Jarvis Minton Commits to Wisconsin Badgers

A standout wide receiver from Arlington, Texas, that BYU was actively pursuing committed tonight (Monday) to play for Wisconsin.

Jarvis Minton from Mansfield Summit High School confirmed his verbal commitment to TotalBlueSports.com.

"I committed to Wisconsin tonight," Minton said, adding, "Their program fits me best. A lot of programs are going to say they throw the ball more than them or whatever, but I come from a wishbone offense and I know how to block so I already know how to hit a lot of people."

One of the primary reasons BYU coaches went after Minton was because of his athleticism and playmaking abilities.

"(My) Coach said I can jump 34 inches (vertical). I think I had 32 catches and around 300-400 yards. I think I also had around 12 touchdowns," he said.

When asked his strengths as a receiver, Minton said, "I would say my routes. If someone watches film on me they will be thinking what I'm going to do and will be thinking the wrong thing."

Minton added his greatest asset as a receiver is his open field abilities to gain yardage after catches.

"I'm 6-1, 185 pounds and run a 4.4. My best game of the season scoring wise was when I scored three touchdowns."

Minton noted one of the main reasons he picked Wisconsin over BYU and other schools recruiting him was partly because Badger coaches are better at developing wide receivers in their program for the professional ranks. He was convinced Wisconsin's program would develop and help him reach his NFL goal better than other programs recruiting him.

"That #3, he's going to into the first or second round as a pick and they have three more receivers that are coming up that have a lot of yards. They average more passes than Purdue, and Purdue is known for throwing the ball," Minton continued.

His rapport with one of the Badger coaches was another key factor. "Coaches have to be like family to me and Coach Horton (Wisconsin) has been with me before I had all these passing yards I have. He was there for me and the first one to call me and all that stuff. He's just been there from the beginning."

Minton said he plans his official recruiting trip to Wisconsin on Jan. 16.

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