BluNotes: Rants & Raves About BYU Sports

Bolt the doors. Keep 'em in. Cougar fans are running wild trying to jump off the bandwagon. Two games into the conference season and people are ready to begin burning coach Gary Crowton in effigy. Injuries and breaking-in neophyte college gamers are the culprits for the Cougars lethargic offense. Sit back in your seats. This bandwagon just needs a little tune up is all. All is not lost. While the mechanic is fixing the problem, have a non-caffeinated swig and read the latest BluNotes.


… Imagine my surprise to find sympathy from a Florida State fan. Cstrick has been here before.

AFA RUTS BYU What a bunch of meanies. MWC plays smash mouth football.

"Meanies?" Well regardless of what one might think about DeBerry's lack of maturity, and yes what he did was immature, it was hardly RUTS. I mean how embarrassing is that for a team to be the victim of RUTS and the opposing team doesn't even score more than 25 points? Ouch! Then again, I really like cstrick's observation. MWC plays smash mouth ... Psst! I got a secret. When I am alone in the house, I crank it up a notch or two as wel l..."Hey now ... you're an all-star ... get your game on ... go play ... And all that glitters is gold ..."

… Well for those of you who think the sky is falling, I gotta say we get respect in ways you just cannot imagine. Beeski from Georgia Tech is quite candid about how he sees his beloved Yellow Jackets.

IMHO, our national rep is on par with Syracuse, Washington, BYU, Texas A&M, Purdue/Mich St., Auburn, etc. in the last 15 years:

Heisman 2nd place (thanks again for all your Tony Barnhart); 6 bowl games in a row; 2 ACC titles not a football factory ... but not too shabby.

Not too shabby indeed, Beeski. If we both keep it up, we might be receiving similar kudos from... oh I don't know... maybe FSU, Oklahoma, Miami, OSU, and Michigan. Dare to dream.

… So the big question is do rankings mean anything? Well, they certainly can paint a pretty ... or ugly, or pretty ugly picture. Georgia Tech fan poodle's barking smells a little bit too logical to be confused with basic kibble breath:

Re: Spread Offense Anyone?

Expect Tech's offense to perform much better in the coming weeks. So far we've played against the #2(Auburn) #7(FSU) #13(BYU) & #28(Clemson) rated defenses. Even Vandy's defense is a semi-respectable #55. In the next few games we will be facing #71(Duke) #75(UVA) #101(NCSt) # 102(WF) & #117(UNC), so one would expect GT's yards & points per game to improve. On the other hand, we have to also play #9 (Maryland) & #10 (mutts).

Well, Bees, if you can swing the over-30 crowd on defense, you will end up with 7 wins. Now the last time I checked, a 7-5 season in the ACC meant a possible bowl bid. Good Luck poodle. You may be on to something. Of course, what I really love is seeing that number 13 next to BYU, my how things can change in a heartbeat.

… Scandal abounds in Waco, Texas. For some reason, every time I hear the name of that town mentioned it conjures up visions of the DEA vs. the Davidians in the short-lived blood bowl. The town's macabre tradition seems to haunt the University of Baylor as it deals with the aftermath of collegiate sports gone badly. Aspenbear does what he can to distract any and all from what has beset his beloved Bears program.

...courtesy of Luke Winn,

... If (B.J. Symons were to continue at his current pace of 490.5 yards per game (and the 3-1 Red Raiders play in a bowl), he would finish with 6,377 yards on the season, breaking Ty Detmer's single-season record by a grand total of 1,189 yards. Detmer threw for 5,188 yards at BYU in 1990....

That would be something, wouldn't it? What is amazing to me, though, is how in the world has Ty Detmer's record stood for 13 years? Don't look now Chang, but you could have some serious competition in Lubbock. Question: Will BYU ever be that pass happy again? Never say never, but as for me and mine, I've got to believe that those days are history. Why? Two reasons: A better defense, and a running game – two things that BYU didn't have in the late eighties and early nineties, and two things that neither Hawaii nor Texas Tech have.

… Some of us just have way too much time on our hands to dig for trivial information, but every once in a while, a gem or two is uncovered. Iowa State's BillSeals discovered this interesting tidbit on freshmen QBs:

Per our media relations department up at Iowa State, seems Austin Flynn ranks pretty well on a national scale.

