BluNotes: Rants and Raves About BYU Sports

I promised last week I would spare BYU faithful the brunt of the well-warranted smack talk after the CSU Homecoming Buzz saw Massacre. Lo and behold, it seems the general fan focus flow has been diverted to conference realignment tributaries as the mighty flow of the BCS rushes toward the vast expanse of the 2005-2006 horizon.

Coming off a 5-7 season, and biting nails down to the cuticle over our team's current (2-3) 3-5 could convince most Cougar fans that respect for the once bright BYU program is hanging by a thread, if not utterly broken. Cheer up, Cougars. It may surprise you, but respect comes in many forms, considering the legacy isn't easily lost, even amongst the tide of conference talk. See for yourself.

Florida State's bret gets us started by explaining what he feels his Seminoles need to be just that much better than they already are.
... I wish FSU, short of changing coaches - which ain't gonna happen - would just abandon the run (except for a change up and a surprise) and go to a BYU or TX Tech offense. I think that would improve our chances of winning against Miami, or VT, or OU, or any other national championship caliber team.
Despite our struggles, the system is still alive and well. We may not be running the old BYU offense, but the new BYU offense sure wasn't too shabby in 2001. In spite of the BCS snub, college football fans took notice. The luster isn't gone, my friends; we are just in need of a polishing rag to get that shine back. In the immortal words of Mr. Miage, "Wax on, wax off."

Georgia Tech has a good reason to revel in their unexpected success. GTech82 dares to broach the possibility of the wrecking crew going bowling.
Hey, IF we end up going to a bowl...

I will bee celebrating regardless of what bowl that is.

Had you told me we were headed to a bowl hours before the BYU game, I would've considered you crazy. Had you told me minutes after the BYU game, I would've considered you deranged.

Right now the proposition only sounds a bit premature, but extremely possible. Here's hoping…
Well Gtech, if you had told me prior to the BYU game that we would be bowling, I would have considered you acute in your observations. Had you told me minutes after the BYU game that same thing, I would have patted you on the back in a condescending manner for stating the obvious. Of course the proposition is now a distant possibility.

Wake Forest fan DeacKillsaDevil is really down on defense as his Demon Deacons have failed to maintain their early season form.
Re: Lousy practices = lousy game

The 3-3-5 can't stop the run to save its life. The other teams that I know that run the 3-3-5 are WVU, Clemson (not sure how much), and BYU. I don't think any of those teams have good defenses.
Well DKD, you have to understand that Wake Forest has been running this defense for several seasons while BYU is a neophyte. Bronco's comments have been lost over the past couple of weeks, but should be strongly reiterated. That is, he has only implemented about a total of 30-50% of the 3-3-5 scheme. Given the team hasn't a handle on all that can be done out of this formation, it should be noted that a 20th defensive ranking among Div IA teams is a clear sign of what talent and good coaching can accomplish. As the season winds down, watch for the team ranking to begin to creep even further upward.

Oklahoma fans are well within their rights to smack it up over any team in college football right now. Until someone knocks them off their perch the Sooner song continues to be sung in Oklahoma. MississippiRED really knows how to lay the smack on the opposition. Texas even before the Red River Roasting didn't have a leg to stand on.
Texas record

The shortHorns are 66-22-4 against Baylor. 0-2 against BYU, 0-4 against USC, and for cryin' out loud, has a losing record against Vandy!!
Looks like Val Hale should schedule a few more trips to Austin. Looks like we got a good thing going there, I mean, why let Vanderbilt have all the fun.

Can someone please explain to me why Rutgers is in Div IA, period? I am not sure about the quality of air in New Jersey, but RU1982 must have been subjected to some mind altering substances. Yes folks, it is another re-alignment plug.
One fan's solution to the BCS & D1A football mess . . .

The Plan: Create 8 super conferences, have 5 BCS games w/ the champion of each conference getting an automatic bid and 2 at large bids selected w/ the BCS formula which would also be used to seed the games.

