Patrick Ealy Recounts Unexpected BYU Offer

The first scholarship offer an All-Colorado State record-setting running back received came "out of nowhere from BYU. When Brigham Young first offered me, I was like, ‘Who is Brigham Young, anyways?' I've never heard of this team."

Patrick Ealy, a 5-8, 180-pound speedster with a 4.38 forty time, knows a lot more about BYU now, having spoken at least once to head coach Gary Crowton and a number of times to his primary Cougar recruiter, Brian Mitchell.

Ealy's self-described impressive accomplishments this season include 43 touchdowns, 1,800 yards with 162 carries and 11.7 yards a carry. He said he also generated 410 receiving yards with four touchdowns; threw for two touchdowns and had four kick returns for touchdowns."

"They (BYU) offered me out of nowhere," said Ealy. "Before the season even started, they offered me. I got a lot of mail from them. I was like, ‘Whoa!, why am I getting this offer. It wasn't one of the colleges I thought would be interested in me and that I thought I would want to go to. My dad is from the south, so I wanted to go somewhere in the south because he wanted to move back to the south. In order to move back, he wanted me to play in the south."

Ealy said he will take his official BYU recruiting trip to Provo on Jan. 16-18. "I've talked to (Gary) Crowton once and I thanked him for offering me, but I've been talking to coach Brian Mitchell. He's cool."

From South High School in Denver, Colorado, Ealy is a slashing back who earned First Team All-Colorado State honors. The on-field achievement he cherished most?

"I broke the state of Colorado's touchdown record for the most rushing touchdowns, or six rushing touchdowns in one game. I had a game for 365 yards and a total of eight touchdowns in a game! I had a total of 10 touchdowns in that game, but two were called back. It was really fun and I'm glad to be in the record books," Ealy added.

Ealy added that football didn't come as easy as his final senior stats might otherwise suggest. "I started playing when I was a freshman. I didn't really understand football, but in my sophomore year, I started to understand it, but I didn't think I had the ability to do this."

Heading into his junior year, coach Ryan Mullaney saw something in this raw talent and encouraged and molded his confidence. "I really started to learn football last year, my junior year. My coach was telling me I was the best in the state and that I would do well. I just played for him. I had an OK season and rushed for 1,000 yards. This year, he told me he knew I was running for him last year. He wanted me to run for me and my family this year. I took that in stride and did as well as I could."

Because of his speed and athleticism, coach Mullaney felt he couldn't hold his star to just offensive duties and Ealy saw limited action on the defensive side of the ball. "I played a little defense. I'm being recruited for defense, too. I had one sack which was a fun one, because it was during a playoff game. I had a total of 33 tackles because I didn't play defense that much. I had 27 solo tackles and one interception," Ealy commented.

As a running back, he described his style and approach: "I'm a finesse runner, but I can run north and south. Because of my speed, my coach never put me in to run that way so I run a little bit of east and a little bit of west, then run north and south. I'm a finesse payer because I've got some moves. I guess you can say I'm a rhythm back. If I can get into a rhythm, I can get into the game more."

A bright and fun-loving young man, Ealy explained the things he is looking for in a university. "I'm looking for graduation rate for players, because I want to be the first one in my family to graduate from college. I'm also looking at the character of the school to see how well you're treated on and off the field and all that stuff."

However, the most important aspect of choosing a school is one that will help him fulfill his dreams of someday writing a book. A student of poetry and literature, Ealy is looking into a literature college major to fulfill that dream one day.

"… if they have my major because I want to write a book. I write a lot of poems about love, tragedy and about my life and experiences. I'm looking to see if they (colleges recruiting him) have my major."

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