2003 Freshman Starting Quarterbacks

Austin Flynn (Fr.-RS), Iowa State
Record as a Starter: 2-2
Passing Stats: 119-63-4, 831 yards, 4 TD
Rushing Stats: 63-231, 2 TD
Total Offense: 1,062 yards, 6 TD

Reggie Ball (Fr.), Georgia Tech
Record as a Starter: 2-3
Passing Stats: 133-65-5, 768 yards 2 TD
Rushing Stats: 51-157, 1 TD
Total Offense: 925 yards, 3 TDR

Kevin Kolb (Fr.), Houston
Record as a Starter: 3-1
Passing Stats: 99-60-1, 788 yards, 7 TD
Rushing Stats: 38-84, 2 TD
Total Offense: 872 yards, 9 TDR

Chris Leak (Fr.), Florida
Record as a Starter: 1-0
Passing Stats: 84-54-4, 627 yards, 4 TD
Rushing Stats: 21-(-11), 0 TD
Total Offense: 616 yards, 4 TDR

Jordan Palmer (Fr.-RS), UTEP
Record as a Starter: 1-0
Passing Stats: 34-74-4, 443 yards, 4 TD
Rushing Stats: 32-61, 1 TD
Total Offense: 504 yards, 5 TDR

Jerry Babb (Fr-RS), UL Lafayette
Record as a Starter: 0-4
Passing Stats: 95-44-3, 401 yards 0 TD
Rushing Stats: 22-69, 1 TD
Total Offense: 470 yards, 1 TDR

Brady Quinn (Fr.), Notre Dame
Record as a Starter: 0-1
Passing Stats: 86-39-5, 436 yards, 2 TD
Rushing Stats: 10-32, 0 TD
Total Offense: 468 yards, 2 TD

Mike Schneider (Fr-RS), Duke
Record as a Starter: 2-1
Passing Stats: 73-38-2, 452 yards, 3 TD
Rushing Stats: 35-96, 0 TD
Total Offense: 452 yards, 3 TDR

John Beck (Fr.), BYU
Record as a Starter: 0-2
Passing Stats: 86-42-3, 484 yards, 2 TD
Rushing Stats: 21-(-3) , 0 TD
Total Offense: 446 yards, 2 TDR

Ryan O'Hara (Fr.-RS), Arizona
Record as a Starter: 0-1
Passing Stats: 78-33-4, 341 yards, 2 TD
Rushing Stats: 11-(-19), 0 TD
Total Offense: 322 yards, 2 TDR

Kris Heavner (Fr.), Arizona
Record as a Starter: 0-1
Passing Stats: 41-19-4, 331 yards, 2 TD
Rushing Stats: 7-(-13), 0 TD
Total Offense: 318 yards, 2 TDR

Trent Edwards (Fr-RS), Stanford
Record as a Starter: 1-0
Passing Stats: 60-31-4, 303 yards, 2 TD
Rushing Stats: 11-3, 1 TD
Total Offense: 306 yards, 3 TDR

Anthony Martinez (Fr.-RS), Virginia
Record as a Starter: 0-1
Passing Stats: 36-17-2, 136 yards, 1 TD
Rushing Stats: 6-(-26), 0 TD
Total Offense: 110 yards, 0 TDR

Luke Getsy (Fr.-RS), Pittsburgh
Record as a Starter: 1-0
Passing Stats: 11-3-0, 32 yards, 0 TD
Rushing Stats: 1-25, 0 TD
Total Offense: 57 yards, 0 TDR

Good stuff. BillSeals. What really jumped out at me was the fact that only 5 of the 14 QBs listed have minus rushing yardage, including our buddy John Beck. Seems to me the true pocket QB is in decline. I know that Beck has been learning to use the pocket. His wheels will come in handy in the future as he becomes a more seasoned QB and, in Domanesque fashion, comes up to the coach, smiles and says, "It just clicked."

… Now that half the Wasatch front is ready to purchase the domain to rant and rave about their frustration with him as a coach, Kansas Jayhawk muffnudge goes a step further by lining 'em up in a cyberspace firing squad.

Possible Coaching Changes this Year

Florida (Ron Zook) - Since taking over from Steve Spurrier, Zook is barely over .500. His team is ranked #25 and they barely beat Kentucky yesterday. The boosters, fans, and administration won't tolerate this much longer. Granted, he had a great recruiting class last year, but if they don't start winning more games by a wide margin...and beating FSU/Miami...then he's gone.

BYU (? Crowter) - Crowter succeeded a legend (like Ron Zook) in Lavell Edwards. Crowter's teams have underachieved for 2 years. Again, the boosters, fans, and administration expect more from the football team. Plus, they're losing at home.

