Brown "100% Committed to BYU;" Cancels Visits

Dixie State College's star receiver who committed to BYU several weeks ago, but still planned recruiting trips to Utah and Penn State has canceled those visits, <b></b> has learned.

Travis Brown, who was scheduled to visit Utah this weekend, reaffirmed his commitment with BYU after speaking with Cougar assistant coach Paul Tidwell and his father. "I canceled my trips to Utah and Penn State. It was the right thing to do," Brown said.

Brown said he reached his decision after talking to his father extensively on what the word ‘commitment' means. "My father just told me that either I'm committed or I'm not. He taught me about what the word ‘commitment' means and what it means to be a man. I'm committed to BYU, so going on other trips isn't necessary."

He added his father further encouraged him to follow through with what he told Cougar coaches. "My father just told me that BYU is the place I need to be. They have a great communications program, which is what I want to go into. ‘It's a great environment and the football program is best suited for you,'" he said.

Contacted by TBS today, Brown feels very good now about his decision, "It's great. I wanted to visit those schools and see what they had. Not having to now and just standing pat 100% with my decision to sign with BYU feels great. That's what the word ‘commitment' means, as my father explained to me.

"Either you're with a school 100% or you're not. If you're still considering other options, even one tiny bit, then you are not committed. I'm 100% committed to BYU. It's a great program and a great school. I can't wait to get up there and to get going."

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