torched, only tired. We would have whipped BYU, and I feel very good about our ability to contain a one dimensional Clemson team, because Whitehurst is not nearly so mobile as Rix or as accurate as the BYU QB. We will move the ball against Clemson, and we will score. We are just getting better every game. I think that we are gaining confidence while focusing on the game at hand rather than looking ahead. I see our planning for a particular opponent each week, something that I cannot remember happening in recent history. I am not cocky but confident that we are going in the right direction.

Georgia Tech's defense wasn't that tired in the 4th. It was execution that killed you in the end. No, you would not have whipped us with your performance against FSU. Why? Because, believe it or not, we are better than FSU. We have more talent, stronger players, more depth, more athleticism and we are in a better conference... Uh huh? Yaaaawwwnn! Sorry, I drifted off there for a second. Now where were we? Oh yes, you wouldn't beat us, because our defense would still give you fits and Ball isn't ready to light up the world. He will light up a Clemson team that struggled against mighty Div I AA Furman.

Washington States AlbuCOUGque pulled a statistical skeleton out of the closet- Those Big-12 refs put WSU at #1 Penalties:>

#1 Houston Cougars; 35 flags >

#2 WSU Cougars; 34 flags, 316 yards (#1) >

#3 BYU Cougars; #4 in flags, but #3 in yardage >

Hmmmm, something about being a Cougar this season. Bad Boys! Bad Boys! Whatchya gonna do when they come for you... Man, and you want to know why some coaches and fans think we play dirty. Maybe Crowton should insist on wearing a necktie and a nameplate as part of the Cougar uniform so when we go out into the field, we are well behaved. Well? Naah, after all we do believe in the laying on of wood er, um, I mean hands.

Oklahoma's GeorgiaSooner seems to be upset about the AP votes- Re: AP vote and Jenni

Boy, the anti-non-BCS votes just keep on coming. Let's see, Bowling Green wins AT Purdue, and now Purdue is ranked. but not the Falcons. Northern Illinois beats a decent Maryland team and is nowhere to be found. BYU gives Southern Cal their toughest test yet and is nowhere to be found. On the other hand, Arkansas whips Texas in every way possible, AT Texas, and is ranked behind the Whorns. Once again the fallacy of the preseason rankings is exposed.

Well GS, I have to agree with you. The polls are a farce. Maybe it's time for a playoff. I mean, how cool would it be to see North Texas vs. Akron in the National Championship game? Okay, not really, but preseason rankings do need to go out the window.

Wyoming fan DCPoke79's explanation is doing more harm than good for the MWC image. Kind of like their football program- Let's see...

Utah gives you guys a pretty good game in Kyle then goes out and beats Cal. Colorado State has a shootout with Colorado and then beats Ca. UNLV whips Wisconsin after getting their Butts kicked by Kansas. Kansas hangs on to beat Wyoming by 7 today. San Diego gives Ohio State a scare. Air Force is 3-0 against Northwestern (Big 10), Wofford and North Texas. BYU beat Georgia Tech (ACC) and gave UCLA a better game than the score indicated. Only New Mexico didn't fare to well against TT.

Dare say I that the MWC is better this year?

Okay, where do I start DC: How about with an apology because you are Cowboy fan. "Kansas hangs on to beat Wyoming by 7?" That just doesn't sound good no matter which way you put it. Now Kansas may be an improved team, but until they play it close or beat a few of their BIG XII brethren, I wouldn't go bragging about that loss. Also, Air Force's 3-0 record looks more impressive if you only mention the Northwestern victory. Wofford? North Texas? That only gets the eyes rolling across BCS media land. Also, while it would be nice to play UCLA, BYU has been too busy playing Georgia Tech, USC and New Mexico to oblige. Of course, I am sure arrangements could be made. Isn't it bad enough that those outside the conference don't know who we have played let alone our own? Next thing I'll hear coming out of Wyoming is how UNLV is starting off their in conference season against Hawaii at home. Please tell the people up in Laramie that we are no longer in the WAC, so stop playing like you are.

TEXAS TECH … Hmm. Questions, Questions, TGAustin seems to be a bit confused and is finally asking for directions:

So is New Mexico good or not?

New Mexico lost 10-7 to BYU.< br>
Now BYU beat Georgia Tech. .< br>
And Georgia Tech beat Auburn. .< br>
So where does that leave New Mexico? (And us?)

Well TG, I would say that leaves New Mexico licking its wounds in Albuquerque and you fretting in Lubbock. That isn't too much of a stretch now, is it?

