Mohetau on BYU: "I'm not wavering."

Ofa Mohetau, BYU's #1 recruiting priority this year and one of the country's top offensive line recruits, today reaffirmed prior comments he made about BYU: "I'm not wavering. I'll be honest with you man, my feelings for BYU are still the same."

The 6' 3" 330 pound offensive tackle from Euless High School in Texas, has impressed college colleges nationally with his dominating play, 4.75 speed in the 40 and his 435 pound bench press as a 17-year-old.

Mohetau told TBS in an exclusive December 20 interview that "BYU is the place for me. Everywhere I go, when I'm tripping (recruiting visit) at other schools, I know that I will end up at BYU. I don't see myself going any place else. BYU has the whole package: the coaches, environment, education and the people."

Despite his comments, Mohetau said he would not make a verbal commitment until he completed his recruiting visits. He has now cancelled his Texas recruiting trip and only has remaining trips scheduled for BYU and Miami.

Mohetau was named last week to both the CNNSI High School All American team and also a first team selection to the All USA Today national team.

Meanwhile, Mohetau met up again today with Cougar defensive lineman Manaia Brown on a Texas LDS basketball court again in friendly battle. He was accompanied by three older brothers while Brown had brother June-boy and three cousins who live in Euless with him.

Brown has been in Texas for the Christmas/New Year's holiday visiting with his eldest brother Lio, who also lives in Euless. He returns to Provo Friday to prepare for school next week.

In a separate interview today, Mohetau had this assessment of Brown's basketball skills: "Man, he's got some hops for a big guy. Got some serious skill on him." Yeah, he is a good guy. I really like him. He's still down here in Texas."

Brown said Ofa has "great moves and quickness for a guy his size. My cousins who live here in Euless called me to come play. I didn't know Ofa was going to be there. We were there about two hours and Ofa and them were still there when we left."

He added that Mohetau said "he can't wait to come down for his (BYU) recruiting visit. We should have a lot of fun when he and the others (recruits) come. I'm sure all the boys will go out and kick it."

Asked his thought of Mohetau possibly playing for BYU next year, Brown noted "He'll most likely come to BYU. Miami is still recruiting him hard and there's a small chance there."

Mohetau said he went to a traditional Tongan ward dance on New Year's eve.

Typical of such festive nights, he said Tongan men with formal aloha shirts danced with their wives, while others sit in chairs placed all along the sides of the walls watching those dance below colorful balloons hanging over head.

"Oh man, there was food everywhere. After New Years, I don't think my waist line is what the prophet meant when they said to get a two year's supply of food storage ready," Ofa laughed.

Asked about a scheduled recruiting visit to Texas over the weekend, he said "I didn't take it. I just watched them practice for their bowl game."

He said, as of now, he has trips lined up for BYU on the 16th and Miami on the 25th of January.

"Yeah, the Miami coach called me the other day to tell me they got a Tongan recruit to come there. Also, I got a call from a kid named Sione Hafoka from the L.A area who said he went to Texas Tech on a recruiting trip. He said it was good."

Ofa said he is "getting tired of all these calls by college coaches. They pull me out of class when I'm at school. It's getting old. I told the coaches to quit calling me, but my older brother told me to take their calls, and that these are the guys who are offering you a scholarship. That I should take their calls."

Ofa said he can appreciate what another BYU recruit Brian Soi has gone through. He said the calls, pressure and coaches makes it hard for him to concentrate on his schooling.

"Tell Brian that I'm really excited to come hang out and meet him when I come up there."

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