Notes: a) ND it is assumed would not want to be in a conference for football. b) I included all existing D1A football playing schools in the plan plus FAMU which declared its intention to go D1A and UMass. as a generic 1AA upgrading to 1A to make the format work. c) I propose a schedule that would include 12 games annually with no team allowed to have more than 6 home dates. Pre-season bowls would be eliminated unless teams moved the venue and date of existing games for the marquee exposure. In that event one of the teams would have to count that neutral site game as a home date. d) These alignments are for football only (as I would hate to destroy any of the great BB conferences) though if the powers that be wanted to make any of these an all sport conference that's OK too. I would think that it would not make sense in other sports due to travel and other issues. e) I would propose the elimination of 1AA scheduling for 1A teams. And instead, suggest a melding of 1AA and D2 at some medium requirements designed to reduce costs of running 1AA programs without losing the overall scholarship pool for lower levels of football.

The Conferences:
"PAC 10"
North South

Wash. Ariz.
Wash. St. Ariz. St.
Ore. St. USC
Stanford BYU
Hawaii UNLV
Boise St. Fresno St.

Schedule: 7 division games annually, 4 games from other division annually a rotating basis and 1 non-conf. game. "MWC"

East West

Col. St. Utah
N. Texas St. Air Force
New Mexico Idaho
UTEP Nevada
Tulsa S.J. St.
La. Tech Wyoming

Schedule: 5 division games annually, 2 rival games from other division annually plus 2 rotating games from other division and 3 non-conf. games.

"Big 12"

North South

Neb. Ok.
Kansas Ok.St.
K. St. Texas
Iowa St. Texas A&M
Col. Baylor
Ark. Texas Tech
Memphis N.M.St.
Louisville Utah St.

Schedule: Similar to the "PAC 10" model.....

... ND would be able to put together a schedule that possibly would have some of their rivals( ie; Mich., Mich, St., Purdue, Navy, AFA, Army, Stanford, BC, USC if those schools wanted to schedule ND still).

Each conference would have a Championship game and the winner would receive the bid to the BCS series.

I think the whole season would be like a playoff !!

And, yes, I know this would never happen. Because it's too fair.
I didn't have the heart to subject Cougar fans to reading the entire misguided missile of equity in college football. Yes, this Rutgers fan has one thing correct. The abovementioned would never happen. Not because it is too fair, but because the idea is clearly the product of substance abuse.

Wisconsin's cfbfan23 can barely wipe the venom dripping from his lips as he lambasts Buckeye fans after their loss to the Badgers.
Re: Congratulations Wisconsin!

That is OK, the main word of the day for you to remember is LOSER!!

After all, even BYU has won a NC within the last 34 years.....but of course they have more class and they attend class....
Ouch! I hope I don't have to Clarett-fy what this Badger is getting at. Regardless of the criticism directed towards Crowton, he has put the 'squeaky' in the squeaky clean program that is BYU. I mean, what other coach would insist on their players show up to class on game day. Heaven forbid that routines for college football players should change for home games once they leave high school.

Houston's CorinthCoog spits out this hideous attempt at re-alignment science. What will they think of next?
Re: MWC - Alignment

Why not merge the best of the WAC, MWC and CUSA?

Call it the BOB - Best of the Bottom

Members include:
Fresno State
Air Force
Well Corinth, I think you have been sitting in front of the Tube watching a little too much Nick at Nite. Were you wearing your Squarepants when you thought this one up?

Houston's Seewallcoog sobers his fellow Cougars on the truth of just how popular BYU really is.
Re: Anyone else not convinced we are staying in CUSA?

What'd ya mean

"BYU, which is in Provo I believe, can't claim Salt Lake, which is at 35."

Who do you think the Mormans in SLC watch when BYU is playing...Notre Dame??? Of course the SLC Mkt should count.

The MWC states are the next growth areas of the USA and those TV Mkts will grow too.

I've been in Dallas for 5 yrs and I don't recall ever seeing SMU on TV unless it was a 2AM rerun. So who's going to watch when SMU comes to play in Hou?

You can count the Metroplex as one Mkt but the Dallasites tend to turn there noses up at TCU. So I don't know how many Dallas TV sets tune in to TCU games.

Last Fri I went to 3 different Chilli's type places until I finally found one with the TCU v USF game. The Mich-MN fb game and Cubs bb were the game of choice at these establishments.

The private schools don't have the fan base to generate revenue that makes the savings on regional travel worthwhile. The Tulane Prez seems to be leading this regional issue.

