BluNotes: Rants & Raves about BYU Sports

<b>LUND, SWEDEN</b> - As I awake from my stupor caused by last Thursday's pounding in Provo, I realize that it will take more than a few days for Cougar faithful to shake off the disconcerting trend that has beset our beloved team. Regardless of what many may feel, I'm fine. Yes, there are a few scratches on the lenses of my blue tinted glasses, but I still don them with pride – and so should you.

Prior to the Rams clinic at LES, the respect for our program was still strong, but alas it is steeped a bit too long in the past. In the "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately era (last week), attitudes can change in a heartbeat. Risking a severe case of myopia, this week BluNotes still founds traces of respect from the outside. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. Of course, there is always next week's column that could really be Blu, but a convincing victory in Laramie could stave off the anti-Crowton drumbeat for at least for another week. Until then, enjoy.

… Talk about keeping it in the family - Georgia Tech's DeacinGA shed some light on the possible reason for the low-level of refereeing in our season opener.
Re: Should Amato's Brother Be An ACC Official?

Rosey Amato was an official at the Tech/BYU game. He has a wimpier name, but a much lower voice. As long as he doesn't work a State game, I don't have a problem with it.
Things were definitely not Rosey during that game. I could almost smell the well-fertilized field that allowed Mr. Amato and his crew to thrive out there. A bad call by any other name is still a bad call and it stinks.

… On the subject of that pernicious disease fumbleitis, Yellow Jacket fan crenshawcrusher expresses his concern.
Late Night Thoughts

...One major concern, need to hold on to the ball. We put it on the ground 6 times and had we not recovered 5 of them, this would have been a different game. It is what cost us the BYU game.
Well crusher, you should be concerned. Cougar fans all over are quickly learning how damaging fumbles can be. Two things that might console you though: 1- BYU is only surpassed by Cincinnati in the amount of fumbles lost by an NCAA Div IA team at 12. Also, unlike Reggie Ball, John Beck is responsible for about 50% of them.

… Wrecking Crews stech81 ponders what game time strategy in combating the 3-3-5.
What do we need to do

Wake Forest runs the same unconventional 3-3-5 defense as BYU how do we need to attack it on offense? Do they have a weak spot on defense?
Well stech81, my advice is to turn to San Diego State and Colorado State for a gander at how. Of course, you can always hope the Demon Deacons somehow forget to show up as long as you spot them 13 points.

… As the saying goes, habits are hard to break, and this applies just as well to perceptions. NC States gpack86 proves my point with this expectation.
I look forward to our next great quarterback...wouldn't that be great to become a QB university? Like Miami or BYU under Chow. We will never replace PR, but the next guy may be uniquely exquisite in his own right.
After Detmer, how many NFL QBs has BYU had during the Chow years? Ummmm, none. Other than Brandon Doman, who is working the Buffalo Bills scout team as we speak, BYU hasn't been QB U since the 1980s. Now if you are talking about tight ends, that is another issue altogether. Welcome to BYU, aka Tight End U.

Nebraska's StevetheStater rebuts a Missouri fan's argument concerning Nebraska's apparent lack of a passing game.
NU's passing game...what the "experts" don't say.

You only have to go back about 10 years to see how college football offenses are built. I remember watching Penn St. start the season by playing USC with the second game being BYU. In the SC game, PSU was having trouble moving the ball because of heavy blitzing. PSU had NO ANSWER to this because it was so early in the season that blitz counter-measures were NOT part of the offense.... yet. PSU ended up losing the game (not by a lot, but they lost).