Notre Dame (Tyrone Willingham) - There are rumblings about his status with the team, but they would be foolish to let him go, imho. He's a good coach and will turn the team around. All he needs is a better QB, Carlyle Holliday is bad, especially for a 4-year starter...and Quinn is a freshman. Like Mangino, he didn't have much to work with (although not as bad), so he needs more time.

Indiana (?) - I forgot the coach's name, but they are terrible...again. They just can't put a winner on the field in Bloomington in recent memory, not since Bill Mallory was there. 1-4 this and its only going to get worse with Big 11 play.

Texas A&M (Dennis Francione) - If he's coaching, he's looking for a new job. During the Pitt/A&M, the announcers put up a chart showing that the longest stop he's had was something like 3 years. Mayflower is still in business because of Dennis.

Duke (?) - Basketball school, 'nuff said. Coach K is keeping the football program down.

Missouri (Quin Snyder) - their football team just got their a$$ handed to them by KU. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

Arizona (John Mackovic) - If you can't win in Texas, you can't win in the Sonoran Desert. Too many losses, a player revolt, and too many ESPN commercials will be the downfall of this former studio analyst.

Ranier Beach High School (Rick Nueheisal/QB Coach) - Will be caught doing something illegal and will then proceed to lie about it.

Mississippi State (Jackie Sherrill) - 0-4 this year and playing in the SEC. He's led the Bulldogs to some minor bowls, but none of the big ones.

Vanderbilt (?) - The Commodores are again the whipping boy of the SEC.

Well nudge, I can see Zook getting the boot soon. Those Gator fans mean business, and if booster bucks fall off, the school may get nervous enough to send their HC off to look for work in the Sun Belt.

Now, as for this Crowter fella, well, let me tell you something. I am pretty peeved that nobody decided to tell me that we had hired a new head coach. I didn't even get to say goodbye to ol Gary. I think I am going to start to tear up testimony meeting like. Whew, okay, I am fine. As for the rest of those on the chopping block, I say:

Willingham - Not yet. Too politically loaded a situation. There will always be a question of whether he is fired because he is black, or if he isn't a good coach.

Indiana coach Gary DiNardo - Sorry, barking up the wrong tree here. DiNardo is a good coach, and did wonderful things down in Louisiana with LSU. He was brought on to the Hoosiers Staff last year. He isn't going anywhere soon. It took him six years to turn Colorado from a one-win team to a national champion

Dennis Francione - Possibly. That guy has wanderlust in large amounts. With pit stops in New Mexico, TCU and Alabama over the past 6 years it wouldn't be surprising to see him jump at the first serious NFL offer, where his penchant for changing his address is actually smiled upon. Duke - I don't think Duke realizes they have a football program. Do they even have a head coach on staff?

Quinn Snyder-Maybe

John Mackovic is gone. In all likelihood, he will be returning to broadcasting, as he certainly cannot coach.

Rick Neuheisel will rise again. Just wait and see. He will be coaching college football inside of three years.

Jackie Sherrill - Will also be gone this season. Of course he could always try to inspire the hometown fans with a live demonstration on how to castrate a bull. Now that would be real fun for the entire family. Sherrill needs to disappear into some small college conference that nobody outside of Biloxi has ever heard of.

The Commodores are getting rid of scholarship sports which means that anybody wanting to coach tackle football will be doing it as a 3 credit course towards their major. I wonder how many high school wannabees are going to sign up for extramurals in 2005?

… Well, not all Nebraska fans are created equal. Some just have way too much corn coming out of their ears. HuskersGJ is chomping at the bit to give his expert advice regarding the alleged economy model RUTS suffered by BYU.

Non-Huskers but... BYU fan says AFA ran up the score I thought this was funny as an example of a "/#%" fan so I had to share. Air Force beat BYU 24-10 but one fan feels that the Falcons ran up the score with a last moment TD.

From the D'Post: Fisher DeBerry ran off the field to the AFA locker room, a BYU fan set off the Falcons' coach.

"I don't like to be called things," DeBerry said. "I apologize if I embarrassed our school but, by gosh, nobody needs to call me the things I was called coming off the field. I don't think I'd call anybody that. I'd expect you to whip my butt if I called you that."

