BlueNotes: Rants & Raves About BYU Sports

After another tough loss at home against Air Force, the Cougars look to rebound in a more-important-by-the-minute matchup against San Diego State on the road. I believe BYU will rise to the occasion. If you don't believe me, ask a few BCS conference fans. They still believe in BYU. Also <b>BluNotes</b> wouldn't be the same if there wasn't at least one gratuitous shot at Mormons.

… We start off in the ACC as usual where Clemson had a Ball against Georgia Tech last week. Tiger fan CUEng must be still high from that game if he thinks the Irish are interested in a seat at the ACC table:

Notre Dame Schedule: I'm not sure it is that easy for Notre Dame to get out of its schedule over the next 4 years; their only option is as a partial member initially.

As a partial member would it allow the ACC to have a championship game? That would be 12 members, even if not 12 full members. I'm for that if Notre Dame is not allowed to play in the championship game until they are a full member. The earliest would probably be 2007.

Over the next 4 years, ND has:

13 games against the Big 10
12 games against the Pac 10
7 games against the Big East
3 against the ACC (FSU, GT, and UNC)
2 against the SEC (TN)

… and the oddballs against the academy's and BYU.

Notre Dame is the only team that might be allowed as a partial member and still allow for a championship game.

Glad to here that BYU belongs right up there with the academy's and oddballs. I keep remembering something about ‘strange and peculiar people …' Hmmm, well we may be oddballs, but CUEng is downing goofballs if he is serious about Notre Dame. On a side note, who would you bet on getting their offense on track by the time the Cougars role into South Bend; Crowton or Willingham?

Florida State's Mahaanole expresses his disbelief in a succinct manner:

Stanford's rush D is sick! 2 yards a game?

Of course, fellow Seminole bret tries to help his buddy with a little myopic perspective:

While I think the stat is really quite remarkable, even considering that they played two teams who throw the ball 60 times a game, and one of them is so bad that even UF will schedule them; I don't think it is amazing. Wait another week or two. See how many yards they give up the next two games.

Great way for bret to help his friend see the forest in spite of the Trees. Psst! Bret, watch out for low hanging branches. Here is some news for you and anyone else that will listen. Stanford's, run defense is for real. Hmmm, maybe Crowton knew what he was doing on 1st and 10 last week.

… A BCS school whining about unfair recruiting advantages by non-BCS schools reeks bad enough, but to use our beloved Cougars as a prime example. Whewwie, somebody please bring my boots and a nice big shovel. Georgia Tech's tolouselautech is looking for a nice platter of brie, camembert and a violin quartet with this aria:

It takes a long time to build the necessary depth at GT. It's hard to recruit at GT period. But you have to have several good classes in a row. You have to hope for overachievement and growth on the DL because this area is next to impossible to recruit at GT. You hope you find hidden gems at the skill positions. You also get lucky that your kids have enough character to work hard at improving and staying out of trouble.

When in the near "perfect storm" of talent coalescing at GT at the same time as a favorable schedule and decent to good coaching you set the stage for a decent season. Or two. This hasn't happened very much in the last 40 years (A couple of seasons really decent bracketed by one going up and one going down). This is the cycle for a reason. This last cycle lasted long enough that I heard a recruit say WTTE that "GT is a team that's always in the top 25." That was very gratifying and a testament to the good job of coaching in the late 90's and early 00's.

We are a school that doesn't want to give up and be"Rice" or a "Vandy". We want to play with the powers even though they have EVERY advantage over us. Every single team we have played this season has a recruiting and student retention advantage over us to the point of ridiculousness. Yes, even BYU. If you are Mormon and are any good you go to BYU.

To stay "in the game" we have to have good coaching in the years where we have some amount of serious talent and GREAT coaching on the years where we have the usual GT talent. I have talked to exGT players about this and they say what many people here are not willing to say about the amount of talent available to GT.

