Dixie's Star Receiver Travis Brown Commits to BYU

Yet another -- and the last -- of the big-time junior college wide receivers BYU was pursuing verbally committed today to play for the Cougars next fall, <b>TotalBlueSports.com</b> has learned.

With a swagger and statement total blue sports fans will relish, Travis Brown, Dixie State College's all-star receiver said, "I don't want to be just part of the rotation and contribute. I want to be ‘THE guy.' I don't hope to be the main guy. I know I will be the main guy in their offense. I know that sounds cocky, or whatever, but that is how I feel."

The 5-11, 180 pound receiver was actually on the phone with BYU assistant Paul Tidwell when TBS called for a timely follow up. "Can you call back, I'm on the phone now with Coach Tidwell," he said.

Brown said he chose BYU over Penn State and Utah, even though he still plans on taking recruiting trips to Utah Jan. 9 and Penn State on Jan. 16.

"I'm going to BYU unless something earth-shattering happens on those trips. My mind is made up and they'd have to show me, big time, some other stuff to sway me, but I doubt it will happen. I fully intend on playing for BYU this coming season."

He said BYU head coach Gary Crowton's wide-open offense was the main reason. "Crowton throws the ball and that's what I like. I want to be part of an offense that throws it around 40-50 times a game. It's an offense I know I can thrive in."

Despite the last two consecutive losing seasons at BYU, Brown is confident Crowton will turn it around. "The problem was no consistency in the passing game and I can help with that. I know they're bringing in a lot of other guys, so that's cool (referring to other top-notch JC commits in Todd Watkins, Michael Morris, Riley Weber and Joe Griffin)."

Brown noted that BYU plans to use him in the slot position and that he can help them stretch the field. "I have legit 4.4 speed. I know a lot of recruits tell you that and they're exaggerating, but mine is legit. I can beat people downfield, catch passes across the middle -- whatever they want."

He added BYU's new facilities were also a key factor in his decision. "Man, those facilities are nice. Definitely the nicest I've seen. Any program willing to invest that sort of money in their facilities is someone I want to play for."

Brown will come to BYU after signing and playing with Oregon State for one season before he transferred to Dixie with former Beaver quarterback Danny Southwick. Southwick, a Provo product, signed with BYU out of high school, but left straight for an LDS mission. After his missionary service, he opted to transfer to Oregon State because BYU appeared loaded with quarterbacks.

He said Oregon State wasn't a good fit for either him or Southwick, adding he's glad he transferred to Dixie. "It worked out well for me. I was able to show what I had and excel in their offense. I now have two years at BYU to prove myself to NFL scouts and others and I plan on taking advantage of that – to help the team while I help myself."

His teammate Southwick will stay at Dixie another year, but he said BYU could very well be in his plans after next season. "Me and Danny are really tight and it would be great to play with him again. I know he loves Provo and the area, so hopefully he'll be able to play here."

Although he won't be able to enroll until next fall semester, he intends on getting started with the team much sooner. "The day I'm finished here at Dixie, I'm heading to Provo to get started. I know some people there I can stay with and I'll be practicing with the team all summer long. I'll study the playbook and everything so I can be best prepared to accomplish my goals next season."

When asked what his lofty goals were, Brown responded, "I'm going to be their (BYU's) go-to guy they can count on; the guy they look for in tough situations. The coaches haven't made me any promises and they shouldn't, but I know that I will be the go-to guy in their offense."

These fighting words couldn't sound any sweeter to the ears of the Cougar faithful.

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