Next up, BYU. Guess what BYU did? Yep, they got that tape and like Mr. May on ESPN they said: "Oh, look! In past game(s) they couldn't handle the blitz. Well, good enough for me! Let's load up and come at them every play. This will be an easy, big-time win for us!" Guess what Joe Pa did? Yep. He keep working on installing ALL of the offense.... including the counter-blitz package. Come game day guess what happened? Yep, the Mr. Mays of the world showed up, ran their smug little plays, and got the crap beat out of them. PSU ran traps, screens, and quick pop-passes to the tight-end as blitzing BYU became a bonfire. (nice rhyme huh?)
Hey Steve, I remember that game well. I would get excited if Coach Crowton and our QBs could do the same thing. Our QBs have taken 22 shots this season, and that has resulted in a broken hand, a repetitive hit syndrome on an arm, and an overall beating to both of our signal callers. Although our O-Line has stopped the carnage to our QBs, we could have used an offensive game plan Thursday.

… Miami's Trav tries to explain to Seminole fans who lack the ability to think straight.
Re: I shocked y'all aren't respecting FSU

See, there goes the Nole logic again.. let's pretend that GT didn't get waxed vs. a pretty avergae Clemson team a week after playing you guys and lets also pretend they didn't lose to a really mediocre BYU team in the opener.. don't try to defend you delusional rambling, just ADMIT that the GT game showed your team is vulnerable, just as the WVU game showed ours to be.
Try this for logic, Trav. Miami's point differential over their last three games has continued to shrink by 35 over East Carolina; by 19 over Boston College; and by two over West Virginia. Florida State's point differential has continued to grow over that same period by one over Georgia Tech; by 40 over Colorado; and by 49 over Duke. Now, that is a trend that should concern you. As for BYU being a mediocre team, well that is a trend that definitely concerns us.

Pittsburgh's brian01 shows the Irish respect even though Willingham's Notre Dame squad seem to be in an offensive quandary.
Re: Notre Dame line

i agree Herb... they have played a killer schedule, as always... and with a extra week to get ready, i expect a extremely tough game. People need to take the blinders off...with the way our defense has played; we wouldn't be 3-1 against ND's schedule right now.

they will hit us with a lot of new wrinkles and our defense will need to be ready!

ND's season isn't over. if they beat us, they will most likely beat bc, navy, byu, stanford and syracuse....with only losses to fsu and usc.

that gives them 7 wins and a bowl trip. this game is huge for them and this game means there whole season and whether they will most likely make a bowl game. go panthers!!!
Well brian, your worst fears about ND were founded since they upset your 16th-ranked Panthers. Now they have to avoid losses to BC, Navy, BYU (and I didn't stutter), Stanford and Syracuse.

Texbuck shares concerns by many fellow Buckeyes about Ohio States ability to play on the road.
Our first five opponents...

Four lost yesterday, most surprising to me was BYU scoring a 44 - 36 win over SD State. Not so much the win but 44 points when we were only able to put up 13 on them. The only team that we have defeated that won yesterday was BG.

I hope that our first road game (after all of the home cooked meals) will bring out the best in the Buckeyes. NC State is now 3-3 and a pretender at best, all we can hope for out of them is a win over FSU.

Wisky looked Big, Strong & slow yesterday and I hope our Offense can give the D some rest in Camp Randall.
Tex, you should be worried. Yes, that BYU scored 44 over the Aztecs was quite an accomplishment considering that it was on the road; and yes, the Cougars offense seem to be getting on track. Wisconsin lacks the schizophrenic tendencies of BYU, which means that the Buckeyes will have to bring their "A" game.

… Well, Army fan Jeeps87962002 not buying into Black Knight Coach Berry's excuses.
Re: Hey, jeeps-What about bad weather?

Wind and rain is not a huge factor in the passing game as some coaches will have you think If your throwing the berryball throw it up and prey then it is a factor. If it was a factor then how was BYU doing it for as many years as they have in Provo with the wind, rain, snow.

Understand running coaches will tend to find any excuse they can to bring down the passing game. It is just depending on what a coach feels. I coach in Ohio and we throw it 40 times a game and have done it in some wicked weather.
Well coach Jeep, I am sure you haven't coached in Albuquerque in September, but you are welcome to do so.

