Exclusive TBS Interview with Lee Cummard

<b>TotalBlueSports.com</b> has been dogging the <b>Lee Cummard</b> story all summer and was promised first break when and if Cummard committed to BYU. Here is our exclusive interview with Cummard from late last night.

Lee Cummard: I just wanted to keep my promise to let TotalBlueSports.com know first where I committed. I committed to Coach Cleveland tonight. It's official. I'll be a Cougar.

TBS: Are you excited?

Lee Cummard: I'm really excited and it's good to get it off my back.

TBS: How did you come to that decision?

Lee Cummard: Pondering it a lot lately. There was no better school as far as pros. It just felt right. BYU just stuck in my head. I couldn't go wrong. ASU has a great program also. I was in a win-win situation for me and my family.

TBS: What does the family think?

Lee Cummard: They are all excited. My dad is an ASU fan, but he's excited too. I called Coach Cleveland to let him know. They were all involved in the conference call to Coach Cleveland. We got on the speaker phone so they could hear. We had the whole gang over for the phone call to BYU. Cleveland said I made his day. He was real excited.

TBS: Mission or no mission?

Lee Cummard: I'll go for sure, but I haven't decided yet when I will go. I'll probably go after one year of playing. I think that'll make me a better missionary. I'll be getting rid of the homesickness and I'll be able to grow up before serving.

TBS: You were in Iowa playing in an AAU tournament this weekend. Who played and how did it go?

Lee Cummard: It went real good. I had a lot more fun than I expected. I didn't see anything but cornfields or basketball courts for four days. The team lost in the semi-finals. The game was played on Sunday so I didn't play. It was a close game. The teams were mainly from the Midwest. There were a few western teams like Compton Magic was there. We showed well for Arizona basketball.

TBS: Any other tournaments scheduled?

Lee Cummard: Nope. I'm done. Now I can focus on winning a state championship.

TBS: Did not playing on Sunday factor into your decision at all?

Lee Cummard: Nah, it didn't.

TBS: Have the coaches told you how they envision you being used?

Lee Cummard: Between the two and the three. It really doesn't matter to me. I like them both. Probably shooting guard, but in the BYU system, I don't think it matters much.

TBS: Is this a relief?

Lee Cummard: Yes. It really is a big relief. I can focus on trying to win a state title. And stop talking to people like you (with a laugh). Hopefully life will get back to normal now.

TBS: Have you heard anything about the possible incoming class? What are your thoughts?

Lee Cummard: Nothing other than Trent Plaisted. I've played against him once last summer. We won, but he was really bouncy for how big he is. He is very coordinated. He was the best player on his team. I didn't know he was LDS until recently. He's a great player.

TBS: Have you spoken with the ASU coaches?

Lee Cummard: Yes, I called them. They wished me luck. They run a classy program. They have great coaches. It was a tough decision, but it's the right one for me. I'm looking forward to wearing Cougar blue.

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