Mohetau is BYU Bound

Euless, Texas - Ofa Mohetau, the prize catch of BYU's 2003 recruiting class, made it official today when he signed and sent his national Letter of Intent (LOI) to Provo, Utah.

BYU "is where I feel most comfortable. I really felt comfortable with the coaches. They weren't trying to rush me or pressure me into a decision. I also like the town (Provo) because it's small.

"After looking over the new facilities they'll be building, I think BYU will have a state of the art football program. Plus, I also liked the scenery and the mountains surrounding the stadium.

Another important factor for his BYU decision, he continued, was the presence of many close family and friends living in Utah.

"I have a lot of family that just moved there (Provo) from Euless. If I get homesick, I'll just go to their houses. I know I wouldn't go hungry there," he joked.

Mohetau noted he also developed a kinship and relationship with BYU assistant Steve Kaufusi, which obviously was instrumental in his decision-making process.

"I really appreciated Steve (Kaufusi). I feel like he took half the pressure of my shoulders by not pressuring me. I also liked the players I met at BYU, especially Manaia (Brown). Man, we hit it off.

In an exclusive interview last night with, Mohetau said he would first call the assistant coaches from the schools he did not select to break the news. Then, he added, he would call the assistant of the school he chose and simply say: "I'm coming."

An official response from head coach Gary Crowton is expected later today.

But that didn't stop Mohetau from commenting about his new coach.

"As old as he (Crowton) is and I know he's not that old, he acts young. He's a real generous and sincere guy. He's so calm. I could never see him yelling at his players

"During my recruiting trip, he (Crowton) told me they would give me my space, but they would be with me all the way until signing day. I really appreciated that a lot."

Before his decision this morning, Mohetau confided to TBS last night "the only thing running around in my mind is 'I hope I make the right decision' because I have to live with it for at least five years.

He said most students at his high school favored Miami because of its reputation and record for placing athletes in the NFL.

On Monday, a local Channel 8 TV crew shadowed him as he went to different classes.

"Today (Tuesday) was the worst. The pressure kind of doubled on me because tomorrow is signing day. I decided to be deaf today because everyday is asking the same question: "Where are you going to sign?

"Man, I can't even go to the bathroom without someone asking what school I'm going to. I wish I could have one day when no one was asking where I was going."

The curiosity factor was not limited to school, either.

"Even at the store, people ask if I'm the football player that goes to Trinity (High School) and I'd say, 'No, man, that's my little brother' and I'd say 'he won't even tell us where he's going to college.'"

Asked about the difficulty of choosing a college, Mohetau said "everyday it's different. I've changed my mind hundreds of times going back and forth. One day, you have a different mentality about a school, the next day it's totally different. It's like a roller coaster.

"For a while now, I'm sitting in school and all I'm thinking about is my decision. I just have to go with my gut feeling.

Mohetau said last night he would seek the final counsel of his parents "just when I'm about to sign the piece of paper (LOI).

There was no immediate comment from his parents this morning regarding their son's final decision.

Meanwhile, Mohetau is already looking ahead to his studies. He said he had changed his mind about majoring in mechanical engineering.

Man, you have to be really good in math and I don't do well in numbers. Maybe, I'll make engineering my minor instead, he joked. He said he did not have another major in mind right now.

Last night, Mohetau's concluding thought was: "I just hope my decision will be the right one. It's going to be where I feel most comfortable at."

This morning it appears Ofa Mohetau found his "comfort" level as a BYU cougar.

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