Houston's seawallcoog has donned some extreme visionary glasses as he focuses on the state of football when my four-year-old son will be old enough to be starting his senior year at BYU.
...My second alternative is the Mountain West.

The BCS conferences are made up of the "primary" schools in their respective states. By primary, I mean the school with the most political stroke that leads to the best access to funding and resources within their respective state. Yes there are a few exceptions such as Stanford, Mia etc. but most of the BCS schools have the most clout in their states. As an example, TU and A&M are where we want to be. We want Tier 1 status, access to funding, etc.

Well, the Mountain West is made up of the primary schools in the states represented in the MW. Utah, UNLV, NM, Wyo are primary schools. These schools will get the best funding and resources available in their states. Colo St's stature and relationship in Colo is similar as A&M's is to TU. Colo St is pushing CU real hard. BYU is on a par with anyone nationally in regard to facilities and competitiveness. Their stature will continue to grow in direct correlation to their missionary efforts. BYU doesn't appear to have funding or resources issues. Air Force is Air Force. They're well funded, they're competitive and they prove you can win with true student athletes. They also have a sound fan base. San Deigo St is the exception to all of the above. They're in Cal need I say more?

Many experts indicate that with their natural resources and open spaces that these states have the greatest potential for population growth in the next 20 yrs. If that's the case then the MW Conf could be "the" place to be and perhaps we could get in early and take advantage of a potentially bright future…The MW's appeal and benefits aren't as "immediate" as the Big East plan but perhaps the future is better?...
Well seawall, some of us really don't wish to wait that long. Now that Boston College is a lock for the ACC, it will be interesting to see if the BCS decides to grant their E-ticket to the Magic Kingdom to the Mountain West. Our conference has shown well against BCS teams this year with a couple of games remaining. Regardless, Houston will not be invited to the party.

… Many Cougar fans are grasping for any positives with our program right now. Western Michigan's horseshooz has found a straw in a needle stack.
Did some quick research on MAC

It has six programs that have never been found in major violation of NCAA rules. They are:

WMU, cmu, NIU, Ohio, Kent State, Bowling Green.

The following is the list, by conference, of the seven other programs that can make this claim:

ACC: 0 Big12: 0 Big 10: 2 - Penn State, NoWestern Note: The Big10 Conference was found guilty in the 1990s of major violations formulating grant-in-aid awards. BEast: 1 - UConn CUSA: 1 - UAB MWC: 1 - BYU Pac10: 1 - Stanford SEC: 0 WAC: 0 Sun Belt: 1 - NoTexas

I am able to find nothing via NCAA on the three Div. I academies. I'll assume they've never been found guility, though it is an assumption. Keep in mind, everyone at the academies is on full scholarship--they are not limited to just 85. Fight On, Fight On for Western!
Thirteen schools out of 117- My how pathetic! Well Bronco fans like horseshooz can always relish the fact that they are squeaky clean. BYU can do the same. Considering the way BYU and Penn State are playing, maybe these schools can set up some sort of post-season agreement to play in the Tidy Bowl.

… Wildcat JohnnySchu still mulling over two possible candidates with BYU roots to replace Mackovic.
Re: It's kind of funny...

If the guy puts points on the board, it's hard to argue. Years ago, I conducted an interview with Lavelle Edwards prior to one of their stints in the Copper Bowl, and remember asking how he came up with the offense he did. He said he used a variation of the Frank Kush offense at ASU, because Kush's offense was the toughest to stop. Leach sounds like he's using a modern day version of that philosophy. Hey, give yourself every chance to win, and if you have to be creative to get it done, then be creative.

As much as the basics, football is about creativity and staying ahead of the curve, and the successful programs show this at every level. Vermeil's Rams drove teams nuts with that passing game, until defenses finally figured a way to neutralize it. Coryell did the same thing during his St. Louis and San Diego days. Edwards and Chow at BYU, Spurrier at Florida, even Price had some of those five-wide receiver sets at Washington State, and now D'Amato and NC State and Leach at Texas Tech.