I prefer MWC to the new CUSA. But whatever we do we should have a plan that will ultimately lead to the Big 12. We belong in the B-12 and if not for Fmr Gov Richards we'd be there.
Well, just as Seewall has discovered, and Disney is soon to discover, just because your school is in a large television market doesn't mean that it will translate to televisions tuning into the local alma mater football games. On the contrary, the ideal is to find medium sized markets with little to no competition amongst entertainment options (can anyone say Lincoln, Nebraska?) SLC, Provo fits the bill nicely. On a side note, it seems like Ann Richards has really implemented the skills found in 'How To Make Friends and Influence People.' If current politicos in Texas get their wish, the SWC may rise again.

Louisville's own poster child for liquor use GoCardsGoKrogering like many of his disciples just doesn't get it.

How about if they charged $1.50 for beer inside the stadium during a "happy hour" that ended 15 minutes before kickoff and went back to $5? That may encourage more people to be in their seats. Even if $1.50 is still more expensive than what people sneak in, it's still looks like a deal compared to $5. And I'd rather have PJCS/UL making money off of concessions prior to the game than the city groceries and liquor stores.

I've often wondered what it's like to go to a BYU game where almost everyone is 100% sober. I guess it's like it was when I went to games as a kid and was too dumb to notice a difference between drunk and sober.
Hey Krogering, it seems as if your brain has become too dumb to notice the difference between drunk and sober. Must be your pickled state of mind. Interesting to note that 'Krog' is a Swedish word for Pub. Being a Germanic word, I would assume that its usage is similar considering this fans anally retentive auspices for alcohol to improve the Cardinals game-time experience.

California fan YogiBear must have definitive evidence of a connection between Tom Holmoe and Haloti Ngata.
I think he takes his cue from Cyberbears

Many people didn't react well to criticism of He Who Must Not Be Named, But Now Works at BYU either. The point of which is not to bring up his name again, but to point out that that strategy is neither unique to presidents, nor to football coaches, even if they both happen to be from Texas.
Hmmm. Maybe if YogiBear is willing, he could share the inside scoop of this story to me in exchange for an authentic autographed photo of the Sasquatch standing next to me at a gas station in Corvallis. Funny how expressive trends are created. I wonder who will next receive such a label. Maybe if Trev Alberts gets canned, he can always be referred to as "He who must not know anything about college football, but got paid to tow the BCS party line." Of course, it would be hard to remember to cyberspeak it as HWMNKAACFBGPTTTBP.

Considering how poorly BYU's pass offense has performed this season thus far, it seems a bit of a stretch for USC winit4drean to motivate their porous secondary's superior abilities.
Re: #5 in the nation......SC rush defense...

A big part of the reason our pass defense is #104 is because we faced Hawaii and BYU earlier in the year, and they threw all day. A lot of the Hawaii yardage was in garbage time, as well.

So don't look too closely at the stats - the only real breakdown so far was against Cal and that was team wide.

At the same time, we can still get a lot better, and hopefully we will before Saturday so we can

Its moot point now after the Trojans crushed the Irish in South Bend. … Okay, now does a school decision to turn down an invitation to the Hooters Collegiate Matchplay Championships really put you on BYU's level as far as the brass ring of virtue? Washington's SaxmanUW seems to feel this way.
Someone needs to email someone in the AD about this....

Absolutely the most ridiculous move I've ever seen. What exactly is the point here??????? Stanford and SC are better academically than we are and they don't seem to have a problem with this. What does this say to recruits? "Come to UW, the BYU of the Pacific Northwest." The WHOLE AD needs to go NOW!!!! Unbelievable.
Sometimes prudence is the bettor part of valor, and if you were to ask your Husky golf team which trip they would prefer. Myrtle Beach or Japan, I don't think there would be much hesitation. Now while Myrtle Beach is a great place (I had the privilege of spending my last year in high school there), playing golf in Japan would certainly be a once in a lifetime experience for most of those college kids. So, Saxman, even though we both know the reason behind the rejection was based in the University wanting to preserve their reputation from supporting womanizing dives like Hooters, it isn't really a big loss. Now if you really want UW to clean up, just convince the AD to implement the BYU honor code and watch the recruit's stream in.

In reference to BYU's academic standing, Huskies PeopleMuncher must be suffering from that laughing disease that afflicts the cannibal tribes of Papua New Guinea if he really believes this rant.
Re: I don't know; judging by recent history...
There's no guarantee, but a 4-star or 5-star ranking generally means that a lot of schools would like to have them.

