BYU vs. Stanford: Q & A Queue

It's game day against the Lobos of New Mexico and <b></b> tackles some questions inquiring BYU minds want answers to.

Is CJ Ah You back to full strength? What about Manaia Brown

Ah You played a lot last week against New Mexico backing up John Denney at defensive end. Brown will most likely be a game time decision against Stanford. His shoulder injury is still bothering him -- and his game reps will be evaluated on a game-to-game basis.

Is BYU head coach Gary Crowton going to use the option play with John Beck or will the fact that he is returning from a concussion limit Crowton's use of the option play?

We wouldn't tell you before the game if we knew, but Crowton believes the concussion Beck suffered against USC was not a chronic thing and will likely focus on Beck's strengths.

If Hanale Vincent went down could Quinn Christensen or Ofa Mohetau to play center?

Fortunately, Scott Jackson is probable for today's game. Vincent will likely start, but Jackson will likely be ready if necessary to replace him. It would have been interesting to see what Crowton or offensive line coach Lance Reynolds would have done regarding another back up if Jackson wasn't available.

Is Thomas Stancil going to see more playing time?

Crowton has mentioned he wants to use Stancil more on returning kicks. Naufahu Tahi moving to fullback may open some more opportunities at running back today. We like Stancil a lot and think he'll respond well, if called upon.

Is Eddie Keele playing the entire game and how has he been doing overall? Seems as if he's struggled a bit last week.

Keele has been playing most of the reps. Vincent Xanthos spells Keele on occasion, as does Gary McGiven. Keele has struggled some in regards to missing calls, but we believe he's done relatively well overall. What we like about Keele is that he seems to be improving in the first three games he's played thus far. Playing left tackle is difficult and Keele has done well, considering all the factors.

What is with these dive down shoulder tackles?

Not sure. It's not something that is practiced, but Jon Burbidge has done this with success in the open field. We're not fans of body tackles and would like to see the defensive players wrap up. At times, if the angle is right, it can be very effective.

How many of the 85 scholarships are currently being used and how many are being saved for players entering school in spring semester?

This is always a difficult question to answer and is almost impossible for us to keep track of. Only Crowton and some of his assistants know for sure. The players that will be coming back from missions or other sojourns include Brian Soi, Bryce Mahuika, Junior Kato and Judd Anderton among others.

How is linebacker Lawrence Cowan doing?

Cowan was considered a recruit of the same caliber as KC Bills coming out of high school. He's a bit behind Bills thus far, but has responded well when he's played -- backing up the outside linebacker position.

How is the practice facility progressing?

The team will be able to practice in the IPF the last week of October, according to Duane Busby, Director of Football Operations. Other additions will be completed before the end of the year

Has Justin Carlson-Maddux been playing?

Carlson-Maddux has been moved to defensive end since the season started and has seen spot duty backing up Denney and Brady Poppinga.

What is up with Eddie Scipio?

Scipio is the speedy Hancock Junior College cornerback recruit in California. He is still committed to signing with BYU come LOI day.

Has Nathan Kolbaba played much?

Kolbaba saw limited action at New Mexico last week. He is stuck behind Daniel Marquardt, Ifo Pili and Manaia Brown. Not much room for him to see a lot of playing time.

What's up with BYU's offense? They're ranked No. 82 nationally and that has to be the worst they've been ranked for sometime now. I recognize the quality of defensive opponents thus far has been impressive, but will we see a more prolific offense from BYU this season?

Yes. Georgia Tech's defense has allowed 17 points to Auburn and Florida State collectively over the past two games. Injuries are a factor, but I suspect most fans would consider Auburn and Florida State quality offensive units while USC and New Mexico have two of the better defensive units nationally. Also, BYU's offense is very young. They're coming together and I think fans will be pleased with the offensive production in the future when the Cougars are healthy.

Will we ever see Breyon Jones?

He's not a wide receiver that will likely see time in the rotation anytime soon. Jones is an OK player, but he's done nothing during practices to indicate he should be part of the rotation. Jones does most things okay, but hasn't separated himself in the wide receiver pack thus far.

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