Heck, defensively Arizona was innovative with Desert Swarm, and it took the opposition a while to figure out how to counter that. When it did it wasn't as effective. Likelihood is the Leach offense won't be effective all the time either, and he'll have to adjust, but for now he's giving his team the best chance to succeed, and you have to like that.

CatEye and I have bounced this around a few times over the last couple days: I like Hill better than he does only because I think Hill believes he can win every time he takes the field. I also like Norm Chow, and a number of other "candidates" mentioned here. That said, Cateye's case for Leach looks better and better every day.
Johnny, haven't you heard the latest out of Provo. Football is all about the basics. Creativity is anathema right now. Of course you did caveat your answer by stating that when a team puts points on the board it is hard to argue. We look forward to when our beloved Cougars begin to put points on the board.

… Hey everybody, basketball season is just around the corner and BYU has been picked to win the MWC this year. Not bad considering that Travis Hansen will be putting up the rock for the Atlanta Hawks. If BYU fans are looking for respect, try this on for size. California's calfanz is at odds with fellow bears as they discuss this seasons schedule.
Preseason Schedule

who says it is easy?

UNLV, BYU, and St Joes are all legit teams. BYU and St. Joes picked to win their conferences.

Colorado? A top tier BIG12 team....a better conference than the P10 most pundits believe.

So, probably FOUR NCAA teams in the preseason, 2 of em NOT at HAAS...I would say that is tougher than most other DI teams.
Okay, so is it to early to start talking about the big dance? Well, as much as I love Steve Cleveland's team, I am one of the few who hasn't fallen off the football bandwagon. I am still convinced that BYU is going bowling this year. Thanks calfanz for giving the Cougars a needed distraction.

… Now I don't know profess to know much, but what could be more ugly than a BeaverUte. The image really scares me. Well in any case, I am glad that the Cougars ruined this fans perfect weekend.
Beavers and Utes 2-0 in P-10

Almost the perfect long weekend of college football. Beavers and Utes win, Ducks lose!!! Damn BYU finally found their offense and beat SDSU. Oh well, I should not get to greedy. Hey, the Beavs and Utes may crack the Top 25 together.
Well with Washington and Washington State ahead, your precious Beavers should be cracking out of the top 25 the way that they came in. Would you care for more bad news? Yes, Utah won't be ranked either. San Diego State is angry, and they will be taking it out on the Utes. Really stinks to be you. Of course you can always console yourself with the fact that BYU was abducted by aliens and provided Colorado State with a field of clones to hide their hideous crime.

… Well not everyone in Corvallis is wacked. BeavaZapata tries (probably in vain) to help Fresno State fan Sicko understand a little reality.
The only OSU fans who might have gone to Fresno in the 80s and early 90s would have been those who HAD to go in some official capacity or as family members of players.

No complaints from Hawaii fans, huh? Do Hawaii fans actually go to Fresno? If so, why? Who leaves paradise to visit a hellhole? I'm thinking that if Salma Hayek is warming my bed, I'm not going away for a weekend with Phyllis Diller. But wait. Does June Jones count as a Hawaii "fan," and does mentioning that a screwdriver was thrown at him from the stands qualify as a "complaint?"

Finally Sicko, you might want to remember back a few years ago, when you were part of a 16 team conference. Didn't you get ditched? Don't you wonder why? Didn't BYU's AD vow to never return as long as conditions at FSU were the way they were?
As long as Tark is at FSU…………………fill in the blank.