Ryan Powdrell (a five-star JC transfer LB) actually hasn't been offered by UW, even though he has stated high interest in UW. The only school that has offered him is BYU, but USC, LSU, Oklahoma, and Oregon, besides UW, are listed as schools of interest. I suspect the hang-up is over whether he's going to qualify for admission. BYU, with the lowest admission standards of the bunch (even lower than Oregon's), probably doesn't have that worry.
PeopleMuncher should apply to BYU and see just how easy it is to get in: USC is pretty tough. LSU, well let us just explain to the uninitiated that Louisiana isn't known as the hotbed for academic achievement. Oklahoma isn't really a problem, and Oregon requires you to bow down and worship that Waffle-souled God, but other than that it is a breeze. Powdrell has been offered, but if he has academic issues, they will need to be resolved before he can join the Cougars. Nuff said.

It is a fact that Cougar faithful must accept our offense has been quite offensive thus far. We have seen sparks of greatness, but we are far short of the mark. Kentucky's The Real Deal hasn't been keeping up with what is happening in college football.
...Brooks in my opinion must get a hold of his assistants and reel them in or scrap Hudson at the end of year. He cannot let Hudson continue on this course. Curry had assistants dictating his program. No rhyme or reason. He must lay a claim this year and especially going into Spring practice that we are going to a BYU offense...
If Brooks forces the Wildcats into a BYU offense, as it has been so far this season, he might find himself on the chopping block sooner than later. Save your comment TRD until the end of the season. That way, the Cougars can shake off the inconsistencies and lack of execution to be worthy of plagiary.

New Mexico State's WIAggie is floating the current shortlist for HC replacements to their struggling program. Surprise, surprise who shows up at number 3.
Here my short list of Head Coach Possibilities

1. UN Offensive Coordinator Berry Cotton 2. UNM Offensive Coordinator Dan Dodd 3. BYU Defensive Coordinator Bronco Mendenhall 4. Ohio Head Coach Brian Knorr 5. AFA Offensive Coordinator/QB-FB Coach Chuck Petersen
WIA, keep dreaming. Hope you get Cotton or Petersen. Both top notch. Dodd, hmmm not to sure that would be a good thing. Lobo Fans might be snickering as he packs his bags. Regardless of who you get, Bronco is not for sale, and would be in an excellent position to take over if for some reason Crowton is asked to leave.

Utah State Aggie fans are usually quite animated in their views towards BYU, and rightly so. It must be hard to gaze down the Wasatch Front towards Provo and not have that kind of buzz going on. Regardless, it is always a pleasure to read a few gems during the week even from hotly contested rivals. LorenzoInLogan gets my vote for post of the week as he takes Layne ( Shipley to task.
The Revolt of Joe Quarterback. Topic from Full Court Press

Everyone thinks they could coach better.

EVIDENCE: firemikebair and Layne Shipley of American Fork. firemikebair is an individual who posts anonymously on this board and Layne Shipley is the proprietor of

The recent trend in college football fans on the net is to start up websites campaigning against coaches when their teams don't do well. Those who have been on this board a while remember the bot that came through promoting a site seeking to can John L. Smith. Of course these fans, in their marginal and recreational time, have developed insights and abilities that full time professional coaches miss in their day to day hands on work.

I spoke with Layne Shipley on the phone tonight. Now, don't be mistaken, I'm not an apologist for any coach. I asked him why he made the site and he told me that it was because the program in Provo was slipping. Fair enough. He told me it was Gary Crowtons fault. Fine. I asked him why it was Crowton's fault and he said, "because he's the coach"! I pried and pried but Mr. Shipley was unable to give me ONE specific reason as to why the downturn in BYU football was Crowton's fault. Usually these sites, such as the John L. Smith site, say something like this:

"Since Coach so-and-so has come to our fine institution he has desecrated the tradition of winning that is * * * football. He doesn't understand that winning is an important tradition to us"

What a load of crap. I asked Mr. Shipley's football credentials. He played HS at Skyline, holds BYU season tickets and coaches little league football. Impressive resume. I asked if he would do a better job than the current coach. Of course he would.

If you have a beef with a coach and think they should be removed, fine. But you ought to satisfy the following requirements:

1. Be a man and stand behind what you say. Shipley doesn't put his name on his site. firemikebair hides behind the cowardly cloak of anonymity. I found his name through WHOIS and his number through Yahoo.

2. Don't just give a vague argument. Give specific evidences and examples of why you are right.

Unless you can do these, keep your mouth shut. I don't want to hear another unsupported argument about firing Mike Bair. Period. If you can come up with something better than, "he's a jerk" then do so.