So we have to build our teams slowly pieces at a time so we have a good running game the same year we have a good OL the same year we have decent D. We have to have good QB's at the same time we have exceptional WR. All of these times we need to have the advantage of innovative and exceptionally good O schemes and D schemes. To do this requires retention of coaches and players who are being groomed to be pieces of a puzzle.

I believe that we were getting there when we lost in short order:

1) A D coordinator who set a record for D scores.
2) Lost an O coordinator who might be one of the best ever.
3) a pretty good "CEO" type coach who though stubborn and reluctant to hire anyone he couldn't dominate was instrumental in building the program up.
4) 10 players to grades and a couple of three more to career ending injuries / illnesses.

We have a coach that was not fully kept abreast of this last one as it was developing. No excuse, I know, but spilt milk nonetheless. Does anyone really think that our program could continue (after overcoming the obstacles outlined above) to succeed with these setbacks?

Now many people more knowledgeable than me were willing to write off this season in May when this happened. I wasn't one of those but my expectations were lowered.

We showed some signs of life in the Auburn game and the FSU game but I had seen this all before. It was like Déjà vu: early success against Arizona in the 90's or Alabama in the early 80's.

Out of nowhere in the late 80's we beat a VERY good SC team like 34-0. It didn't translate to anything any of those seasons. But I was fooled after Auburn like everyone else.

Gailey? I don't know if he's the right man for the job. He doesn't know either right about now. No one else does either. But here's the thing we won't now know this year. Carol Moore saw to that. Look, he's going to get a "pass" for this year. That much was decided a while ago don't you think? If they were going to blame him and can him for the flunkout fiasco, he'd already be gone. How can you fairly judge the man this season when a large part of his blueprint went out the door last May?

I don't like it all because it puts my beloved institute in a bad spot. We'd look pretty bad firing a coach when the rest of the country would say that he lost a huge part of his team to grades. It's a built in excuse for this year. Who would take this job? Who would do that for any other reason for producing an acceptable season then moving on to a better and more reasonable job? Any coach looking in now will say "Well anytime half of my players flunkout and we suck I will get canned. That can happen any time At GT. Uh, No Thanks!"

Even to myself I can't decide if the coaching is the major part of the problem - even on the unlikely premise that we could do better than Gailey. I'm just feeling like I don't have enough to say whether he's any good or not. Sometimes ... he has pulled off some amazing upsets and yet ... some real pieces of garbage game plans.

No, I think it's counterproductive to even think about another coach now. Maybe the staff is slow learners but now we'll see. If we can get close to break even this year I think that will be a decent job by the man.

Hmmm, maybe he has a point after all. Things sure have changed when an LDS institution translates into a recruiting advantage. Okay, latech, you got me convinced. Only when we win the national championship, please don't break out the whine fest about our balding, middle-aged, paunchy, married with children players. I mean everyone knows our real advantage is our 30 something linemen. We just haven't figured out how to capitalize on it every year. BTW, Toulouse is one of my all time favorite painters.

… Yes BYU is beat up, but they have been giving as much as they have been getting this year. Maybe the secret lies in Wrecking Crew fan ohiojacket's strong observation:

Regarding Omer and his affinity for Olympic lifts. I've always felt that it is easier for a strength coach with a background in Olympic lifting to devise a strength program for football and for other sports. Some of the all-time best strength coaches were outstanding Olympic lifters, such as Clyde Emrich with the Chicago Bears and noted author Bill Starr.

Of course this isn't to say that a power lifter can't accomplish the same thing, as Dave Pasanella was a great power lifter and we won a national championship with him as strength coach.

The objective for football is of course to develop explosive strength, which is best accomplished with Olympic lift movements.

Well ohiojacket, regardless of whether you are correct in your assertion or not, I do know one thing. Omer is the last man I want to meet in regards to my own, er, umm training needs, and believe me I have major needs.

… It is nice to reminisce about the good old days. Jayhawk fan Obiwonjacoby tuning into the force dreamily relates:

Just watched a replay of the '92 Aloha Bowl Game. Dana Stubblefield got any eligibility left? Man, that guy totally dominated BYU's offensive line... and Kwamie Lassiter was tearing the place up as well. Still cool to look back and think we used to have a good defense ...

