Travis Brown Starts and Stars at Dixie

One intriguing wide receiver recruit BYU is looking at is an Arizona prep star that signed and enrolled at Oregon State, didn't like his depth chart placement or playing prospects and transferred, along with a former BYU quarterback signee, to Dixie State College – where they both became immediate starters and stars.

That's the story of receiver Travis Brown and quarterback Danny Southwick in a nutshell.

Southwick signed with BYU, but left for an LDS mission straight from high school. Convinced there was a BYU quarterback logjam after his mission, he opted to accept another scholarship offer from Oregon State.

This is where Southwick's and Brown's journey intertwined. Both highly recruited athletes felt their playing prospects after their first spring campaign looked bleak and were anxious to play much sooner than later. They surveyed the junior college landscape and jointly decided to join perennial national JC contender Dixie State College.

According to one of Brown's acquaintances, he said, "I hear he is very interested (in BYU), but is concerned about the lifestyle thing; not so much the minority issue as the Honor Code."

In his first season at undefeated Dixie, Brown, has already risen to the top of the WSFL conference.

In an interview with, he said, "It's going pretty good. We just won our last game. We're 6-0 and I'm doing pretty good. I lead the conference in receiving. I think it's close to 500 (yards) now."

At 5-11 and 180 pounds, Brown has effectively used his 4.40 speed to create problems for opponents deep in their secondary and is making a name as a deep threat.

"My best game was against Scottsdale where I had eight catches for 200 yards and four touchdowns. I average around 100-yards a game and about four or five catches a game," said Brown.

Against Snow College, Brown caught four passes from Southwick, one for 41 yards and the other going for 10. His total yardage for the game was 71 yards as Dixie walloped Snow 52-28.

However, Brown said it was their last game the team really lit up the scoreboard, and in so doing his services weren't needed to ensure the victory.

During the BYU JV vs. Dixie game, Brown recorded six receptions for 63 yards and one touchdown. The longest was a 37-yard strike in a 47-9 thrashing of the Cougar JV team. Brown also rushed once for ten yards in the game.

Following the game, a BYU coach approached Brown for a brief conversation.

"One of the coaches (Gary Crowton) came up to me and he was talking. I had a nice game and he said he was going to start recruiting me."

Brown confirmed BYU coaches are the only ones that have contacted him so far. "I haven't really had any contact with anyone else. I think BYU is maybe the only one because they're right here (locally), I'm pretty sure."

Despite BYU three home losses, Brown said he liked BYU's passing game and would consider coming to Provo, if offered.

"I would have to think about it, but it's a possibility. They pass like 46 times a game."

More important than its passing offense, it is the prospect of playing immediately at BYU that is most alluring for Brown. There could be another factor that could entice this talented receiver to the BYU receiving corps.

"I know him (John Beck). He's from Arizona and that's where I'm from. I'm from Maryville in West Phoenix and he's from Mesa Mountain View," concluded Brown.

Meanwhile, his sights are squarely focused on more important matters at hand. "If we go undefeated, we'll play the national championship game here at the Rotary Bowl at our home stadium. It will be like a home game, but that's if we go undefeated though – which we will," the confident Brown added.

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