… I am still shaking my head in amazement. Can this be real? Miami's doohcane must be enjoying some of that goof powder that seems to float around the Florida Keys in large quantities:

Re: Who has the best uniforms in college football?

… the best unis were the bib uni's that BYU had for one year, but the ncaa made them change them. Does anyone have a link to those?

What can you say to something like that? I think I am gonna lie down in fetal position and have a good cry.

Ohio State's Ahogan grudgingly holds on to his myopic dreams by spreading dirt on other challengers in the mighty Beauty Contest Sweepstakes:

Re: O.S.U. fans should be afraid!!!

Buckoholic, you r correct. that i what i meant. didn't get a chance to finish the post, something came up. anywho, the jury is still out on nd. they havn't looked good in their last 5 ball games.

usc has played overrated auburn and a couple of pasties. The byu game was closer than the score indicated and I watched the hawaii game. the refs blew a couple of calls that turned the game around. how they can say that wide out fumbled when he didn't even have the ball is beyond me. timy chang looked good a ripped the sc secondary. Thier LB can't cover squat. DL is clearly the strenght of this team. All you have to do is put pressure on lienhart(sp) and usc loses. running game is suspect.

Ahogan, I have a question for you. What the crud is a "pastie?" My guess would be a donut eating patsy. Well, certain of our players do have an affinity for Krispy Kreme, but they seem to get the job done regardless. Yes OSU should be afraid. Why? Because within three weeks, USC will prove itself and OSU will reveal itself. Sorry, but that's the breaks. Would you like a jelly filled? I think there is one left.

… And just when you think you have heard everything, someone comes along and says the unbelievable. Vandals Chrisman1 definitely has a reason to be upset:

Ticket Prices

While I realize that I may come across to some as unsupportive of UI athletics, I'll take that risk in the hopes of pointing to a realistic proposal to get more fans in the stands.

Because I am not in a position where I can go to very many games in Moscow this season I did not buy season tickets this year. (And when I'm financially in a position to pay for something I'll seldom use I'll do so.) However, with all of the excitement and anticipation for the BSU game I decided--albiet late in the week--that I'd take my family up to Moscow for the game. I hadn't planned on it. I had other things I had to do. But I wanted to be there for the game.

However, to my great surprise I discovered that it would cost me almost $100 to get my family of four into that game. $30 each fory my wife and myself and $15 each for my two children under ten. There were no different seats at different prices. It was simply one price for all. I simply could not believe that prices were so high for this game at the Kibbie Dome of all places. This was in addition to the price of a motel (which may or may not have been available), meals, gas (at $1.85 a gallon), and the like.

I have since checked into ticket prices for various schools and I find that Idaho's prices are very much on the high end for comparative schools.

BSU, for one, has varying prices and you can go to one of their games for as low as $15 per adult and $9 per junior ($13 adult and $7 junior in the end zones).

You can get into a Utah State game for $16 per adult, $14 per child. You can get into an Idaho State game for $17 per adult, $10 per child.

And -- here's the kicker -- I could buy a ticket to a single BYU game--in a 65,000 seat premiere college football stadium--for $17. That's almost half of what UI was asking for the BSU game.

Now if I hear any more BYU fans complaining about the price of tickets or concessions or Gestapo confiscation tactics at the gates of LES, I will submit them to a weekend in Moscow, Idaho, at their own expense.

BYU fans, yes there is love out there for us in BCS land. Fans from other teams really do give our team credit where credit is due. Of course, Washington State's WSU1981 is showing his age and lack of football knowledge with a classic troll post:

Because of USCs weak OOC schedule they need ND

… to perform well and win as many games as possible. I am starting to see a nightmare scenario unfolding for the condoms.

They win out and stay undefeated, but because of the weak OOC schedule OU and Miami end up in New Orleans for the NC. That would not be fun and if it happens this Coug will be pissed because instead of us going to the Rose Bowl if we dont beat USC in LA this year we will end up in the Holiday bowl.

If that happens, I dont think you will see USC ever schedule BYU (half their size and slow), Hawaii (We dont know how to play football) and Auburn (You mean you have to have an offense in this game ?) again. They will play stronger opponents like CU or OU or OSU or FSU.

Well, WSU1981, your beloved Cougars allow an anemic Irish team look like world-beaters with the west coast offense in a come-from-behind victory. I don't need to say much since a Florida State fan, NoleinCali, has come to our rescue: Re: Because of USCs weak OOC schedule they need ND

Just wondering why you think that USC has played a weak schedule? Just because these teams lost to the Trojans? Their opponents have lost just one game besides the ones to USC.