The fan, which identified himself as Jay Wilson of Provo, was unhappy about the fact that Harridge scored a touchdown on the last play of the game. If Harridge had taken a knee on fourth down instead of running straight ahead for the touchdown, it might have given BYU quarterback John Beck one last chance to tie the score at 17-17 or even win with a two-point conversion.

"He (DeBerry) won the game," Wilson said. "He didn't need to score with three seconds to go. He showed no class in winning."

Said DeBerry: "We're on the half-yard line, what would you do? I think my grandma, who's in the grave, could score from a half-yard. I felt the safest thing to do was try to get it in there. I wasn't trying to run up the score." **

The BYU fan spouts his mouth off at the AFA coach for securing a win and the coach is the one who's classless... yeah OK. IMO all the "fan" did was embarrass himself by getting his name printed in the Post for a stupid comment and a classless display of over-emotion after a loss.

I understand that if he had downed the ball BYU would have had to score a TD from within their own 5 with 3 seconds but its college football and this year it seems like anything can happen.

You see, HuskerGJ; sometimes it takes a little bit more brainpower to actually get the neurons to travel far enough to register a complete thought. I know it can be difficult, but follow my own neurological process here.

1. DeBerry was called "classless," nothing else. Now if that is something to kick someone's butt for, I don't know. My skin is a bit thicker than that, and I am not in the public eye as often as our friend, Fisher.
2. The fan that called him classless had to listen to a profane tirade by the coach himself as DeBerry got in his face.
3. Fan, as calm as ever, retorted with two words, "16 seniors", at which Fisher decided to give him more of his juicy choice of gutter speak while relating the now infamous Jolley incident from 2001.
4. Surrounding BYU fans were not loud, did not throw things at coach DeBerry or the players. Several were upset because his vulgar tirade was performed in front of small children.
5. Yes, DeBerry embarrassed the Air Force Academy.
6. Yes, it was a petty thing to do scoring with three seconds left. You see, GJ, if you would pry the golden kernels out of your ears for a second, you would understand that it was coach DeBerry who called a time out with three seconds left. Now why would he do a foolish thing like that if he wasn't carrying a grudge? Things that make you go Hmmm.,br>

Finally, if you are ever in LES for a game, please take cover when the BYU fans start singing popcorn popping, because the ensuing explosion of your head will scare the children.

… Hey where's Arthur Andersen when you need them? Oklahoma fan BigSkySooner broaches a sensitive financial topic.

Law question about conferences.

I read that because each conference has at least one private school:

big 12 - baylor
pac10 - stanford
sec- vandy
big11 - nwstern
acc - duke wf etc.
big east – many
mwc – byu
wac – tcu

that no one in the conference has to make all their records public (state - schools incl.).

Do the Athletic departments have different accounting requirements than the schools other depts?

It would seem so, BigSky, considering how many times different schools around the nation have been in trouble for cooking the books to cover payoffs, booster indiscrepencies, misuse of funds, etc. Of course, if you are lucky to have former A Andersen employees working for you, you will have the best of creative accounting principles at your fingertips.

… Well, if you can't figure things out, just drink. That is one Red Raiders solution to the possibility that his Alma Mater's coach is on the whisper report as a candidate for the Wildcat job out in Tucson. TechLiquorVendor seems to be dipping into his own profits a bit too often, but in his inebriated state asks a rather amusing question.

You know I've been thinking about this to. At BYU, arguably the "birthplace" of Leach's system (or at least its cornerstone), they have a QB every few years that puts up hellacious numbers. They get good pub more often than not. Steve Young, Robbie Bosco, Jim McMahon, Ty Detmer, Steve Sarkisian are those that come to mind off the top of my head. Plus, they got that Olsen kid in recruiting last year that was considered the #1 prospect in America. (There are a @$!%load of good Mormon QB's and basketball players...what's with that?) Given the location of most of our fan base, we don't see the positive PR as much. Here in the west (Vegas), people are very much aware of Texas Tech and coach Leach. I was bombarded with talk just the other day at a bar in the Mirage that we wouldn't have Leach anymore because he was taking his air circus to Tucson. I laughed and told him to blow it out his ***. Then I got drunk and started worrying.

Leach may or may not be heading to Arizona, but his roots are definitely BYU. So the question remains. There are a whole lot of Mormon QBs and basketball players ... yeah, what is with that? Anyone?

… Of course this happens every year when teams start jockeying for dominance in the polls. No common schedules leave the all-important "goose egg" in the loss column as the BCS manna that falls into the mouths of the teams fortunate to have one. Miami fan Mitch seems a bit too bloated on the nourishment from last season. His brazen behindsight bologne smacks of nervous sweat in the aftermath of relief.