Finally, for those who don't like my posts: Kiss it. I'm not leaving If you don't like what I have to say then don't come by and by hell don't read my posts.
Well, well, well. Lorenzo, you are welcome to post on TBS anytime. Now I am beginning to understand why there are so many Utah State Aggies who where BYU Logo wear up in Logan.

Here is one for you...

Dear Abby,

I am a crack dealer in New Jersey who has recently been diagnosed as a carrier of the HIV virus. My parents live in a suburb of Philadelphia and one of my sisters, who lives in Bensenville, is married to a transvestite. My father and mother have recently been arrested for growing and selling marijuana and are currently dependent on my other two sisters, who are prostitutes in Jersey City. I have two brothers.

One is currently serving a non-parole life sentence in Attica for murder of a teenage boy in 1994. The other brother is currently being held in the Wellington Remand Center on charges of sexual misconduct with his three children. I have recently become engaged to marry a former Thai prostitute who lives in the Bronx and is still a part time "working girl" in a brothel.

Her time there is limited as we hope to open our own brothel with her as the working manager. I am hoping my two sisters would be interested in joining our team. Although I would prefer them not to prostitute themselves, it would get them off the street, and hopefully, the heroin habits. All things considered, my main problem is this. I love my fiancée and look forward to bringing her into the family and I certainly want to be honest with her.

So here's my concern - Do I tell her about my distant cousin who's a BYU Cougar fan?


Worried About My Reputation
Reminds me of the time when my wife's efforts at genealogy work turned up a great, great, great grandfather who was in and out of jail constantly for drunk and disorderly conduct as well as attempted murder. When my wife told her grandmother of this, her grandmother was extremely upset. When pressured as to why she was upset, it wasn't because her great grandfather was such a scoundrel, but because his brother had immigrated to Logan after being baptized a member of the LDS church. I guess she too was concerned about her reputation. Live and learn.

… Boise State fans are anticipating an invitation to the MWC, and they are banking on newly appointed chairman Dr. Samuelson to make it happen. DeanRobb really spins this issue quite hard. I just hope he doesn't put a hole in the floor of fan support up in Boise.
Does move by MWC jump starts BSU's move to MWC??

BYU president named chairman of MWC board of directors

Dr. Cecil O. Samuelson, president of BYU, will succeed former Utah president Bernie Machen as chairman of the Mountain West Conference's board of directors, MWC commissioner Craig Thompson announced Tuesday.

Thompson said Samuelson will take over the post on Nov. 3.

"The baton has been passed a bit early," BYU spokesperson Carrie Jenkins said.

Because of Machen's departure, Samuelson will fill the remainder of Machen's term and then his own term, said Bob Burda, the MWC's assistant commissioner of communications.

The biggest issue the Mountain West faces right now is whether to expand, but Burda said Samuelson's tenure will also oversee important decisions on BCS strategy and preliminary TV contract renegotiations.

Thompson said he expects the expansion decision to be made in the next 60 days but that is not a hard deadline. (The time line is around bowl season as I posted a few months ago. Great for discussion on national TV.)

Thompson said he has had some inquiries from schools about joining the Mountain West...

Thompson also said the league has no preset boundaries. Currently, all Mountain West teams are located in either the Mountain or Pacific time zone. Thompson said they are willing to look at schools outside those time zones.

Thompson said the Mountain West will not base its decision on what's happening in other conferences.

With Machen's departure, Utah becomes the fifth of the eight Mountain West schools to change its university president in the past year. That means the decision to expand will be made mostly by new college presidents.

Machen's departure adds uncertainty as to how the Mountain West presidents will vote on the expansion issue.

No fear: Boston College's decision to leave the Big East for the ACC prompted four Big East schools to file a lawsuit against Boston College and the ACC Tuesday.

But Thompson said if the Mountain West decides to expand, it will not worry about being sued.

