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After a six-week sabbatical, <b>BluNotes</b> is back and hopefully better than ever (toot toot). Like many fans, I would love to forget this past football season, but I feel I should do my part to make some sense of it all. One of the benefits of sports fanaticism, of which I suffer accutely from, is the ability to keep the train rolling from season to season, sport to sport.

If there are two teams or individuals competing in an event, I am there. During my medically-induced hiatus, I found myself watching the curling world championships. 10-to-1 that at least 50 percent of readers have no idea what Curling is. Here's a clue: Ice, round stones with handles and lots of brooms. If the world of arctic shuffleboard doesn't whet your appetite, consider yourself lucky to be spared this most troublesome addiction.

Now that I am back on the train with Grand Funk Railroad grinding out – we're an American Band – and with basketball season in full swing thanks to the BYU's Brazilian Beast, BluNotes rocks on ...

As usual, we start off with voices from the ACC. Florida State's teegee shows his understanding of how things work not only at BYU, but at other prominent programs.

"Ex BYU q/b Robbie Bosco, who took them to their only NC, is out as q/b coach at BYU. Moved to fund raising and joins the ranks of Pat Dye and others at Auburn in a western branch of unemployeds but employed."

Western Branch? Heck, teegee, The up and to the left front office runs right through Provo.


The Seminole's very own Bendit is blinded by the mighty church of the BCS. Refusing to entertain heretical thoughts, he voices his support of what has to be the most pathetic fantasy since cold fusion.

"I agree with Bret. The BCS didn't do anything wrong. It instituted a playoff system; it's just that it's a two-team playoff. Before the BCS, there was no assurance that the top 2 teams even had a prayer of playing each other. What was revealed this year is that there are three teams, each one as deserving as the other two.

Say what you like about other sports; there are none that have as few games in a regular season that spans four months already. As for me, I still favour a system that tries to award the MNC to the team that's had the best season, not just the one who got hot at the end of the year. I'd be okay with a four-team playoff, but any more than that is insulting to the top teams who had the best regular seasons.

What I think would be foolish is to go back to solely the human polls which were (and still are) fraught with regional favouritism and lack of knowledge about all the teams. Never forget about BYU winning the national championship because voters felt they had to award it to the only undefeated team."

Bendit seems to want to bend the truth behind what is a gross mismanagement of NCAA Div I football. Sure, the BCS didn't do anything wrong, accept adopt a system of exclusivity. Involved computer nerds who know nothing about how the game is played and what it takes to be No. 1, sell their soul to the highest bidding television network, which happens to be Disneyland.

Well, Bendit, when you need an E-ticket to enjoy an A-ticket ride, you are marketing yourself out of contention. Stay tuned, my friend, for the sports network wars that could follow upon renewal of the BCS contract. Fox, NBC and CBS et al are not going to stand by indefinitely – especially when certain areas of the southwest and mountain states are quickly becoming burgeoning television markets.

Oh, regarding BYU's national championship in 1984, it is as mythically enchanting as every NC since they instituted one at this level. So FSU is living in fantasy land along with the rest. Say Hi to Mickey for me, will you. It has been awhile since I travelled to Anaheim.


I guess the respect shown by Georgia Tech players has waned in light of the coming bowl season. Georgia Bulldog supporter UGAOzz found this quaint little tidbit from an online Yellow Jacket Humanitarian Bowl diary.

"A day in the Life of a Georgia Tech Football Player.

7:05 a.m. – During jumping jacks, I lean over and ask Reggie, Why are we playing Tulsa way out here in the cold? He replied, because the refs robbed us in the BYU and Duke games. Good point. SEC Refs are always trying to screw us!"

Yeah, sure, that's the ticket. SEC Refs got a thing against Georgia Tech. Hmmmm, I guess you are stuck with lowly Tulsa playing on blue turf because your team couldn't beat BYU or Duke. Don't be surprised if Tulsa adds to your misery. By the way, Tulsa's coach Kragthorpe has ties to BYU. Isn't it amazing, that no matter where you turn, BYU is somewhere lurking in the shadows to bite you in the rear. If you don't believe me, ask USC.