Oh Padwan, we used to have a good offense. Execution is the key. Hopefully, they will find themselves by the end of this season. P> … NC State wolfpuppie XCAINX is barking up the BCS tree:

No Football Championship game for 11 Team ACC. This sets the precedent for everyone else too. The Big Ten is going to have to go after Notre Dame hard now and be willing to make concessions to them as well for membership since the ACC is a rival. Then maybe think about Pitt and Syracuse. The PAC 10 needs to find two more teams as well.

It all leaves Pitt, Notre Dame, Syracuse and Boston College to fight it out … and I guess Colorado and BYU are going to have to decide what they may want to do out west. Maybe it causes a domino effect with the SEC as well.

XCAINX, your post reminds me of the standard useless interview questions when applying for a job. You know the one? Where do you see yourself in five years? Well, I always told the personnel manager that in five years I was going to be an eight-figure millionaire skiing the slopes of Kransjka Gora in Slovenia while spending my summers surfing in Australia. Yeah, so I guess Colorado is going to decide what they want to do out west. BYU may want to join the SEC or the CFL, but they are members of the MWC, and I don't see that conference disappearing any time too soon.

vermont mizzou grad must have not watched a BYU game in a while:

Favorite Teams to Watch besides Mizzou? I thought it'd be fun for everyone to post his or her top 5 college football teams excluding Mizzou. If you feel like throwing reasons in, go for it. Here is my top 5...

1) Virginia Tech- Love the balance on offense, defense, & special teams. Just a fun team to watch. Beamer is a great coach. And I like the way they do things.

2) Oklahoma- I know, I know, but I was born in Oklahoma and had a lot of great memories there and was a HUGE Billy Sims fan. Nowadays, their defense is tough. Stoops has the courage to make a big call to change the game, and their offense is actually looking pretty good this year.

3) Georgia- an entertaining offense, Mark Richt - good young coach, and I like the way Pollack, DE, plays with a motor that won't quit.

4) BYU - fun offense to watch. Not much on the side of defense, but you can always expect something you've never or rarely seen on the offensive side of the ball.

5) Marshall-another potent offense. The most high profile team in the MAC. A history of good quarterbacks. Whenever I catch them on TV, they always seem to be exciting games.

BYU's offense is definitely no fun to watch, and every time the ball is snapped, my heart rises into my throat wondering if this is the one that will get them over their slump. There isn't much on the side of defense if dominating the line of scrimmage, disrupting the passing game to the point of eliminating it from the game as a factor, causing countless turnovers isn't taken into consideration. Hey Vermont, you might want to pay more attention to what is happening in college football. I know those ESPN Classic BYU games are heady to watch, but those days are long gone.

… Sooner fan Brandi is giddy over the special teams clinic her team executed last weekend. She cites an article from one of the Dallas rags:

DALLAS- Oklahoma LB Teddy Lehman and PR Antonio Perkins and Oklahoma State WR Rashaun Woods have been tabbed as SBC Big 12 Conference Players of the Week for games of Sept. 18-20 in voting by a select panel of media covering the Big 12.

Lehman of Fort Gibson, Okla., Perkins of Lawton, Okla., and Woods of Oklahoma City, Okla., are SBC Defensive, Special Teams and Offensive Players of the Week, respectively.

Perkins and Woods accomplished their honors in NCAA record-setting fashion.

The OU junior standout returned seven punts for 277 yards and three touchdowns in a 59-24 win over UCLA. The yardage and touchdown totals established NCAA records. The returns' yard mark for a game previously was held by Golden Richards of BYU with 219 yards against North Texas in 1971 (five attempts).The earlier touchdown record of two was held by several. Perkins' touchdown returns covered 74, 84 and 65 yards, and he moved to within one career punt return (he has six) for TDs of the Oklahoma and NCAA standard of seven.

All I can say, Brandi, is that it makes me a bit giddy as well. Does Golden Richards have any eligibility left? We could really use a hand on our not so special teams.

