What in the name of...

What in the name of <b>Ty Detmer, Steve Young</b> and <b>Jimmy Mac</b> is going on here?

In four games this year, there has been little seen of consistent offensive football. And if you go back to last year's 12 games and the last two games from 2001, there is only one word that accurately depicts the Gary Crowton's offensive football team: Inconsistency.

The offensive line has been inconsistent at blocking, whether it is run blocking or pass blocking. The running backs have been inconsistent, both running the ball and blocking. The BYU quarterbacks have been beat into bloody pulp.

Some of the blame goes to the line and some by the running backs. Let's not forget the tight ends are also part of the blocking scheme. Let's also not forget the quarterback himself is the first line of defense against the sack.

In Saturday's loss to Stanford, it was obvious why Coach Crowton doesn't like to start a freshman at quarterback. John Beck misread the defense just as often and the offensive line; tight ends and running backs misread who was blitzing and blocking assignments.

With the score at 14-12 and BYU with possession while its defense is doing a major job on the Cardinal offense, the coaches call for a pass play. Just the week before in some similar circumstances except for the wind, Crowton plays it safe and calls three run plays, punted the ball to New Mexico and the defense preserved the win. So why change that philosophy? Why go to the pass?

A defense that thinks it has to score a touchdown on an interception and two laterals? What were they thinking?

What was Matt Payne doing kicking punts that over kicked the coverage team by 10 or 20 yards and more! Yes, the long punt return should have been called back by a push in the back. But even at that, if Matt puts it closer to the sideline and it goes out of bounds we get lucky. If you consistently out kick the coverage team, and keep the ball in play, you're going to get burned sooner or later. And BYU got burned.

And what about the side judge along the west side line during that last touchdown by Stanford to not pull the yellow hanky for excessive celebration. He wanted to. He started to. He looked at the back judge as he reached for it, stopped and turned and walked away.

On a night where the BYU defense ruled yet another opponent, the offense was not consistent. Oh, it was offensive. But it was offensive to its own team and its own fans. It hid in the shadow of the defense all game long and only came out enough to drive its fans over the edge.

It drives me to pose this question. "What in the name of Ty Detmer, Steve Young and Jimmy Mac is going on here?" Inconsistency is the answer – from the BYU players, coaches and even from the official zebras.

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