Gary Crowton that may determine where he plays his remaining college years."> Gary Crowton that may determine where he plays his remaining college years.">

Crowton's Call Could Swing Todd Watkins to BYU

One of the country's most coveted junior college wide receivers is waiting for a phone call "sometime today" from BYU head coach <b>Gary Crowton</b> that may determine where he plays his remaining college years.

Todd Watkins, a 6-3, 182-pound, First-Team JC All-American from Grossmont Junior College with 4.28 forty speed, told that "I'm actually waiting on Coach Crowton sometime today to see what the (BYU) rules are on hair length is because I've had my corn rows (braids) for two years now.

Knowledgeable BYU sources told TBS today the university's only limitation would be the length of corn rows or braids in the back. "Students are allowed to wear them as long as they aren't too long in the back."

Asked what if Crowton's response was favorable for him, he said, "That would almost, but not quite, do it for me" in terms of whether he would sign as a mid-year transfer to BYU. "I do want to make it (decision) before I head up to the Rose Bowl to check my brother out, Watkins said.

(His brother Travis Watkins, a redshirt junior offensive guard for the Trojans, has been a spot role player at USC. The No. 1 ranked Trojans play No. 4 ranked Michigan on New Year's Day.)

Watkins also confirmed his teammate Joe Griffin, another All-Star receiver also being recruited by the Cougars, "is definitely leaning to BYU. From what I've heard, he's pretty much decided on BYU."

Attempts by TBS to contact Griffin today were unsuccessful. However, Watkins added that having Griffin on the same team again would be a "big plus" as far as his decision on where he will sign. Watkins can sign a Letter of Intent immediately to play for any Division I college. He will also be eligible to participate in spring practice. Griffin cannot officially sign with any school until Feb. 4 at the earliest.

The somewhat optimistic news from Watkins is buoyed by news today that another standout wide receiver who had committed to BYU, Riley Weber, has received confirmation of a mid-year scholarship rather than a fall scholarship. He is eligible to enroll next week in Provo.

Watkins said he is torn between Kansas State, Oregon State, BYU and two other schools he has not yet visited – Hawaii (Jan. 11) and San Diego State (Jan. 2), "but I'm not sure I'm going to hold out that long."

Aware that classes for winter semester begin next week, Watkins noted his main, overriding consideration in selecting his next college home for two years "is definitely a place I can get some exposure and the opportunity to play right away. It's still somewhat up in the air. Because of his experience at USC, my brother (Travis) told me, ‘You need to go to a place where you're going to play right away.'"

Watkins added that, "I like what Coach Crowton is trying to do in throwing the ball. He told me that I'll have a chance to come in, catch a lot of balls and make a lot of plays. That's all you can ask for. He's never promised me a starting spot. I appreciate his honesty."

He further noted that "BYU has a big-time schedule and that's definitely a factor," referring to the Cougars upcoming games next season against USC, Notre Dame, Stanford and other excellent programs.

The fleet-footed athlete was described today in an article by publisher, Kevin Lustgarten, that "(One) could argue that he is the most talented athlete in the land. (He) led the Foothill Conference in placekicking points and is, without a doubt, among the top receivers in California. Burned rubber last spring at's SoCal Combine with fastest forty time (4.28)."

Concluding he was still uncommitted, he added "There's no one that's really stepped out at me, so far." Of the schools he has visited, he pointed out that Kansas State has a "great winning tradition; Oregon State "definitely has a great coaching staff plus they play in the Pac-10; "at BYU, I can come in and be an impact player right away."

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