We knew it all along. USC was over rated, we saw this in the BYU game which was a 3 point game until the final minutes.

Michigan has some issues, mainly Navarre.

Tressel had to have had NW +20 1/2, he puts in zwick at qb with 10 minutes left in 4th up by 20. I think both their 3rd and 4th string qb's think you get 55 seconds in between plays and 8 yards for a first down. Penaltis and short routes don't mix.

UF- they got lucky, what's with the play calling in gainsville? they look like the keystone cops out there.

Iowa- Got the worst call of the day. I have heard the big 10 is looking at instant replay, the fumbled punt inside the 10 which cemented the game would have been overturned.

Yeah, sure Mitch. We saw how overrated USC was in their second game against BYU. Maybe we will see just how overrated Miami is considering they barely beat West Virginia last night. If special teams and defense don't pull through one game, we will be there with our tinted glasses mooning about how we knew it all along ... Enjoy your success while you have it. Nothing is permanent, just ask Notre Dame.

JohnBuford of Army really understands what it means to be YOUNG since the Black Knights Coach Berry seems enamored with the idea. For those of you who are tired of Crowton's worn out "We are young" mantra. Here is another way of looking at it.

Re: Coach Berry's press conference

What is the fascination with this guy and the word (and all its derivatives,younger,youngest,youthful) young ? He must hate the quote "youth is wasted on the young." It seems to me to be a built in excuse.TB here is a suggestion for your next coaching job: BYU. Their players go on missions for several years and many of them are well into their 20's, married and with children.What excuse could/would you use then ? "Uhhh,my players have YOUNG children who cry at night and thus keep my players awake and therefore tired come gametime." " Ear infections and midnight feedings may well be our downfall." "Our players YOUNG children are hurting right now,and that in turn is hurting us." "One of our O linemen just had twins and that has caused us to get YOUNGER." "We're training our players in the best time to have intercourse so the gestation period minimizes impact on the season." "They seem very excited about our training and I'm enthused about their enthusiasm to get into the bedroom and apply what we have trained them in." "I am excited right now about these YOUNG people's enthusiasm,athleticism and breastfeeding abilities." "I see now that OB/GYN and /or pediatrics may have been my true calling." "The only problem as I see it is that everyone I'd be dealing with would be YOUNG." "Maybe geriatrics would be better."

You may be on to something, John. I mean, could we be riding the wrong excuse train? Could it be that this young cadet has directed our attention to what ails our beloved Cougars? We didn't have this kind of problem when much of our team was not RMs. As the numbers of RMs increase, it seems the level of Pampers and Midnight feeding Syndrome increases as well. Could it be that our players suffer from PMS? Well, JohnBuford, one thing you need to realize. At BYU we are always Young, we are Brigham Young.

… Remember when East Carolina had a couple of good years. Went to a few bowl games and was even ranked? Well things sure have changed. Hatfield Pirate is going to give his coach four more games before...What? I might ask.

Re: Everyone will be back on the bandwagon

htrain, give it a rest. Is this the only thing you have to talk about? Get over it. When you're head coach is:

1. A complete @#%$. This comes from numerous sources, not just from the top of administration.

2. Not recruiting worth a damn. I know we're not supposed to put much weight in recruit ratings but we were recruiting guys that would be lucky to start on a Div 1-AA squad. Look at the rivals rating from the last few years. He should have gotten his ass out and looked for those guys that Louisville, TCU, Marshall, BYU, Fresno State, Cincinnati, South Florida for Christ sake, etc. etc. were getting. They're out there. You've got to find them.

3. Fielding progressively worse and worse teams. 7-4, 6-6, 4-8.

When you're coach is doing all of these things, it's time for him to go. Was John Thompson the right choice? I don't know but I'm going to give him more than 4 games.

It is nice to know our recruiting efforts at BYU have been noticed. Don't feel so bad Hatfield, you know, as one previous poster mentioned, it is the dream of all Mormon boys to serve a mission and than go to BYU, that is our secret advantage. Cheer up, you only have three more games before you hit rock bottom.

… Oh No! Not another conference idea. I thought we had had enough. Obviously East Carolina's Macaveli not only doesn't know how to spell his namesake properly, but also fails to understand good common sense. Get a gander at this ugly ...