Some ideas never die. Of course it does become a bit more legitimate when coming from the other side of the tracks. Trojan's 4mbombay is candid about the two Utah schools joining an elite group.
Pac 10 should invite BYU and Utah to join

After watching Utah beat Oregon tonight and Cal several weeks ago and BYU playing us tough in week 2, I definitely think it is time for the Pac 10 to invite these 2 schools into the league as the 11th and 12th members. They would be very competive in both football and basketball and would allow the league to have a championship game. The 2 divisions would be as follows: North --- UW, WSU, Oregon, OSU, BYU and Utah... South --- Cal, Stan, SC, ucla, Az and ASU. It is time.
Well 4m, it is nice to receive kudos from the opposition, but logic doesn't rule the Pac-10 old boys club. You see if it was about being competitive there really is nothing holding back such a union. If it was about television size market, again there is really nothing holding back such a union. It unfortunately is about religion and will always be even though it is not politically correct to discuss. What will more likely happen is that the Pac-10 will continue to schedule MWC conference opponents, and the MWC will continue to improve their record against the Pac-10. Get used to it. BCS can you hear the music?

Texan4SC is a bit worried about his teams SOS. Since his team is invited to the Beauty and Charisma Swaré.
…Auburn will likely end up 8-4, maybe better. Its not SC's fault they are too one dimensional to beat Pete Carroll's defense. BYU would have been a pretty good team this year had Berry not got hurt. Kudos to Wazzu for scheduling Colorado and ND. Too bad they both blow this year…
Now, if a Trojan fan can understand this simple fact, why is it so difficult for many BYU fans to grasp? Berry plays, we win at Stanford, we win at Air Force and our momentum going in to the CSU game is completely different. Trust me when I say. Berry's absence has made all the difference.

… Well Wazzu's snowfx2 tries to rip into Texans comments.
A good BYU team? Auburn challenge for the SEC?

BYU's 2-3 my friend and got smoked by Air Force this past weekend, and they will lose to SDSU this weekend.

I don't know if you've noticed, but Auburn still has to play Tennessee, @ Arkansas, @ LSU (all 3 are in the top 10 at the moment), @ Georgia, and Alabama. They'll be lucky if they finish .500 this year.

Hawaii's probably the only team on your ooc that'll be above .500 and that's because they play in the WAC and will probably finish behind Fresno and Boise.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. "BYU a good team?" Yes, they are, granted they are running on all cylinders. Even without Berry, the Cougars beat SDSU. Of course they did run into a buzz saw the following week, but everybody gets sheared every once in awhile. With five games left of BYU's season, they are going bowling. Mark my words. Auburn? Well ask the Volunteers how good Auburn is. As of this writing the Tigers are beating the Razorbacks by a touchdown in the 4th. What is really funny snow is Hawaii being .500. They play 13 games this year. Maybe they get a tie somewhere. Care to take a guess who the lucky team will be?

… Wazzu is workin the Pac 10 this year and Dimec01 shares a surprising insight about what it takes to be big time.
…In the early to late 80's there was a LOT of talk about the Pac 10 teams voting OSU, Oregon and WSU out of the league and adding Colorado and BYU. The reason- money. When you share gate receipts and you can fly into bigger cities with larger stadiums, it is simple mathematics. Cougar fans couldn't sell out the stadium because they couldn't win. Our fans wanted to see UCLA. USC wouldn't come to Pullman and we might not beat San Jose State. OSU and Oregon were no better. But Oregon got a boost from the owner of NIKE and suddenly money built better facilities and the team got better athletes. OSU seems to have made the turn as well. And yet, little ole Wazzu out performs and we are still the smallest school in the Pac 10.But let's face it winning solves a lot of problems…
Since the inception of the BCS, the need for sharing gate receipts has taken a backseat to bowl revenues thus the money train no longer runs through Provo. Say what you like about Provo, it still offers more than Pullman and Corvallis. It is nice though to be reminded of what might have been.