NCStates wolfpakfan17 senses must be dulled as he belittles his basketball program's schedule:

"How could anyone become numb with the thrilling UW-Milwaukee game this weekend. I can't wait to watch a solid no-name team give us fits. I know they watched the tapes of our last two years and can hold us scoreless for at least 15 minutes. But hey, there is BYU and Hartford on the horizon, it's so exciting I just take it anymore! and every year with this -scheme- of playing crappy ball."

I guess wolfpakfan would like to be 3-3 instead of 5-1 right now. Sure, you have started off with a few cupcakes, but that has helped your team. The Wolf pack has a hot South Carolina, a strong Virginia team, and a capable N.C Wilmington squad on the docket before BYU comes into town. Now if you really wish to be numb, just come to that game, because Rafael Araujo and company will shut N.C State down in their own house. Don't expect Jordan (foul out master) Collins to help you in the middle as he is still dealing with academic issues, and freshman token big man Simons is not the answer to the Rafa question.


Georgia Tech fan b>Bonham using a classic Crowtonism to open mouth and insert foot.

Ga Tech (6-6) In Bowl, Northern Illinois (10-2) Staying

Georgia Tech

8/28 at BYU 9/6 Auburn 9/13 at Florida St 9/20 Clemson 9/27 at Vanderbilt 10/4 NC State 10/11 at Wake Forest 10/23 Maryland 11/8 at Duke 11/15 North Carolina 11/22 at Virginia 11/29 Georgia

Northern Illinois

8/28 Maryland 9/6 Tenn Tech 9/20 at Alabama 9/27 Iowa State 10/4 Ohio 10/11 at Central Mich 10/18 Western Mich 10/25 at B Green 11/1 Ball State 11/8 at Buffalo 11/15 at Toledo 11/22 Eastern Mich

You don't think GT could have gone 10-2 with NIU's schedule? There's something to be said about quality of teams played.

That's like saying that State b-ball didn't deserve to go to the NCAA tournament last year because there was some mid-major scrub that had 25 wins and got left out."

Shades of Air Force rising here. Maybe Bonham you could learn from BYU head coach Gary Crowton on what not to say out loud in public concerning schedule comparison. Be careful what you wish for.


It just pains many Sooner fans that they couldn't grab the Wildcat by the tail. Oklahoma's Boomer69 tries to divert attention from his own teams inadequacies by railing on the controversial 1984 NC.

"Pac-10 Commissioner want SOS amended...

You're right, BoomerBacker. There are plenty of examples of the failings of the purely -Human Polls- but the best evidence, I think, is 1984 where both the writers and coaches gave 13-0 BYU the title since they beat everyone they played.

Only four of the 13 teams they beat had winning records, and the best of those was Air Force at 8-4!! They beat Michigan in the Holiday Bowl, and MU finished 6-6.

That shows the Human Polls are biased, worthless by themselves, and the SOS was (is) a necessary component. BYU wasn't even a Top-10 team yet got the title.

The weakest cry the loudest."

The Human Polls are biased? Yes Boomer, it was a real love fest in 1984. Everyone just couldn't get enough of BYU. Please come down off your pedestal. BYU was the only undefeated team that year, and unlike today, Div. I was considered an equal playing field as it should be.

The term mid-major didn't exist, and the old school media understood that talent could be found anywhere in the U.S. at the top level. Get over yourself, and the fact your program got schooled by a Kansas State team who, according to your logic, hasn't really played anybody. I mean Troy State, McNeese State and Massachusetts don't really excite you, and losing to a team that couldn't beat a second place Marshall at home doesn't deserve much. Of course the mighty Sooners got waxed by this same team in their own house. What was that you said? The weakest cry the loudest. Would you like some tissue, my friend?


SoonerDachshund must be related to Barry Switzer considering the venom in which he attacks the Mountain West Conference.