… Here is a poster who understands the depth behind joining a new or risk leaving the BCS by staying in the old conference. It is all about the money, but not in the way that most are considering. Boston College's InnocentB strikes at the roots of one of college athletics most controversial issues:

More on the ACC Front BC has to be sensitive when money is concerned for athletics. Why? Because of Title IX. Okay, but all schools are hammered by Title IX equally, right?


Consider that the purpose behind Title IX is a Moral Relativists wet dream; it is the ultimate form of social liberalism, that being, all sports/athletes are treated equally. You must equalize the number of scholarships given to both the boys and the girls. Unfortunately, when dollars are concerned, this can all but force an expensive Private School like BC to do things that they would much rather not do.

Case in point, the overall tuition at Brigham Young University (playing in a non-BCS conference), ranges close to $2000 per semester. So, for one full year, a student is out between $4 and $5 grand. For BYU to grant scholarships (and they must EQUALIZE for boys and girls due to Title IX) the BYU football team needs to bring in enough revenue to cover the tuition for all the girls on full athletic scholarships playing in sports that bring in no revenue for the school. But since it only costs BYU $4000/year for a scholarship, BYU can play in ANY LEAGUE and make money. The Mountain West is profitable.

But Boston College costs $35,000/year. So a scholarship at BC is 9 times as expensive than the same scholarship at BYU. So, Title IX cripples BC nine times as much as BYU. So, for right or for wrong, BC is Miami's whipping boy because BC needs the football team to bring in every cent they possibly can just to pay for the girls softball team (and their 11 scholarships that cost BC $400,000.)

Title IX means that BC (at $35,000/year) MUST play in a BCS conference, or, they can't make the numbers work. It's that simple.

On the lighter side of things, InnocentB shows that while his economic sensibilities are sound, he fails miserably in anthropological studies:

Re:Pistol Pete Besides there is no adventure to play for your home state team.


Airman, you are most certainly not a Mormon from Utah if you truly believe this. It is every Mormon athlete's fantasy to return home from the 2 year mission to play for the University of California at PROVO and be the next Steve Young. Do you know how many BYU girls (working on their MRS degree) this guy's would have that would want to take HIM out for ice cream?

Well InnocentB, I sure hope that all those ice cream feeding BYU girls are aware that Paul Pistol Petersen is married. Oh, an BTW, that Mormon fantasy must have slipped past the 6 or 7 BCS league return missionary QBs currently serving, err, playing in Div I.

ASWVU is sweating a Big East in shambles after this season:

iRe: ... We won't lose the BCS bid. The NCAA would not prevent the likings of Syracuse, Boston College, Pittsburgh, and of course our beloved Mountaineers the chance to win the national championship.

His West Virginian buddy thegreatshimeme sobers RASWVU lightening fast:

... I hope you're right ... but that's what they said about BYU and they have one thing we don't have … a national championship.

That is right RASWVU, BYU has a national championship and you, along with at least 30 of your BCS brethren, don't. Now that must burn that not only were your chances at obtaining one slim in spite of being invited to the party, but you now also risk getting bounced early before the real fun begins.

Houston's 88coug seems to be suffering from mental exhaustion as he rambles on:

… think out of the box I say just think out of the box a bit.....New conference...... western div...take mwc sans wyoming and new mexico

West Div
air force: patriotic, always allot of offense
byu : good history, won 1 natl championship
sdsu : up and coming consistently good
unlv : trip to Vegas every other year!
utah : good basketball team
csu : showing muscle in recent years

East Div
Houston: top team in conference
TCU: good in basketball and football (metro market)
Smiss: regional player
Memphis: great fan support, good sports
Marshall: respected program
La Tech: fits regionally, solid program

The Top 12 Conference
Or the dirty dozen?
Or the great divide dozen
Or Great 12

I have one word for my friend, 88coug ,"UGLY". There is no other way to describe the monstrosity you suggest. Yes, thinking outside the box creates synergies, but in this case, you just messed on the floor. Bad kittie! Bad, bad kittie!