… Not only do many Bulldog fans have a hard time dealing with BYU's smashmouth win over their team in 2001, but they don't seem to exercise great mental capacity. Mississippi State's bob g vents about what else; refereeing.
I think some of this crew were the guys the SEC sent to BYU......there was one dude in that bunch that really sucked, and i think he was on the field Sat.
The crew sent to Provo in 2000 was hardly criticized by Bulldog fans considering they went to the molecular scale of pass interference referee academy. Maybe you really wanted to rant about the ‘poor' MWC refs jobbing your beloved Bulldogs. The Cougars beat MSU; get over it. Maybe you should focus on the castration of Jackie as the University emasculates his assignment as Head Coach.

… Idaho fan AdaVandal keeps the impossible dreams journal active with another gaze southward.
I could be wrong, but I don't think the MWC goesto 12 right away. If they do, I think bjc has played their way in, and you what, they deserve it based on what they have done with their program since going IA. But I don't think the MWC goes to 12 now.

I think adding 1 team to 9 makes more sence. Their wish expansion list probably goes something like this. 1)TCU 2)Frenso 3)Hawaii 4)Boise

Adding one makes sense, it provides a balanced football schedule of 4 conference home games per year for each team which will help when the mandated 5 IA home games becomes reality.

The MWC wants to be in the BCS but adding all four of those listed above will not do it. Therefore, there isn't much incentive to go to 12. Yea, you get a championship game that will bring in some TV money, but you have to share it with 4 other teams.

The MWC isn't exactly into sharing money with schools BYU and Utah don't feel are contributing to the bottom line. Fresno would make a lot of sence to add because they can pay for themselves. Their B-Ball team gets into the NCAA tourney and that brings in $$. Plus, ESPN likes their football program and they schedule the BSC teams to the MWC could probably bargain with ESPN to allow Fresno into the conference and not cost the other members in any $$.

The only way I see the MWC going to 12 is if somehow it gets them BCS consideration. Otherwise, the money issue would seem to override that decision.

Again, I could be wrong, just my opinion.
Ada, whose wish list are you talking about? The MWC doesn't have an expansion wish list. Yes, the question has been broached among the school Presidents, but nothing serious has been considered, nor will it be considered until after 2005. The MWC doesn't need to expand to get into the BCS. If given a seat at the money table, in lieu of the Big Least (Not a slam, just an observation of the conference's current condition of four teams sticking around while three split for the ACC and 1 leaves Div IA football.), the MWC will not need to expand. Expansion may be a consequence of that, but not a requirement. In any case keep dreaming.

… Well BluNotes wouldn't be the same if I didn't include what irks and ails the little stepchild up in Logan. Utah State's sickandtired rants Cosbyesque as he is both Sick and…. Tired of BYU domination.
Is it time to put a ban on BYU topics on this board?

This is getting pathetic. BYU post after BYU post! What is the facination people? We don't even play them this year! Are we that paranoid?

Lorenzo, I can see already that you will be an apostate from your religion within the next 5 years. Save us all some trouble and "apostate" yourself from this message board as soon as possible. 99.9999999999% of your posts are about BYU, religion and politics!

Am I the only one getting tired of this crap?
What can one say to that? It really must rot being an Aggie fan. Of course being in the Sun Belt conference I can understand. What is there to cheer about? Not a single Sun Belt team has a winning record this far into the season. I mean not a one. The combined conference OOC record this year is 4-30.

TrueAggie reveals his religious tendencies as he waxes less than eloquently on the issue of recruiting.
And don't forget Terrance Washington

Another Ben Lomondite that neither the Ewets nor Rameumptonites wanted. But Emmett WHITE encouraged Mick to take a chance on him. What is he now, about #6 in the nation in intercepts? I'll bet the BYU's of the world would love to have him over the lead-footed Chad Barney or "Mr. Inconsistent-but-has-a-lot-of-potential" Jernaro Gilford.

Gotta keep an eye out for those diamonds in the rough at this level.
Well although True indulges a bit much in hyperbole, he does have a point. If BYU doesn't gets its act together soon, we may be forced to finding those diamonds in the rough.