"OU-OSU Comparison (Non-Conference Schedule)

That's a pathetic and embarrassing OOC schedule. Not one of those teams will be NCAA bound. Maybe BYU, as any one of those moronic Mountain West teams can win their pathetic, loser tournament. -Will you please expand the field to 65 teams so that our tourney can count?- Shut up and go lose in the first round of tournament you buffoons. And OSU is drooling like Igor over their neo-rivalries w/ Colorado State and BYU. OSU is a piece of boiling hot feces and they are a pack of pig gropers. They are a bunch of orange clad Tate Pittmans with bovines as the object of their obsession."

Hey Weinerdog, when five of your 11 opponents have a Sagarin below 240, you don't have too much wiggle room. Sure you played Michigan State and Purdue and will play UConn, but you speak too soon if you think that Arkansas isn't tourney bound.

As far as your disdain for the MWC is concerned, you are more than welcome to encourage the Sooners to show up at the Marriot Center. As far as the 65 team expansion adjustment, use your head for more than keeping your ears from touching each other. If you honestly believe the MWC tourney shouldn't be considered for an automatic bid you know nothing about basketball. The WAC was not given its usual automatic bid when they lost eight teams to the MWC conference. The NCAA understood the dilemma and correctly adjusted the tournament to make room for a new conference with established regional basketball powers. Wouldn't it be nice if Oklahoma met BYU in the big dance. Sorry Dachshund, enjoy your season while it lasts. The Sooners are a one-dimensional team with no inside game. Heaven forbid if Oklahoma meets up with a true defensive team.

I know your opponent Eastern Washington is a big sky powerhouse, but when they hold the Sooners to 69 points and than allow South Carolina State, Denver, Washington and CSU Fullerton to score more (Denver even lost), there is little room to belittle.


Oklahoma States poorpoke expresses feelings on the man that is Rafael Araujo.

How long has it been since we've had a true center? ... He's tough, all right. Wish we had him!

Don't feel so bad, poorpoke, by March your sentiment will be shared by many, many more.


Obviously Texas Tech fans are still high on football since the Red Raiders are on their way to Houston to play Navy in a bowl game. RafterFan1 can afford to indulge in his opinion.

"Is there anything in football prettier than a game, in the mountains, on a grass field, with snow falling? BYU vs BSU the other night, now AF vs Utah today."

All I can say to RafterFan is, isn't it wonderful you can sit in your warm living room enjoying such beauty. Trust me when I say that there was nothing beautiful about the BSU game, at least from a Cougar point of view. You may have enjoyed the view, but for those of us in Provo, it only left us cold.


Well respect hasn't been completely irradicated from the hearts of those in BCS land. Boston College's eagle06 takes issue with a fellow fan who believes B.C. is mediocre.

BC is mediocre at BEST. BC is a low rent Bowl Program. Mediocre is 6-6 every year and a winter spent at home. Good but not great is 7-5 to 9-3. We're good but not great. And frankly I'm happy with that. We're a small private Catholic school in an area that has very sparse D-1A football talent in a climate that isn't great at all with academic standards that prevent us from recruiting many players. I have no problem with that. How many small religious universities can claim the type of success we've had over the last few years? BYU is a lot bigger than us and they stink. ND is bigger than us and they stink. Very few other schools our size even play D-1A ball, much less at the level we do.

We may stink, but just the admission of an east coast fan about a school like Boston College being much smaller than BYU sends a chill down my spine. What would be even better would be if BYU can right the ship and we can not only be bigger than Boston College, but better.


The Fighting Irish is in the doldrums with BYU, but they are a bit better, and will have to stink it up next season in order to be where the Cougars are now. Regardless, SillyOlBear peels back a fresh scab on Cougardom, and it hurts.

" ...There have been 2 mid-majors that were undefeated at the end of the season: 98' 13-0 Tulane (beat BYU in bowl game) and 99' 13-0 Marshall (beat BYU in bowl game). The playoff would have to have been a 16-team playoff in order for #11 Tulane and #12 Marshall to have made the playoffs..."