Conference Idea

DAlright -- IF, the BE disbands, which for some reason I wont be convinced til I see it..(wishful thinking huh!) - I say we create the:

Super American Conference -- Consist of 3 divisons, Red, White, and Blue - Six Teams each; We start the Conference Playoff for the automatic bid for the BCS bid. Every year one division champion of the Super American Conference gets a bye to the Conference Championship Game.

I.E.: Year 2005-06 Red Division champ plays Blue Division champ, winner plays White Division champ who had received the first round bye. 2006-07 White plays Red, = winner plays Blue(bye) and so on and so on. Kinda different. (remember, why be followers, let's lead the pack and invent the NEW fad.)

American Conference Divisons,br>

RED -- West Virginia,Virginia Tech,Wyoming,Tulane,Temple,Memphis
WHITE -- East Carolina,Virginia,BYU,Central Fla.,Utah,Louisville
BLUE -- South Florida,UCONN,Marshall,Cincinnati,Colorado St,TCU

--Obviously that doesn't have to be the set order in divisions. You play Divison Games and atleast one team from each of the other divisons. Then you have at least 3 Non-Conference game you can schedule.

--Produce sometype of Television contract with Fox Sports if possible. If not I'd almost guarntee TBS and the Turner Network would broadcast games for you. They always want games.

--The good thing about the Super American Conference is that it is also competive in Basketball. You have fan base from the West, Central and East USA. Sure, you rape the Mountain West of four of its best. Think of it like this, what ever the ACC can do, I can do better. Plus the "SAC" is full of promising programs.

Hey Mac, in a word, Yuck! Anything the ACC can do is better and putting up that kind of amalgamation would only prove it once and for all. Can you say EXPENSIVE!? Since when is Wyoming one of the MWC best? That is news to me. I can say one thing you have going for you, Mac. You at least show you are a patriot. Now focus on the constitution and leave conference alignment to those who really understand what it is all about.

… I guess there are advantages to anonymity. An unidentified Air Force brat was doing his best to instruct Navy fans of how smack works.

Posting Smack

In order for smack to count, it must be posted prior to the big win, otherwise you'll be lumped into the whiny BYU category. So liven up my pointless existence and come over and stir things up on the Air Force board.

Note to self. Remember to always post smack prior to big win. If I had to choose "whiny BYU" over "Fishing for respect," I will whine so hard that it will cause the worlds grape harvest to dry up and die. It is a shame this brat's existence is pointless, but considering his focus on sniveling BYU fans, I'd have to agree.

… As the short list of candidates for the Wildcat job out in Tucson gets warm, the BYU connection again plays its part. Arizona fan JohnnySchu thinks our friend Norm might want to take the reigns.

What about Norm Chow?

Here's a name that's sort of been a peripheral "candidate," yet in the light of Stoops/Price/Hunley/Hawkins/Hill, etc. al., seems to have been lost in the conversation shuffle.

I have this sort of misinterpretation that long-time assistants tend to be comfortable, and effective, as long-time assistants, but at the press conference earlier today, Mike Hankwitz, a successful long-time assistant, made it clear he was interested in the job and looked at this as an opportunity to make his case.

So perhaps Chow feels the same way. The credentials are hard to argue: Orchestrated great offenses at BYU for decades, then about 15 games into his tenure at USC, the light seemed to click on for Carson Palmer, and at that point Troy became basically unstoppable offensively. Leinart already looks like he gets the system, and with USC's talent that could be dangerous. In my opinion, he was Pete Carroll's best hire.

He obviously knows contacts in the west given his time in Provo and LA. Arguably the best offensive mind in the game today. And as an aside, while not the direct correlation that Livengood has with Mike Price, there is a BYU connection, although granted only in regards to school attendance commonality. Livengood was an undergrad at BYU. Chow assistant coach years later.

Again, as we all know, at this stage of the game there's not even a real indication the guys mentioned have interest (I would argue the only two "real" candidates right now are Hankwitz and Hunley), but if the others can be discussed, why not Chow?

Well, I have said this before and I will say it again: BYU is synonomous with coaching and if you were to look around, you would see that our school is over represented in this category at the collegiate and professional level. So Chow and Leach have been mentioned – Who is next on the Cougar alumni list? Regardless of whom, one thing you can bet on. A Cougar can always teach a Wildcat to dance.

… The fragrance of the funny flowers must be extra potent up in Corvallis this year, because Oregon State's KEP4OSU seems to really believe what he is saying here.