… Boise State BruteForsey is still getting used to Div IA football as he clearly hasn't had time to do the research.
Keeping our eyes on the prize

No mid-major has finished in the top 25 in 2 consecutive years in a decade. I don't care so much when we get into the poll as much as that we finish there. If we get to 6-1 we'll be on the verge. BYU will put us over the top for sure (8-1). By then most everyone will have at least 2 losses and probably a few BCS schools with 3 losses will be ranked. On the other hand, a 2nd loss may make it impossible to get ranked at all and a 3rd would be out of the question.
BYU has done it not only once, but several times. BYU's first AP ranking came in 1977 when they finished the season at 20. They began their first three-year stint in the polls in 1979-ranked 13th, 1980-ranked 12th and 1981-ranked 13th. After taking a breather in 1982, BYU again began another three-year stint in the polls. In 1983 they were ranked 7th, 1984 National Champions ranked 1st, and 1985 they were ranked 16th.

Again BYU took a couple of years off 1986-1988 before returning for yet another three-year although not as glorious stint in the polls. In 1989 they were ranked 22nd, a year later they maintain their 22nd ranking, and finally they slip a spot to 23rd in 1991. Since then, BYU has found the going a bit tougher. 1994, 1996 and 2001 are the only years BYU has been ranked since then. Now before you claim that we are an enigma, if you take a look at Marshall, you will see that they were ranked in 2000 as well as in 2001. There are other examples, but you get the picture. On a side note, in 1944 El Toro Marines were ranked 16th. Why do I mention this? Well since my father was stationed at El Toro in Santa Ana, California, I thought it was in a word "Cool." WWII definitely left its mark on collegiate football. Not only were teams decimated by enlistment, but other teams not usually associated with the powerhouses of today were representing well. Here is a gander at the AP polls top 20 for 1944:

1. Army
2. Ohio State
3. Randolph Field
4. Navy
5. Bainbridge NTS
6. Iowa Pre-Flight
7. Southern Cal
8. Michigan
9. Notre Dame
10. March Field
11. Duke
12. Tennessee
13. Georgia Tech
(tie) Norman Pre-Flight
15. Illinois
16. El Toro Marines
17. Great Lakes
18. Fort Pierce
19. St. Mary's P-F
20. Sec. Air Force

… Well Boise State's WACedBronco should receive an award for faulty logic. I have seen this argument before, but in the realm of ticket sales and representation it leaves me shaking my head wondering about some people.
Re: Correction - Few teams' fans travel better than BYU's

They don't travel them... there just happens to be so many Mos around that they show up when BYU plays the local school....
Okay WACed, I am going to assume that is your nickname and not your mental state. I am only going to explain this once, so please pay attention. No, please keep your wallet in your pocket; this information is free. Whether you walk, ride a bicycle, drive, take the train, fly in or hire a rickshaw to get to the stadium, you have traveled to get there. The fact that there are enough LDS in the US to possess a local present in the opponent's backyard serves the same purpose as traveling, with the added bonus of securing accommodations for those who are truly "traveling" to the game. Do you really think it makes a difference if BYU can average 10K fans a game outside of the MWC? Trust me when I say it doesn't matter to ESPN.

… When will people learn that ugly in any form is still ugly. Hawaii's afortuna prays to Kahuna for a wave of conference jockeying initiated by the ACC will form a tube for the ragtag WAC elite along with the Horned Frogs to drop in and shoot through for BCS money.
Re: WAC needs to act!

Best case scenario, Boise, Fresno, and Hawaii all call on TCU. Ask them to join in making a group request to join the MWC and make a push for the Big Easts BCS bid. UH will have to give concessions on travel costs, but would be worth it to get that BCS affiliation.

