Sione & Siva Mohetau star in son's production

Euless, Texas -- Sione and Siva Mohetau are reluctant but willing cast members in a national recruiting production directed by their 17-year-old son Ofa, considered the top offensive guard recruit in the country this year.

"Growing up, we never know Ofa will be like this," said his mother Siva, adding "I like it. It's like I'm working in the office answering all the phone calls for him. I'm not tired. I'm going to miss it."

Ofa's usually reserved and media-shy father, Sione, 53, also added "I'm proud of my son. This is the only one that's going to college. I feel happy for Ofa."

In an exclusive interview last night with, the couple reiterated they did not know for sure what school their son would pick today when they all sign a national Letter of Intent to the university of his choice.

"Many times I want to know where he goes, but he never tell me," his father said.

The senior Mohetau has worked 12 years as a ground services (ramp operations) employee for American Airlines. He has held the same job since the family moved to Euless, Texas, from Kahuku, Hawaii.

He is scheduled for work this morning at 5:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. Since their son's LOI cannot be signed until at least 7 a.m. local time, he said he could sign it after work or he might arrange for a fellow worker to take his morning shift.

"No problem. Many people want to pick up extra hours," he said.

With 10 children, Siva has had her hands full working at home raising their children.

As the primary income earner for the family, there was great concern recently Sione would either be laid off or would have to transfer to another city to work because of significant employee reductions at American Airlines.

The force reduction came and went and Mohetau's seniority left him untouched for the time being.

"That's why I appreciate what he did (in football). I look forward to Ofa getting a education. I don't think about the NFL because anything can happen.

"I don't want Ofa to work like me, hard work carrying and unloading bags. I'm getting older now. But we have Family Home Evening yesterday (Monday) with our whole family and everyone support Ofa 100% whatever he decide."

Added mother Siva: "I hope Ofa hear everything we say. He know everything about our family. We are ready to go. It's now up to Ofa. I don't care which college he going to choose. Even if I don't agree, I will support him."

Siva commented on her children leaving home to pursue other opportunities: "Even when they are old enough to go away from me, I still want them to stay here with me in Euless.

"I want to see him all the time and watch him play. I don't get mad at Ofa for choosing those schools (ASU, BYU and Miami) outside Texas, as long as he goes to school. I know, for sure, I will miss him when he goes."

As his parents spoke, the younger Mohetau watched, listened and his eyes briefly glistened as they spoke with affection and pride for him.

"If I make it and earn millions, I'm going to be living in Euless with my family. This is where I'm going to settle. I love living here. I want to buy my parents a house, or maybe add a big extension to my house for them."

He joked. They laughed. But he was serious.

"My brothers and sisters, my whole family have been so supportive of me. That's what kept me up during this whole (recruiting) process. If nothing else works, my family will still be there for me."

He added: "Yeah, I feel a responsibility to do good for my family. I kind of feel like I'm carrying the load. I look at my nephews and nieces and I know it's a big responsibility. That's why I wake up every morning thinking, 'you have to do some good today.'"

Ofa added the acclaim and attention he has received as a football player "is a blessing" to him and his family.

"I never thought I'd have the opportunity to experience something so big. I feel really fortunate to be blessed with my talent. I hope I can take it to another level. I'm trying to pave the way for my younger brother, Pasa."

As he spoke, Mohetau could not hide the depth, conviction and his quiet, steely determination to achieve educational and football goals that would bless and bring greater joy to his family.

Thinking aloud of the coming day her son would leave home for college, Siva Mohetau quietly added: "I wish there was no tomorrow."

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