My personal opinion which means nothing: If Machen's had remained through his term which was to end in June of 2004, Utah's President would have chaired the expansion process and would have possibly held the attention of the newer Presidents perhaps swaying their vote and its been widely discussed the direction Utah would prefer to go with regards to expansion. With BYU openly endorsing BSU's admittance along with another school, perhaps BYU's President can sway his newer colleagues? My guess is, if BSU would like to knock on the MWC's door, it would be left unlocked with just the doorknob to turn from the inside.
Not to rain on Dean Robb's parade, but the MWC doesn't have to do a single thing. They can wait and just keep on playing football. Basketball season is upon us and the MWC is lean and mean for a reason. Less is More, Dean, and although BSU has hit the Div IA ground running with their football program, there is little else in the Bronco's arsenal in the name of other revenue and non-revenue generating sports for men and women.

Do they brew the kava too strong in Hawaii? KalihiBento honestly believes that UNLV and SDSU would entertain joining the WAC? Re-alignment wackos keep coming out of the woodwork.
Benson, how's this?? 8 Team WAC, LA Tech out &.......

Losing bottom-feeders Rice, SMU and Tulsa will only boost WAC RPI rating. I think LA Tech would be on its own island if those 3 go (they would be only team WAY out east) and would probably leave WAC on their own. Here's my scenarios in order of desirability.

1. UNLV and SDSU - let's beat MWC to the punch. UNLV would benefit by playing in-state rival Nevada year-round in sports and having Hawaii fans tourist $$$ when playing UH teams in Vegas. SDSU would have better natural geographic rivals (SJSU, Fresno, etc.) and better recruiting base. Let's face it....Hawaii, Boise and Fresno are the equals (or better than) CSU, Utah and BYU in football. Also the MWC "mile high" travel log for UNLV & SDSU (Laramie, Salt Lake City, Provo and Fort Collins) is a biatch compared to Fresno, Reno, San Jose and Hawaii. I would also venture to say it might be cheaper to travel in the WAC. It would make perfect sense fro them to join us!

2. Invite Utah St. and New Mexico St. - not as desirable but would be a shoo-in for these schools to join WAC as it is a step up for them. RPI's aren't strong but not much worse than defectors

Remember, 8 teams splitting bowl, NCAA tourney $$ is better than splitting it 10 ways. WAC has 3 bowl tie-ins (Hawaii, Humanitarian and Bay area bowl) and strong b-ball teams (Hawaii, Fresno, Nevada along with possibles UNLV and SDSU). If we can pull off scenario #1 we'll be okay.
Hawaii-Ohana, you ugly. That was truly a one cow expansion suggestion. Now hurry up, your happy meal is getting cold.

Now speaking of happy meals, San Jose State's Anthony must be three fries short of one as the re-alignment sickness spreads its cancer throughout college football fandom.
Re: Anthony- Why SDSU and UNLV?

Because the Mtn West does not want them.

The Mtn West will take in TCU, and that's it.

The WAC will lose SMU, Rice, and Tulsa, and then pick up NM state, Utah St, and possible both UNLV and SDSU.

With TCU coming in to join Colo State, Air Force, BYU, Utah, etc, SDSU will be forced out and possibly UNLV.

It is all getting predictable.
Yeah, eh predictable. I saw that one coming. What in the world possesses people to come up with loony tuned ideas such as these? Who was it that said, "Don't speak unless you can improve the silence." Well Anthony should definitely heed this advice. It must be nice for Aztec and Rebel fans to know that if the Horned Frogs join the MWC their days are numbered.

Well, there isn't a whole lot to cheer about in Aztec land, but SDSU's AztecD takes what pleasure she can where she can.
Women's soccer beats #12 BYU Borgernots

Always beautiful to beat BYU
Yes it is, just remember that it doesn't happen that often. Must really be tough to live in a great place like San Diego: Have the facilities to be a major player in collegiate football, and be forced to satisfy your urge for victories from women's soccer. I have booked the string quartet to play at your next home game. Good Luck.

To all the doomsayers on how our recruiting will be affected, one must understand that we are BYU. SDSU's Temoc understands this, and the proof is in the pudding.
AFA - No commits.
CSU - 2 verbal commits.
BYU - 6 verbal commits.
UNM - 1 verbal commit.
SDSU - 1 verbal commit.
UNLV - No commits.
Utah - 1 verbal commit.
Wyoming - No commits.

BYU is easily leading the way in the recruiting battle so far. Among their verbals are two huge offensive linemen (of course), a 3 star QB and a 3 star CB.