...Everybody has been saying USC is the greatest thing since they started putting lubricant's in condoms. Oh yea, they went and beat a 6th ranked Auburn team that has shown the world that they had no business in the top 25, let alone the top ten. Hawaii moved the ball on them, as did BYU. Those games have exposed their areas of weakness. We'll see how Hawaii and BYU, and even Fresno ST. do against the Boise St. Bronco's this year. Then and only then can you guage the toughness of the Beaver opponents....

Ahem! I think KEP needs to get out of that smoke-filled room and get some fresh air. I am sorry KEP, but we don't need to compare our records against a similar opponent to compare the Beavers schedule of Sacramento State, Fresno State, New Mexico State, Boise State and Arizona State with USC's schedule of Auburn, BYU, Hawaii and California to know that your schedule has not been tough.

Hey, I am not that heartless, I'll play along if it makes you happy. Boise State plays Hawaii on the road at Aloha Skate park, uh, I mean, stadium. They played a tough Vandal team close (oh, I'm sorry the Vandals are winless including a monumental loss to Eastern Washington). It must really stink when you need Boise State to validate your manly man schedule. KEP, as a beaver fan, you need to stick to chucking wood, because your logic is toothless.

SaxmanUW surprises us with the acumen of Washington fans. His astute albeit slightly misinformed observation on graduation rates should be plain as day to all the sports media bobble heads who are looking to fill their dead space with an academic discussion.

Very interesting link....

UW apparently graduates it's african-american players at a much higher rate than it's caucasian players, a surprising considering how bad some of the other schools are in the opposite direction. Can't believe Oklahoma is that bad, but Oregon State's isn't that surprising consider Erickson's history at Miami. And I'm surprised that BYU isn't zero considering every male has to take one of those missions.

Oh, and we're on the quarter system to so I know how annoying it is to go to the home games in early September and have the student section 3/4 full at most. I still remember seeing theTree jumping around at the '99 game, and having Harry the Husky walk over and start "peeing" on it. Good stuff. :-)

No, Saxman, not all males have to take a mission call, but many do, and yes it does effect our graduation rates. It would be nice to have that pointed out in SI, ESPN, US Today and anywhere else the uninformed columnists might lurk.

… Stanford's Hulk01 trying to keep things in perspective after their tough loss in Seattle.

Perhaps a few baby steps

The win and the 18 points against BYU might partly obscure some of your views of our offensive (no pun intended) game there.

Against BYU, our longest drive was 50 yards; our next longest was 27. Our six longest drives averaged less than six plays and just 27 yards per drive.

Perhaps Washington is significantly weaker defensively, but whatever the case, we sustained more drives. We had three drives over 50 yards (82, 69 and 53), and our six longest drives averaged eight-and-a-half plays and 47 yards.

Too early to know what it means, if anything, but these two games give us some benchmarks for measuring our progress on offense.

No worries, Hulk, your team did well against the Huskies, and as Edwards continues to mature this season, you could be in for a bowl. Who knows, we might have a rematch in Las Vegas this year. Good Luck the rest of the way through. Your team and your fans are a class act.

… Trojans fans are a bit stung by their defeat against the Bears. Of course, when all the "I told you so's" and "Overrateds" come flying out of the proverbial closet, there is only one thing for SCisBackto do. That is hunker down and start deflecting the bullets of criticism. Got your Kevlar? I hope so.

Re: Face it: What really happened as a REAL team...

You know we will be waiting for you in November.

BTW, when Auburn is right there in the SEC hunt at year's end, tell me how overrated they are then. Here they come.

And when BYU gets their QB (Berry) back from his broken hand suffered after we played them, tell me how bad BYU is.

So hang on and enjoy the ride, gutty little bruin. Let's see if you guys have any heart come November.

Fight On!

Well, I know your cross-town rival UCLA can really provoke, but ScisBack, you don't need to fib to prove your point. I am sorry to inform you that Berry broke his hand in Albuquerque, not in L.A, but that's okay. Keep deflecting those bullets. I am sure when you play the Bruins this year, they will be the ones wearing the flak jackets.

… It is good to know that Matt Payne is only a junior. This kid is fast becoming nails for our team and it shows. Here is a little tee envy out west to give us a better perspective of just what we have. USCCompEng97 can't hide his disgust at a kicking game that is less than satisfactory.

Maybe folks will start listening to me...