A playoff sounds nice, but mid-majors using BYU as a punching bag to take their frustrations out on not getting into a better bowl is a scary trend. Let us hope these last two seasons act as some sort of cleansing catharsis and that BYU rises like a Phoenix from the ashes. If Crowton doesn't square things in 2004, we might only be left with the ashes.


Ohio State fan PhxBuckeye asks a controversial question.

"I don't understand why everyone is giving USC so much credit for what they've done the past two seasons. Norm Chow and BYU ran the same offensive system for years and never got any credit. Whenever BYU QBs put up big numbers everyone always said it was the system, same for their receivers. So why are SCs kids getting so much credit?"

Well Phx, it is called the Disney syndrome. Once Disney owned ABC/ESPN began its affair with the BCS, six college football conference hostages in turn fell in love with their captors. Now they all live happily together with Mickey and Donald Duck in Fantasy Land. Seriously, the appropriate answer to your question is that it was a combination of both. The system and the kids in the system. The best system in the world can be rendered lifeless if the kids cannot execute.


I guess things are worse in Happy Valley East as Joe Paterno seems determined to take his job with him beyond the veil. Fanman1 breathes a sigh of relief as Happy Valley West passes on their favourite JC recruit.

"BYU Receives QB Verbal...Not Southwick..... Hope this helps us with Danny."

Rest easy, Fanman, Danny was never on the radar regardless of what popular rumours that ran rampant in Provo. Yes, BYU was interested in Danny's sidekick receiver, but Danny boy isn't the answer to the Cougar question. I hate to tell you this, but he isn't the answer to the Lions problems either. I don't think Southwick is ready to play with the big cats. Don't be surprised if he returns to a more docile environment such as the northwest to swim with the Beavers.


Nittany Lion fan MarshCreek can't help but take a shot at BYU with this rather mundane comment.

"BYU Just Fired Their QB Coach ... Wasn't Bosco the QB that was there when BYU was awarded that bogus nat'l championship?"

Hmmm, Marsh, you might want to go back to gigging amphibious grub, because if you wish to talk about bogus, we can begin with the first National Championship and on. BTW, you shouldn't sound so bitter. Your team is 3-9 this year. You know that means it can't get any worse. Oh, wait a minute, I am sorry, I forgot that Mr. Paterno has explained the administration will have to pry the HC job from his cold rigor mortised hands. Looking at his demeanor on the field, you might not have long to wait.


Now I know that BYU has been going through a tough spot recently, but it amazes me what some fans are dealing with. Idaho supporter OldVandal is already planning smack for next season.

"BEAT BSU!!! BEAT BSU!!! BEAT BSU!!! BEAT BSU!!! I've already got bets on it. As a matter of fact, I have bets on the fact that they will go 0-3 in their first three games! UI - OSU - BYU (I think)"

Ahem, OldVandal, do you hear me? I hope so, because you are NUTS!!! I suggest you go and visit the department of statistics at Idaho (if they have one) and ask a professor there to do a regression analysis using the past three seasons as the data. Let him explain the results to you and maybe you will understand that making such a bet now is foolhardy. Oh well, as much as I love the idea of BYU taking it to BSU next year, it pains me to see fans setting themselves up for serious failure.


Houston's CougarMikeMc talks the smack on behalf of his C-USA brother TCU.

Now I see why TCU declined the GMAC!

Did anyone else watch the MAC Championship game tonight? Ben Roeth. looks like the real deal! I think he will be a top QB in 2 years!

He threw for 444 yards & 4 tds! After seeing what Kolb & Co. did to them, I can see why TCU was skewered to play Miami (OH)!

I guess they didn't want to go all out BYU style!"

All I can say, Mike, is ouch. Please take the knife out of my back on the way out the door. BYU's debacle in Detroit still makes me queasy. It is interesting to say the least just how good some of the top MAC programs are.


California's Bear Devil gets cute in answering a BYU fans speculation on whether Nick Longshore's little brother might jump the Golden Bear ship to come and play in Provo.