SDSU has the only 4 star verbal commit in OL Taylor Schmidt.
So has anyone gotten it through their heads that win or lose, BYU is top billing for many top recruits. Why? Well when BYU wins, it is always nice to be part of a great program full of tradition that sends many of their players on to the NFL. When BYU loses, it is an excellent opportunity to maybe see some early playing time as BYU is need of getting their program back to its winning ways (this argument works extensively in BCS country when a school usually a powerhouse hits a bad season or two). Looks like Crowton is forcing the envelope in getting his players out on the field ASAP. It hurts in the short run, but dividends have a way of multiplying exponentially, and the Cougar portfolio isn't in any immediate risk.

Utah is an enigma, to be sure. But I have to give kudos to two utes who gets what so many are unable to.
Expansion talk. For once geography helps us.

We've now got a bunch of conferences running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Conf USA is chasing WAC teams, the WAC is chasing Conf USA teams, the Big East is chasing Conf USA teams. Sun Belt is wondering what the WAC is going to do. The MAC is wondering if Conf USA is going to pilfer their best team.

The MWC? No concerns about pilfering. In this shuffle we seem to be the only calm non BCS conference. We are able to sit back wait and see what the BCS does and then react. The other conferences can't do that. Why? Geography. The Big East won't pilfer us because we are too far west and Conf USA is CLEARLY no longer a step up from the MWC either in hoops or football. In fact the new Conf USA looks a lot like the old WAC/MAC.

So what if TCU doesn't want to join. By completely ruining the WAC, Conf USA has done us a favor. It looks as though neither the new Conf USA or WAC will be as strong as the MWC.

If in fact we are invited to join a BCS bowl we don't need to expand. If we need to expand to get in we can add the best WAC leftover teams. We have flexibility.

If the PAC 10 decides to expand the Utes are on the short list, although all reports are the Pac 10 has absolutely no interest in doing so.

Teams making up the MWC have common geography which binds them together and, after expansion, will make us the strongest non BCS league (even possibly including the new Big East).

If the Big East doesn't get to 12 teams why should we? It makes sense, at this time, to just sit back and see what happens before making any moves.
As I have said many times before, the MWC is in the Catbird seat. With a Redhawk and Cougar administratively leading the way, it makes purrrrfect sense. … I said I would spare Cougars fans the brunt of our bashing at the hands of the Rams last week, and I have kept my promise. Of course something has to be said if only a little. I leave that honor to Utah and Colorado State fans. Absolute Ute deservedly relishes this media gem that will no doubt live on for years.
Something I just heard on 1280 that had me laughing out loud.

They replayed a clip of a Ute fan calling in last week after the BYU/CSU game. He said something along the lines of, "I just wanted to share an observation I had about the byu game last night." The radio host (Monson I think) then said, "Sure, go ahead." The guy then broke into a maniacal, hysterical laugh that reminded me of Bill Marcroft. You have to hear it to fully appreciate how funny it is. Has anyone else heard this?
Touché, Absolute. It was BYU's turn. The law of averages dictated so. Humble pie anyone? I made it myself complete with green jell-o and fruit cocktail (friend wanted grated carrots and raisins).

Contrary to what many might believe, there wasn't a whole lot of postgame bashing. I think that Ram fans are still trying to digest what their team did to the Cougars. A bit surreal it must seem. Rammie03 tries to settle a fellow fan down with a reality check.
Settle down, Beavis
I think BYU plays hard and fair. But most people don't like them because they are successful...

Yes, Beavis, listen to your friend here. If BYU really were bad, the joy of beating them wouldn't be a fraction of what it is now. Enjoy it. Savor it. Remember it, because it can turn when you least expect it. BTW, how many upper classmen do the Rams return next year? Ouch.

Some people should just leave the re-alignment issue alone. Getting involved only reveals their ignorance or lack of intelligence. Rambony sounds more like Ram Bonehead with his uneducated attempt at conference administration. ----------------------------------------------
Just e-mailed this to the MWC office

My Plan

I want us to take USC out of the Pac-10. I think that LA is a pretty big media market, so that should help us out with TV contracts.

Would also like to see us get Washington. I really like their uniforms, and Seattle sells a lot of coffee so they can afford to watch the Huskies play. I think we should also expand east and pick up Nebraska. They don't bring a lot of TV sets to the conf, but they are kind of well known, and they have a good volleyball team. OU is the other team from the central time zone I would bring in.

Admittedly, this will be difficult, but if we already have USC, Washington, and Nebraska getting OU will be easier (if not OU we might except Texas, as long as they change coaches).