...the trend continued today, Killeen is NOT, I repeat, NOT a clutch kicker, and I said it after the BYU game that if we lost a game, it would be because of a missed FG at a time when we absolutely, positively needed one. I give him some credit for making the one at the end of the 4th quarter, but I will continue to say it, Killeen's FG percentage drops dramatically in the 4th quarter/OT, especially when the game is within reach for either team. SOMEBODY find USC a GAMER with a leg, or we will continue to experience these kinds of losses. This was WSU ALL over again. Killeen and pressure don't mix.

… Oh Well, I guess this is one dog that just won't lie down ever. The big bad BYU and UTAH keeping our lowly brethren upstate from reaching their true potential by keeping them out of the MWC. TrueAggie continues to tow the fallacious line.

Ask our brethren from Utah, BYU that question

They are so scared of what we might do if allowed the opportunity to share revenue with them that they have block our admission at every turn . . . not intended to flame, but kind of the same thing you guys have done to New Mexico State.

Why can't we all see the benefits of playing together, work together and then really have some fun? I'll never understand it.

Scared of Utah State? We weren't scared of Utah State when BYU would get beat up by your team in days of yore – and we are certainly not afraid of you now. We just want you to go away. Understand the difference. BTW, how many Utah State t-shirts were seen on Provo campus this past week? Hmmmmm? Really stinks doesn't it.

… Another believer in the conference apocalypse that awaits college football. Utah State's Lem at least understands that the SunBelt is a good fit for his Alma Mater. Question

Assuming the Big East does raid CUSA and CUSA raids the WAC, what happens to Utah State when the MWC raids the WAC, taking Hawaii, Fresno, Nevada and Boise?

Well, the WAC is then the conference that dies, we stay in the sunbelt, bob's your uncle and we're screwed even worse than now. Right now, at least there is a chance we get into the WAC, should the MWC decide to finish the WAC once and for good we are in never never land playing the La Las and La Mos of the world until BYU and/or Utah leave the MWC. The latter of which could never happen. Never would also be the possibility of us getting into a regional conference should the WAC killing take place.

Personally, I would think the SunBelt leadership is much more stable than that of the WAC. That really does us no good because while the SunBelt is a good bandaid it is no permanent solution. However, it could become a permanent bandaid if the MWC decides to go to 12.

While "waiting for the chips to fall" we could essentially watch ourselves become stuck in permanent oblivion. Kind of like General Zod..stuck in our own little two dimensional box, floating through the universe. Not dead, but definitely not living.

Stuck in permanent oblivion? Yeah, that about sums it up. How is Logan this time of year?

… Aggies are at it again. How to really stretch a poor situation into golden thread. AgHockey shows that recruiting is just not his ball of wax.

Why waste your talent and maybe not play!

The Macey kid may go to the zoo but I would not expect him to compete with superior athletes.

I would think that Young Putnam might start to re-consider. He might have a better chance of getting a conference championship ring in the Sun Belt than he might in the MWC. This along with other honors, player of the week, defensive player of the year etc., might cause him to rethink the former decision.

The MWC has long been dominated by the zoo. I think that those days a over for ever. All of the teams are very good and could beat any other on any given day. I would almost expect San Diego St. to win their home game next week.

I am begining to see more and more why the football program was eliminated in Rexburg. This program could have been self sustaining but the dilution effect that it could possibly have on Ricks South was too much to for the byu faithful to take.

During the Aggie call in show yesterday, it was mentioned that we had never won a conference championship out right (even dating back to the old Skyline Conference) Is that true?

It has been great seeing local kids making the plays this year. Cox has been doing it all year and it was good to see Stephens make his first TD as an Aggie. Has his brother had a TD at byu? Just wondering.

Think about it Nates Brother. We still would love to have you aboard.

Uh, Putnam would rather play for a losing BYU team than a SunBelt conference champion. That is why schools like La La La and North Texas play in the SunBelt and CSU, Utah and Air Force play in the MWC.

Understand that tradition plays a huge role in whom we get and whom we don't get. Utah State has yet to really define their own tradition. One final point, Hockey, BYU has not long dominated the still fledgling MWC conference. We are split with CSU who has been advancing over the past six years. Keep dreaming about the Zoobies getting railroaded by the Aztecs. You and hundreds of thousands of other fans are all wishing it to be so. Well, don't cry too hard when your dream turns into a nightmare. Yeah, I am going out on a limb here. BYU 27 SDSU 10.

... and with that, this weeks BluNotes comes to a conclusion. That conclusion is BYU is on its way up … think baby steps. baby steps.

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