Wide Receiver Riley Weber Commits to Cougars

"I'm very excited to get to Provo and to get going. I know that I can succeed and help that offense to be more productive. I'm just real excited to be a Cougar and to play for Coach Crowton."

That's the word last night from Riley Weber, a 6-1, 180-pound wide receiver recruit from Glendale Junior College in Arizona. He finished his sophomore season as Glendale's leading receiver with 43 catches for 750 yards and five touchdowns. Riley also had an offer to play for Middle Tennessee State.

With 4.5 forty speed, Riley said his game speed is more than adequate. "I'm good in the open field and I feel that I run good, precise patterns. I'm excited to be able to play in the type of offense Crowton calls since it's more wide-open than what I played at Glendale."

Though he is not LDS, he said he likes what BYU has to offer academically and socially. "I'm not LDS, but I have the same ideals as most LDS people, so fitting in shouldn't be a problem at all. I just feel that BYU is the entire package in regards to football, academics and socially. It's a perfect fit for me."

Riley noted he enjoyed his recruiting visit to BYU, adding the Indoor Practice facility and the overall quality of football facilities blew him away. "Man, the Indoor Practice facility is awesome. Everything is first-rate at BYU. Hopefully, I can do my best to help them offensively."

Riley is fully aware of BYU's offensive struggles the past two seasons, but feels he can help. "Crowton knows how to coach. He's had great and explosive offenses in the past. He just needs the right players. I feel that I'm the type of player that can help him do what he wants to do offensively."

Riley was originally offered a mid-year scholarship that would allow him to enroll in January and participate in spring ball. However, that is no longer the case and he won't have a scholarship until fall as a result of a player not graduating when anticipated.

"I'm bummed about that. I really wanted to be in school and participate in spring ball. Maybe I can still swing it. I want to get down there as soon as possible. I'll definitely be there during the summer to get going."

Riley was on his BYU visit with another Cougar commit Michael Morris and had this to say about his future teammate. "He's a great guy. Looks like a great athlete. He's real intense; sort of quiet, but I liked him. You could just tell that he was a good ballplayer. I'm excited to play with him."

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