True Frosh Receiver Allen May Play Against Falcons

Anxious to fill an immediate need at slot receiver because of injuries to <b>David Christensen</b> and <b>Jason Kukahiko</b>, BYU head coach <b>Gary Crowton</b> is seriously thinking about lifting talented true freshman <b>Matt Allen</b> from redshirt status.

Fresh off a Samoan-speaking LDS mission to Auckland, New Zealand, the 6-1, 180-pound receiver from Glendale, Arizona, may see action Saturday against Air Force in Provo.

"I was going to redshirt. It was coach's decision and I was totally fine with that to give me a full extra year to bulk up a little bit and work on my speed. But coach told me at the beginning of the year, if anything happens, to be prepared to get called on. Personally, with the guys we have, I never thought I would," Allen said.

Crowton said during spring that Allen "has a redshirt year, but he's playing real well so soon removed off his mission. He's doing some real good things in practice and we could still redshirt him, but I haven't made my decision there yet."

However with injuries to key receivers, BYU's depth in a pass happy offense may force Crowton's hand at pulling Allen's redshirt.

"David Christensen's banged up; Kukahiko's banged up; and that's pretty much why they put me in that position because guys are getting banged up," Allen added. "Who knows what's going to happen with Dave's (Christensen) shoulder or Kukahiko's ankle. Ryan Slater's come out of the game injured sometimes. As long as those guys are healthy, I don't have anything to worry about. Once they go down, it's my time to step up, I guess."

Like cornerback Brandon Heaney, receiver David Christensen said he will go against doctor's orders and play despite the injury. With receiver Kukahiko and Slater also suffering from injuries, Allen's chances of playing are better than not.

"Right now, its wait and see. If anybody gets injured, they'll pull my redshirt and I'll be playing the rest of the year. Hopefully, I won't be wasted on one game. I wouldn't want to be used on just one game, you know," Allen continued.

He added the coaches are aware of his concern about wasting a year to play minimal reps in one or two games. "That's what I'm thinking and coaches know that too. I was just talking to them today. He (Crowton) said that if they end up pulling my redshirt, then I'm going to get playing time the rest of the season," Allen added.

Allen has been practicing and learning the roles and responsibilities of all the different wide receiver slots.

"I'm doing good, real good," said Allen. "Coach told me I would start out the season as the X receiver, then told me to learn the F position. By the end of the year, who knows where I'll be playing. The difference is the F plays in the slot position. When we have 3, 4, 5 wide, he's the guy in the slot position. It's good I'm getting there," Allen concluded.

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