The one game that was lost was by Auburn at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech then played my very impressive looking FSU team in Tallahassee and lost 14-13. I was 90% sure they would win that game when they were up 13-0 in the 4th quarter. BYU is undefeated except for the USC game (including an easy win over GT) and Hawaii is still an unknown quantity, but one that people thought would be very good this year, especially with Chang at quarterback.

I can tell by your condom remark that you hate USC. I have seen that in other posts by you as well, especially on the Insiders recruiting board (when it was PacWest), where you were the first poster ever banned (although you were restated after you apologized I believe) because of your constant and continued anti-USC rhetoric. Therefore I question your objectivity and your opinions.

It's simply far too early to say how good USC's first 3 opponents will be this year however. Auburn seems to be turning things around. If BYU can survive losing their quarterback, they will be very good, and we'll have to wait and see about Hawaii. My bet is that they finish around 9-3. Same for BYU.

BYU 9-3, this year? I'll take it and the bowl game that goes with it. Kudos, NoleinCali.

… USC's Mcquire is understandably miffed at WSU1981:

weak ooc schedule?

…at Auburn to open the season. BYU you guys wont beat BYU. I'll give you Hawaii but it would be close with that offense of yours. USC should play a weak ooc schedule, just like everyone else. If ND got rid of NBC , or the other way around , ND could afford to schedule accordingly too. Until then good luck ( with that o) see you Oct 18th

You tell him Mcquire. Yes, WSU1981, you wouldn't beat BYU, and your Cougars would be freaking out hard if they were forced to play Chang and the Warriors in Aloha stadium on the atomic death carpet. June Jones would eat your lunch (how is that for smack, huh?). Blanking the Vandals in Seattle doesn't really support your intent to deride the Trojans for their "weak" OOC schedule. Let us see how weak it is by week seven. BTW, don't expect Colorado to light it up this year. Yes, you beat them, but so will many other teams this season.

… Now on to the Mighty Mountain West. Air Force cadet AFA89 understands well what a grudge is- ... cause it is going to be tough in Provo

I imagine if they have one game circled on their schedule this is it. and BYU easily handled a GA Tech team which dominated FSU until the last 8 min of the game. Vengance for last year Harridge will have a bullseye on his back. So will the secondary.

AFA89, the Air Force game isn't circled since we did so poorly last year, but it definitely is a grudge match. Harridge may not make it past the second quarter due to either injury, or his mouth. The bulls-eye won't be on his back, but on his face as BYU will quickly de-smug him. The Falcon secondary will be Coated and contained, while Air Force, in a name just doesn't have a Chance.

… Meanwhile, New Mexico's Bandito is still licking his wounds:

I'll tell you why it hurts


That is why it hurts! They think they are the class of the league. They think they are the greatest and we had them on the ropes. We had them beat and except for some missed execution and some mistimed play calling we were right there.

UNM doesn't have the advantages that byu has and all we have is hard work and tough hitting and we just came up short. That is why it hurts! Hurts bad!

But just like the Lobo football team and coaches we have to erase it and move forward. The good thing is this loss is way early in the season and UNM has shown that they can bounce back from defeats like this.

I know it is no consolation Bandito, but a wise man once said, "What man can conceive, man can achieve." BYU conceives they are the class of the league, and achieves the same. BYU conceives they are the greatest and achieves the same. Our school, our alumni, are responsible for the money flowing in to achieve many of the advantages that other schools lack. Why? It is because we set our sights higher than the rest. Imagine what Lobo football would be like with the same attitude. Yes, it hurts now, but you will get over it until next year when our team is even faster, stronger and harder to beat in Provo. Good Luck the rest of the season. Okay Lobos, now go show WSU1981 what Lobo Football is all about.

… USC giving us more love than I can handle. Trojan fan jefmc59 is teaching a Wolverine about scheduling:

say what?

We haven't played the schedule that Michigan has so far… are you seriously kidding me or are you an East Coast doofus? Yes Michigan is a really good team, oh by the way, it is nice to play your first 3 games at home. Michigan has played that powerful Central Michigan squad, who I believe ran the ball well on them, that monster Houston squad and Notre Lame who is the same team as Auburn! ND and Auburn are very similar, I think Auburn will be and is the better of the teams, better defense and as the year goes by, perhaps a better offense. We beat Auburn on the road as well. I think BYU will be a 10-2, 9-3 team this year, they have a really good defense, good coaching and their offense will only get better. Hawaii is Hawaii, but I would be willing to say that they would beat up on Central Mich and Houston because they can score points. BYU would beat all three of the teams Mich has played.

