Josh Hargis has Illinois and BYU Atop His List

A part-Samoan, 6-3, 180 pound defensive back prospect from Palomar Junior College (Calif.) -- with 11 interceptions (two for touchdowns) and one blocked field goal last season -- is contemplating firm offers from Wyoming, San Jose State, Temple and New Mexico, among other schools, but BYU and Illinois stand out as the most likely suitors.

Josh Hargis, who is not LDS, told today, that "I'd probably say Illinois and BYU are on the top of my list right now."

Hargis, a 2003 1st Team All-California All-American, has visited Wyoming and Temple and will visit Provo this weekend with a trip to Illinois next weekend. "I just want to see what both BYU and Illinois have to offer; see them up close. I just like what those two schools have to offer. I'll go a lot by just how I feel when I visit those two schools."

Hargis, whose mother is Samoan, said playing for a school that is recognized nationally is big on his agenda. "I want to get my name out there and BYU and Illinois are the two schools with the most national recognition. They're both good programs and that's why they're on top of my list right now."

Hargis' contact with BYU has been primarily with defensive coaches (Brian) Mitchell and (Steve) Kaufusi. "They're great guys. They are the type of guys I'd like to play for in college."

His uncle (mother's brother), Frank Kose, who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was like a substitute father to former Nebraska Husker Manaia Brown, contacted Brown over the holidays to "take care" of his nephew during his upcoming BYU visit. He confirmed his nephew was "leaning" to BYU.

Hargis, with his 6-3 size and 4.4 speed, said he played cornerback for Palomar, but is being recruited as both a safety and a cornerback by most schools. "I like corner, but I'll play safety if that's what is best for me. I know I can play. I just want to get out there.

"I can be physical with my size and still keep up with anybody with my speed. I just want to go to the best place where I can showcase those skills. BYU and Illinois are those two places, from what I can tell thus far."

Hargis says he is still considering Wyoming, Temple and San Jose State, but noted he would really have to be "turned off" by BYU and Illinois on his official trips for him not to attend both schools.

"I'm just excited to get to Provo this weekend. I've heard some great stuff and I want to check it out firsthand. The same goes for Illinois. I'll probably decide soon after I get back from Illinois, but not until then. It's a huge decision, so I'm not going to rush it or anything."

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