… Golden Bears QuestionMark may have provided the basis for a new cheer for our lovely Cougarettes. Play ugly! You, you, you play ugly! Play ugly … Oh yeah; get those hips swinging, and fists punching:

BYU makes you play ugly Ask Georgia Tech, USC and New Mexico. Heck, everybody's favorite to win the Pac 10, USC, could barely muster 300 total yards against BYU. A very whacky, difficult defense to figure out.

I was very impressed with Stanford's defense as well. They absolutely stuffed BYU's stud RB, holding him to something like 19 yards on 12 carries. Stanford's front seven is developing into a very good unit. They also have speed and hitters in the secondary. Their defense will put them in a position to win a lot of games this year.

Offensively, while they couldn't generate a downfield passing attack vs. BYU's blitzing defense, I was impressed with the way their OL blew BYU off the ball in the fourth quarter, enabling Ken Tolon to rush for many of his 140 plus yards. I give credit to Teevens and the staff for being resourceful with the play calling in the fourth quarter and putting Stanford in a position to win. Teevens and staff out-coached the BYU staff.

While I am ecstatic about BYU's Mountain Mayhem defense, I have to give kudos to the Trees. They laid the wood on our players, punishing not only our running game, but our receivers as well. Watch out PAC 10, there is a strong possibility that the Cardinal are for real this year. Play ugly! You, you, you play ugly!

… Speaking of Cheerleaders, Southern California's USCManOTroy seems to appreciate the fine view from our sideline:

… Extremely hot on both sides... but... from what I hear, and have seen... and I know that I'm going to catch one in the face for it later... BYU and Oregon's cheerleaders, song-girls... duckettes... chicks... cougarettes... or whatever those girls are called... simply put.... make me salivate 1 1/2 times more than both our schools. I know where BYU grows 'em... but, Oregon? Where in the heck do they keep those babes? Test tubes? Pot-houses?

Glad to know that the origin of our FYW is not a big secret. But, alas, O Man of Troy, our fair lasses are not for you. So I suggest you call my shrink, Dr. Pavlov, to do something about your drooling problem. I hear there might still be a bib jersey or two left in the Smith Field House you could use until then.

Bennyslovechild a product of Oregon State strains in creating a brainwave:

Could Stanford actually suck less than we thought? Granted, they've beated SJSU and BYU, but they enter conference play undefeated.

Yeah, lovechild, Stanford "beated" BYU, and yeah, they not only suck less than you thought, they suck less than you do. You will find out on Nov 15 just how much they suck.

UCLA's Mar Vista understands:

BTW, with BYU don't forget that their starting QB for the first 2.5 games (Matt Berry) broke his hand in the second quarter vs. New Mexico with BYU leading 10-0.

Since his injury, BYU didn't do a thing against New Mexico (held on to win) and did very little against Stanford.

Their backup definitely wasn't ready to play yet.

Beck will take his lumps in freshman fashion and, from this, he will grow, get better, and lo and behold, we may have a future Heisman winner in the making. Well, I wouldn't go that far. Come Oct. 9, he will be sitting on the bench, wiser and battle-worn.

Washington's CDdawg drowns in statistical myopia. Please someone help him climb out of the pool before his lungs fill up:

Stanford O - Just what the DR. ordered. I did not get the opportunity to see the tree vs. BYU game, but I found it interesting that looking at the stats they had a total of 56 net passing yards and their redshirt frosh QB was 10-23 for 25 yards w/ 0 TD and 2 INT. 31 of their total passing yards came from the arm of a WR throw. Also they only had 200 net yards in the whole game.

Two things these stats tell me 1) they may not be able to attack the weakest part of the UW D, namely the safeties. 2) IF the Huskies don't turn the ball over and put their defense on a short field Stanford should have real troubles scoring points - despite all the similarities Trent Edwards in NOT Kyle Boller.

Ah yes, Stanford will throw and you will be exposed by Trent Edwards. You are correct, he is not Kyle Boller; he is better. The Cardinal defense will put you on a short field looking back, and I would be surprised if they don't score 30+ on a less than impressive Husky team. GO DAWGS!