No doubt about it folks: If we play Michigan's schedule, we can beat them all. Now if we were to play them would that mean we would be ranked No. 3 in the nation? Ooops, I forgot, that honor is reserved for those in the Boiler room Currency Syndicate. We don't even have any AP votes this week. Sigh, I guess I will never learn.

… Washington State at it again. This time, cougfanman disses us the hard way:

I was a little nervous... but after watching this team.... the past 3 weeks- they are getting better every week. NM only scored 7 points on a average BYU team (granted weather was bad) As long as we limit the penalties- this team should open up at home with a win by 14 + points.

Note to cougfanman, teams usually show improvement after three weeks. Two weeks ago, I made the statement that Georgia Tech was going to rock Auburn's world, and they did. That doesn't make me a prognosticator, but I will tell you this much. New Mexico is going to win this game. Yes, you heard it here first. WSU's defense is suspect as the Notre Dame game readily showed. You will not gain anything on the ground, and the Lobo defense will be in Kegel's face all afternoon. Yes, they will get burned for a couple of big plays, but the WSU defense isn't up to the task of keeping the Lobos veteran offense at bay. Lobos will rack up 450 yards or more this Saturday, and will leave the Northwest on a victory flight home. … Not everyone, however, is so willing to give up the myopic lenses. Trojanwarrior's patronizing remark did not go unnoticed:

Re: Right now i only C1

First let me say, congrats, it's about freakin time! Seriously, I am sure you guys are ecstatic about getting in the W column.

I was at the last two games versus BYU, and Hawaii. BYU is a very mature team (age wise), and I believe that helped neutralize our younger more talented players. Eventually, Leinart took us on a crucial game winning drive, and the defense secured the victory with another score. The confidence that Matt gained having to persevere, and then sacking up at a tenuous time vs. BYU, was evident in Saturday's game against Hawaii.

Our mature team's average age is 22 years old. BTW, we were playing three, yes count them, three freshmen on the offensive line. This is the same O-Line that went toe to toe with the senior Laden "Wild Bunch II." Yes, we came out of the game with a loss, but the players know what you don't. They know that they are equals. As far as talent goes, there is no doubt about it. BYU has it, and USC almost had to find out the hard way.

Well, this week's edition of BluNotes comes to an end – with weeks and weeks of exciting college football ahead. I have to end the column with an excerpt from an Aggie student rag, which tells the true story about the state of athletic affairs in the great state of Utah. … Utah State's rAggie is a journalist for his school's newspaper. He is irate, which I understand, but the question remains. How pathetic is the student support at your school when you need to revert to the following tactics just to set the alumni straight?

Statesman editorial on not supporting USU, FINAL VERSION!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here it is, the final version you can see in Monday's paper.

Forget tuition increases and lack of parking

The real problem at Utah State is students who walk around campus wearing clothes containing the logos of other schools, specifically Brigham Young University.

It's time that these students, who number more than a few, get clued in on something called school spirit, and loyalty.

In a time where the university is utilizing a great number of resources to promote the new "Think" recruitment plan and trying to build Aggie loyalty, we have students who act as walking billboards for other schools throughout the country.

What are the reasons for this? Sure the majority of students at USU are LDS, and some may feel a certain loyalty to the LDS Church-owned BYU. That's fine; just don't wear your Cougar shirt here.

This issue is far deeper than which athletic team a student wants to cheer for. If an individual USU student is such a fair-weather fan that he has to cheer for BYU athletics, then frankly, that's his own personal problem.

The real issue is having pride in one's school, representing the school in all facets of life and going into the workforce with that pride. When you graduate from USU, donate to the school, donate to the department you received your degree from and join the Big Blue Club to support Aggie athletics, if you're a fan of that.

The degree you receive from USU that is going to play a major part in your future employment will not contain the signatures of Gordon B. Hinckley and Cecil O. Samuelson. It will be signed by Kermit L. Hall and Mike Leavitt or Olene Walker or whoever is governor at the time…

Maybe we should get Gary Crowton, Steve Cleveland and Bronco Mendenhall to go up north and hold a pep rally on the BYU-Logan campus to show the students our appreciation for their support.

Until next week GOOOOO COUGGERRRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

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