Trent Plaisted Elaborates on Why He Picked BYU

Family won over highly touted prospect <b>Trent Plaisted</b> when he made his official decision to verbally commit this weekend to play basketball at BYU.

The San Antonio native said, "It was a lot tougher to decide than I thought it would be. I have a lot of ties to BYU and always thought I'd play there, but Stanford and especially Florida State made my decision tougher than it otherwise would have been."

Plaisted says his family ties to BYU and especially his close relationship to his sister, who already attends the Y, won him over. "I'm real close to my sister, so attending the same school as she did factor heavily in my decision."

Both his parents and a number of siblings all graduated from Brigham Young University. "I grew up a big BYU fan. That was my school and now, I guess, it's my school officially. I'm real excited to play for Coach Cleveland and to get started."

Plaisted turns 17 this later this month (Oct. 28). A LDS mission is a possibility. "I haven't really decided yet. I'm not leaning any which way and I haven't really thought that much about it yet. I'll just go to school my first year and then decide what feels best," he said.

The 6-10 recruit said he committed to BYU head coach Steve Cleveland shortly after his official visit to BYU this weekend.

"It was awesome," he said of his Provo campus visit. "Better than I expected. I fit right in and it felt nice. My hosts were Terry (Nashif) and Michael Rose and I got along great with both of them. I got along well with everyone. I even had fun at the football game on Thursday night, despite them losing so bad."

Plaisted said he was very excited to play for Coach Cleveland and the other Cougar coaches. "I have so much confidence in Cleveland and what he's doing as a coach. He's built a great program and I know it will continue to be a great program. I love all the assistant coaches as well. Coach Rose, Toolson and the rest. They're all great."

Despite his height, Plaisted does not consider himself a pure low post type of player yet. "I like to face up and take it to the hoop. I'm a pretty good ball-handler for a guy my size and I have a good outside shot. I know that I may have to develop a low post game in the future, but I can play either the three, four or five positions in college."

He currently plays in the top Texas high school division and earned All-District honors as a junior. His team finished 31-7 last season and won their district.

"I just want to continue to develop all facets of my game so that I can contribute my first year of college. BYU is a great program and if I can help them my first year, that would be great. If they feel that I should redshirt my first year, that's great as well. Whatever the coaches feel is best."

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