… And now a word from one our design critics … Auburn faithful InfantryTiger grabs the tiger by the nose:

… The Ugly: Never let a design major lacking testosterone (think Nike marketing gurus) that hasn't stepped on a football field design your school's uniform.

See BYU, Cal, Oregon, for proof.

Good news, InfantryTiger - BYU will be off that Ugly list next season. Their contract with Nike expires this year, and they have decided to return to a contrasting style of Blue Jersey, white pants/ White Jersey, blue pants. Thank goodness for small favors. How did that cheer go again? Oh yeah, "Ugly! You, you, you play ugly!"

… 2001 was ugly for several reasons, but Starkville, Mississippi, had to be tops on the ugly list. MSU fan, DavidWilliams, unfortunately still doesn't get it:

We Can Do It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of good calls?!? Surely you aren't saying the officiating crew has caused us any losses this year...

The only horribly officiated game I can remember where I really felt cheated was the BYU game in Starkville. I honestly feel that the game was lost b/c of horrid and very lopsided officials. Outside of that, the calls are usually 50-50 ... we win some bad calls, we lose some. It evens out most of the time.

David, I hate to break the bad news to you, but the reason you lost was because BYU was better. You also lost because your head coach Jackie Sherrill is not very good. You see a head coach stands as a pillar for his team through thick and thin. He is the example they follow. Well you can tell by the thuggish tendencies just what kind of example your coach is for the Bulldogs. BTW, how is Jackie doing these days? It seems his name has come up on several occasions in this young season of heads on the chopping block. Yep! Can't fool everybody.

Utah State Aggies are still harping on the support issue. It must be really bad when fans like vadryn are focusing on women's soccer:

Community support BYU played #7 UTenn in soccer and had 2,000-3,000 in attendance. BYU won that game. That's a lot of fans to a women's soccer game!

The volleyball and soccer are quite fun to watch. If the soccer games were at better times (like not on Sunday and during work on weekdays) I'd be able to sneak out to more of the games. Right now USU has some fun players to watch, but they lack depth, which is not surprising given how relatively new of a sport it is and we just barely christened the field.

Hey vadryn, get that many people to show up to your football games and you might be ready for Div III. OK, hyperbole aside, success breed's support. It is never the other way around. Now go and win the Sun Belt this year and do your State proud.

Fresno State's corpsdog just doesn't get it:

C'mon Moutain West, make it official... I thought we beat this horse to death in the late winter and early fall when there was nothing else to do but watch bowling. If this was a logical world that we lived in and the MWC decides to expand out of necessity, I would think that it would be in their best interest to go to 12 rather than 10 with those 12 member teams being divided into east and west divisions. The four additions are obvious. Because of geography and pre-existing rivalries, the make-up of the two divisions should also be somewhat obvious. Now, with that being said, we are not living in a rational world and everything I just said doesn't mean a frilling thing 'cause BYU and Utah will be going to the PAC-10, etc., etc., etc. Yawn!!

Cry all you want, corpsdog, Fresno State Penitentiary will not be a member of the MWC. Your school cannot seem to govern itself sufficiently to avoid these embarrassing run ins with the NCAA. Of course, you could always get rid of your Armenian Don who is currently running the Bulldog mafia. Please! Yes, it is a dead horse that has been beat to a pulp, and non-MWC isn't expanding. It doesn't make economic sense, and the powers that be see no immediate danger in sticking with eight.

… With BYU's game with the flyboys over, it wouldn't be appropriate to not include a couple comments from Falcon fans. Things must be slow in Colorado Springs for Skinman, who is itching to know:

Question for a BYU fan- Do football players have to wear those underwear thingies under their football uniforms?

Well, Skinman, we could tell you, but than we would have to break out the cement boots for you. Have you seen our secret decoder ring? All I can say is, if you are flying the kind of heavy equipment that Air Force does, those "underwear thingies" sure come in handy.