Two divisions as such:
San Diego St

Air Force
Colorado St
New Mexico

This split limits travel costs for the original MWC schools other than San Diego and UNLV. Those two schools probably will break about even, I've not done the research. You get National players that could make the top 25 at any time. The MWC gets their TV market in Texas and TCU gets the chance at a BCS bid. Makes up for the travel costs. Everyone gets a Championship game that ESPN would more than likely pay for.
No, fortuna you haven't done the research, and yes, while the Fort Worth television market is attractive, it isn't make or break in this situation. Afortuna you ugly and the Great Kahuna in his mercy will raise a Tsunami to this idea and wash it off the shore and out to sea where it belongs.

… Am I missing something? I must be since New Mexico's SFLobo has to actually tell fellow fans to stop.
Gotta agree with the Journal on this one. The tearing down the goalposts is getting REAL old.

Think of it: We beat a Utah STATE team (not Utah, not BYU, but Utah STATE) that we were a two-touchdown favorite to beat, and we tear the goalposts down. Huh?

Save that for a truely BIG WIN!

We knock of an undefeated team - TEAR 'EM DOWN!!

We beat a top-10 team, TEAR 'EM DOWN!

We win a game that gives us the MWC title - TEAR 'EM DOWN!

But, if we beat a 1-4 team from the Sun Belt....LEAVE 'EM UP!

Don't cheapen it by downing it every frickin' win!!

Were we really so surprised to beat these guys that we couldn't control ourselves.
I guess there is a shortage of wood, metal and fiberglass in Albuquerque. I have to agree. I would be laughing if it weren't so pathetic. Come on Lobos, represent like a MWC school should!

… Well, it is said by many that Wyoming fans have no class. Poken In really tries hard to prove that statement correct with this rant.
I am getting a little pissed about people saying we are whining....... Reply about this time change with BYU. The real truth is if this wasn't homecoming, there probably would not have been a thing said about it. This would be like us playing at BYU next year and K2 picks up the game and Byu would have to roll with the flow. If it was their homecoming I bet they would be whining cause they wouldn't get their beauty sleep or family time in before church the next day. Whatever the case might be, this game on TV is basically not going to benefit UW in any way. We get no money from it, we get no national exposure from it ,it makes the game longer with all of the TV time outs, it hurts our fans that can't travel that late at night, and it hurts the gate and concessions because of smaller attendance. The upside is businesses will sell more balloons for urine bombs, liquor store sales will be up, arrests will be up,(revenue created from fines)and we still get to see BYU get their 28 year old asses handed to them. I just think if another team messes up someones elses home game, there should be some kind of compensation. It is not like this is an ESPN game where it benefits the conference. The reason you have a home game is so your fans and team can play to their convenience. No one should dictate game times to a school if it only benefits one of the schools. I just hope we get to dictate to BYU some time and screw up their prayer meetings or family night sometime soon.
So BYU forces Homecoming activities in Laramie to adjust their time slots a bit, but it is nice to know that Cowboy fans can purchase more balloons to urinate in. I hope for the Cougars sake that Wyoming fans develop a sudden 3-hour case of cerebral palsy or MS during the game to divert any and all flying objects.

… Now that Utah has a new coach, it is nice to see a little chutzpah among the coaches in the Mountain West. Beorn relates a few Urban Meyer quotes.
Even Urban Meyer says the Conference is pretty even...So overrated though they are...They have the talent to offer some stiff competition. Here's what the Deseret News wrote:

"Meyer says MWC is most balanced By Dirk Facer Deseret Morning News

When it comes to balance — from top to bottom — Utah coach Urban Meyer thinks the Mountain West Conference may be the best in the country..."
Well beorn, I have to agree with Urban. When it comes to balance, we win the parity award over the Pac-10. Also, we are a lot tougher than people realize. So, with Urban getting the last word this week, we are done. I can already imagine sorting through the piles of ‘BYU sucks' comments for next week's BluNotes. I promise my readers to spare them the brunt of that blow. Until next week…

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