The Gary Crowton & Steve Kaufusi show in Texas

They were in Texas some weeks ago to visit BYU's top recruiting priority in the country -- Ofa Mohetau.

But the biggest impact and the most lasting impression BYU coaches Gary Crowton and Steve Kaufusi left was in a Euless chapel in a devotion of sorts for an awe-struck group of over 30 young Tongan men, their parents and YM leaders.

Ward members of one of the two Euless Tongan wards had asked Kaufusi some time ago if he would speak to the Young Mens organization and leaders on a future recruiting trip. He agreed.

According to ward members, Steve surprised them with a phone call that informed them that both he and head coach Crowton would be in town at the same time visiting Ofa and would be delighted to speak to the young men.

The word quickly spread and a group quickly assembled anxious to hear from their out-of-town VIP's.

Kaufusi talked to the assembled group of young men and encouraged them to always strive to do their best in everything they did.

Crowton emphasized the importance of being good examples as members of the Church to the young men.

The messages were serious, but interspersed with humor. The messages were not so much about football as they were lessons for life. The messages were simple and deeply moving.

Crowton and Kaufusi were in Euless to recruit one young man, but they ended up recruiting an entire ward of young Tongan men with a gospel centered message that may last long after Ofa Mohetau's football career at the college of his choice.

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