AFFan76 found this precious tidbit on CougarBoard before the game:

Crowton smack - as posted on BYU board When asked about the upcoming Air Force game and speaking of the upcoming rival "Air Force is good, but my gosh, if we weren't 4-0 with that schedule right now I'd be nervous," Crowton said.

lifter33 understands what it is like to keep up with a team that has real fan support:

After an exhaustive scan of the BYU boards... I'm tired! Those people post so fast I can't keep up. It's like the first flight in a T-38 after schlepping along in the Tweet. The good point is that they police themselves pretty well. There is a percentage of 13-year-old wannabees who call for Harridge's head. (Of course those people clamor for that from the safe distance of a computer room) But, to be fair, a significant minority reminds the children that what goes around comes around.

Many Cougar posters fantasize about Chance going down in a twisted heap like Beatle Bailey. I hate to burst their bubble, but every team we ever play always says they will smack the AF option QB every play. And they do. And the AF option QB runs for over 100 yards, after absorbing all those hits. Sorry, that's history. Insanity has been defined as performing the same act over and over and expecting a different outcome. BYU, welcome to madness! Live long and prosper!

Colorado State seems to find it difficult focusing after their season has been turned upside down with a pathetic showing on defense against beatable opponents. CState smartly diverts attention from the team to fan interaction a la tailgate:

Misc comments from last week's game. I thought it was awesome to see 2500 students in their evergreen shirts last week. It was a great job by the AD in moving quickly on this idea that has been kicked around for a long time.

Some @$$%*'& stole my brothers grill in the parking lot during the game. Try to go up and have a good time before the game and someone jack's your stuff. That pissed me off almost as much as the game.

Fellow Ram, Rammo, butts in with rough empathy:

I had a grill stolen last year vs. BYU

Well Rammo, losing a grill is pretty bad. Of course, BYU unfortunately takes the cake in the pathetic things to steal department. You know you have issues when fans swipe a wheel chair. Gulp, one is still hard to live down.

… Comments like San Diego State's Monty's Revenge below gives me hope for the future. This is what the MWC teams should be focused on, and, in the back of my mind, I have a feeling that Gary Crowton and Urban Meyer feel the same way:

Forget the stinking PAC-10. We Don't Need It.

PAC-10 membership for SDSU is a delusion of grandeur. Fans have been talking about joining the PAC-10 the past two decades while the likes of Air Force, BYU and Colorado State were trouncing our football team. We haven't earned the right to be considered for PAC-10 membership. Hell, the Holiday Bowl was set up with the hopes that SDSU would be a regular participant; instead it became the "BYU Bowl." The Aztecs won the WAC exactly ONE time when we were a member of that conference and haven't won any MWC championships thus far. And we haven't won a bowl game in 34 years.

We need to get over it and just dominate our conference and our OOC opponents. When that happens, good things will happen to our football program. I don't see any reason why we can't elevate our football program even without membership in the PAC-10. Maybe our former AD's prediction that SDSU will be "the Miami of the West" will come true. All the tools are there--superb facilities, a caring head coach with an exciting "equalizer" passing offense, the best defense we have ever had and a university that is on the rise academically and that is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. which just happens to be a mother load of high school football talent. Granted, we don't have the fan support right now, but that will surely come with more winning seasons and bowl victories.

It's hard for me to believe that in the 1970s, SDSU beat Miami once and beat Florida State twice. SDSU and those Florida schools have gone in totally opposite directions since then. But there's no reason why we cannot replicate the success of those Florida schools. We have to dream big, but that does not necessarily mean begging some elitist conference for membership.

Tell it like it is, Monty. In business, the sign of a strong company is one that allows itself time to grow. It focuses on what it can do best and becomes proficient at it to the level that it begins to outperform the competition. Companies that do poorly and usually end up falling by the way side. The MWC is here to stay, folks, and I look forward to it becoming a dominant conference in the future. We have planted the seeds. We have the tools and now all that is left is to show the resolve. The second non-BCS national champion will come from the MWC-MARK MY WORDS!

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