"We already gave you Holmoe back, don't get greedy: I'm still relieved Cal was able to stay within 20 points of that mighty BYU hoops juggernaut. Please tell me BYU isn't planning on making Holmoe an AD after he landed a team on probation and had an abysmal record as a head coach? Is Chow the next BYU football coach after Crowton gets fired? Best of luck to the older Longshore at BYU. Hope he gets to see his younger brother play for Cal in several bowl games..."

No, we are not greedy BD, we are giddy at the idea of another QB to add to our carousel. LDS doctrine deals with building quorums, and that might be what our HC is up to: A quorum of QBs. We are half-way there. No, Holmoe isn't A.D, and I don't think he will be one, but in all reality BD, he would make an excellent AD. The probation issue was more due to ignorance than to malicious intent, and, yes, he failed to bring California out of the Pac-10 basement. Definitely administrative material, regardless. As far as Chow is concerned, he will not coach at BYU because he will not be invited. If Crowton gets fired, look east for possible candidates.


Calfanz tries to sober up his fellow Golden Bears with a revealing analysis to the state of collegiate athletics in the west.

Face Facts.

The Pac10 is falling and the MWC is progressive and growing. They have better TV contracts, and good syndications. They have franckly dominated the pac10 in basketball the last 2 years, and are approaching us in football.

Unless we FIRE TOM HANSEN, and get with the new millennium the MWC will kick our butts on and off the field."

To all the Cougar fans who insist we jump at the chance of getting in the Pac-10 should it expand, I say in agreement with Calfanz, NO! I have never been a supporter of this idea for many reasons.

I say that there are two alternatives for BYU, and they are:

1. Join the Big XII upon receiving an invite. Our schools philosophy jibes much better with midwestern USA, and recruiting advantages in new areas far exceed the advantages of strengthening existing recruiting areas like California and Washington.

2. Stay in the MWC, and take advantage of the tightest regionalism in the nation to cut costs by setting up bowls within the region, improve talent and create a financial pearl over the next 5 or 6 years that makes it impossible for the establishment to ignore. The second idea is my preference. We may end up in a realignment nightmare that costs the school more money if we jump ship too early. There is nothing that says we are not looking at 96 Div IA schools in four years time. That translates into eight twelve team conferences and a playoff.


Washington States WSUFreak gets fellow Cougars up to speed on the state of Linebacking in Pullman. "...Linebackers: Other than tight end, this may be our most loaded position. We will lose starters Al Genatone and Donnie Jackson, but have multiple kids waiting behind them for the chance to show what they can do. Returning will be All-World Junior Will Derting, getting All-Pac honours this year. Also coming back is Senior Pat Bennett (the pride of Forks) and Sophomores Scott Davis, Steve Dildine and Brian Hall. Unfortunately Junior-to-be Aaron Wagner has decided to transfer to BYU citing differences in attitude. ..."

Hmmm, I wonder what the attitude differences consist of. Pullman is a hole where there is nothing to do except get drunk and chase co-eds (sounds like most campus cultures). Man, it would be fun to play Washington State in two years when Aaron would be eligible to play for us. Of course, your offence would sputter because Bronco Mendenhall's Mountain Mayhem defense would kick Washington State up the Wazzou.


Boise State fan IFBronc is almost childlike in his amazement of BYU basketball's Rafael Araujo

"BYU beats good team

BYU's #55 did the same thing to Okla. St. that he did to us. 32 points, 17 rebounds. The Cowboys didn't have an answer for him either."

Hey IFB, isn't that neato? Holy hang time, Broncman, Rafa just boarded a plane; no, really he boarded a plane. Get used to this IFB. ESPN will make Rafa a household word before this season is over.


Well, it is nice to be back, and with a vengeance. I look forward to basketball season as the Cougars are definitely setting themselves up for a banner year.

Coach Cleveland feels they are maybe halfway to where they want to be. Imagine how scary it will be when they are all the way where he wants them to be. Cleveland is a master, and he will make sure, come tournament time, that BYU jams the monkey off their back.

Until then, BluNotes extends a high five to our Cougars.

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