IF your are keeping track at home here is how our new conference will look




Air Force
OU (Texas)
First of all, Rambony, did you actually send this into the MWC head office? I shudder to think of the damage done in Denver. The laughter in the office building most certainly registered on the Richter scale. My favorite part was how "we" just take USC out of the Pac-10 as if they didn't have a choice. That would sit really well with the Trojans. Hahahhaahahah... oh, sorry, I lost what little professionalism I possess. Please forgive me readers...hahahahahahahaha.... Ooops it happened again...Deep Breath...count backwards slowly to 0 from 10… Okay, I am back.

On to the state of Cougar football or more appropriately Cougar foolball in conjunction with fickle fan behavior. Colorado State's STATERAM could hopefully butt some sense into a few BYU faithful.

BYU hasn't exactly dominated in the last two years, but their fans are fools to be calling for Crowton's head already. His first year at the Y they almost challenged for a BCS spot, despite the BCS prejudice. Now they struggle, but Crowton has yet to see the fruits of his recruiting. If anyone should appreciate the time it takes to revive a program with LDS missions delaying playing time, it should be the BYU fans. I doubt BYU will stay down for long.
Amen. Hallelujah brother. Welcome to the fold. Do we not get it yet? Are we on the same page? If you cannot see the big picture you are more than welcome to leave your season tickets at the door.

Now that BYU has enjoyed such success over the past 30 years, it means a lot to other schools to perform so well as CSU did last week. Of course, many Cougar faithful are having a hard time adjusting to this and many simply fail to understand why fans of opposing schools are so adamant about sticking it to BYU. Good SHEPARD was able to take an insiders trip via the Ram Booster Club. His description of his trip to Provo, with the boosters and team, left me wanting to follow along. Sunshine goes a long way in sobering up any Cougar fans who may feel unfairly treated.
...By midway through the second quarter, we used sideline passes to roam the sidelines, which was an amazing experience. You could hear coaches instructions to players, you could hear players yelling, and you really felt the excitement as CSU began routing BYU. At one point Bradlee walked right by me, and I said, "You've got to keep pouring it on these guys."

He responded, "Absolutely...we've got to reach into their chests and rip their hearts out!" Later in the third quarter, when the score was 51-13, I asked Bradlee if he considered this "ripping their hearts out". He replied, "No, we need to drop at least 60 on them...they've been doing this to us for years, we've got to keep pouring it on." He never re-entered the game after that, unfortunately, or we probably would have put 60-plus on BYU.

As we'd walk behind the bench, several players seeing our CSU shirts, would readily give us high-fives, knuckle bumps, etc. It was awesome being down there. You could hear fans yelling at the players, although due to the blowout, trash talking was at a minimum. Some fans threw garbage at players, and a cup whizzed by Jon's head at one point.

One of the funniest things I saw was two Utah fans that had a sign that said: Gas bill from Salt Lake to Provo= $5; Game ticket=$30; Watching BYU get beat on national TV= Priceless...
This is respect. Cougar fans need to understand that the time to worry about the condition BYU football is in is when opposing future NFL QBs no longer care whether they lead their team to a 10 point or 100 point victory over BYU. The time to worry about the condition of BYU football is when fans of opposing schools stop attending our games in hopes of seeing us lose. Well, Cougar fans, it is NOT time to worry.

… Several fans have discussed the little headstart slide taken by Beck and Berry just prior to the ball being snapped. It seems it originated from coach Bosco and has been somewhat controversial. Well, in light of Ram's I Bleed Green observations, it might be prudent to scrap the step as a part of the process.
So I was watching the Sonny Lubick show last night...

...and was seeing the clips of the game for the first time. Did anyone else notice that Beck was pulling his left leg back from the center BEFORE the ball was snapped - at worst that's a penalty, but it makes you wonder if the D-Line knew exactly when the ball was being snapped.
Eliminating this might go a long way to resolving a lot of the offensive line issues for BYU. Who knows? What I do know is this. This week's BluNotes has come to an end.

Hopefully, BYU will have come out clicking on all cylinders this Saturday at UNLV. Call me a blinded by blue, but I cannot help to believe that with Berry back behind center and the return of Taufui Vakapuna, BYU will come out gunning for the Running Rebels and they return to Provo with a big W in their bags. I am a big believer in Bronco's defense, and I am positive that he has adjusted to our secondary breakdowns as well as defensive line push. Go Cougs!

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