The Big "IF" for Ofa

Euless, Texas - Memo to Steve Kaufusi: The call, IF it comes later today, will be coming to you.

The familiar voice on the other end will simply say: "I'm coming."

We should add this is also how Miami assistant Mark Stoops or Arizona State assistant Jeff Grimes will also get the news IF their schools respectively win the national Ofa Mohetau recruiting sweepstakes.

That's how 17-year-old consensus All American recruit, Mohetau, plans to make the announcement immediately after he faxes his national Letter of Intent (LOI) - signed by him and parents Sione and Siva Mohetau - to the college of his choice.

And just hours before his fateful decision, Mohetau is still keeping everyone guessing.

In a three hour, exclusive interview with Mohetau and his parents last night in Euless, Texas, gained rare access and insights into the mind and meandering thoughts of this intelligent, humble and amiable athlete born in Tonga, but raised in Texas.

Mohetau confirmed that only Arizona State, BYU and Miami remain as finalists. He said he contacted Texas assistant Duane Akina several weeks ago and told him he would not be going to Texas.

"I called coach Akina several days after my trip there. I had a good trip, but I couldn't see myself going to Texas," he said without elaboration.

He said he kept this quiet until now out of consideration for the school and its fans. Today will be the first day Longhorn coaches can comment publicly about their recruits.

As we met, at least 30 calls came in for him from Miami, ASU and BYU. His sister, Fane, fielded the calls and generally said he was at a LDS Church activity - where he was before excusing himself early to meet TBS for a scheduled interview.

Mohetau did not take any calls yesterday from any coaches.

Hours before his important decision, Mohetau, still determined to hold his innermost thoughts and counsel to himself, was asked the "Big IF" question: Since you're not saying yet, "IF" you signed at ASU, BYU or Miami, what would be the main reasons why?

Arizona State University: "I really like the players and the offensive line coach. It's a great school and program." Brigham Young University: "I like Steve Kaufusi. I also liked the players, new facilities and scenery.

University of Miami: "Their reputation, where it's located (next to the ocean) and the fact it is a small private school - with classrooms instead of auditoriums.

Mohetau was asked his specific actions and movements immediately after faxing his LOI to one of three expectant, but unsuspecting schools.

"The school I fax my LOI to will be the last one I call. I will call coaches from the other two schools first. It's the right thing to do so they don't have to wait. It's going to be tough for me. I can only imagine what they're going to say."

We talked at length about his parents, family and the burden he already feels as the first of 10 children to go to college -- and the bright future many project for him as a future NFL player. But that's the subject of another TBS story later today...

Meanwhile, Mohetau plans to get as much sleep as he can before school starts at 8:15 a.m. today.

And what time will be sign and fax his LOI today?

In typical Ofa Mohetau fashion, he shrugged his shoulders and said: "I don't know. It depends on how I feel in the morning."

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