Football, the "King of Sports" at BYU

Despite the significant improvement and revitalization of the Cougar basketball program, football still remains the undisputed "King of Sports" at BYU.

Many TBS (True Blue Sports) fans are far less interested in other sports. Basketball is definitely an exciting No. 2, but for many it simply passes the time until BYU takes the field in its Sept. 4 season opener against national champion (Associated Press) USC.

Indeed, the anxious anticipation Cougar gridiron fans look forward to now is awaiting Letter of Intent (LOI) day on Feb. 4, which unofficially sets up the march toward the spring football mini-season.

What has BYU got to look forward to this spring?

"We're pleased to have these young men join our program. In our recruiting, we are working to improve the overall strength of our team. We feel like these young men will be able to help us do that, and will compliment the players we have in our program," head coach Gary Crowton told the campus newspaper about the addition of six mid-year junior college transfers that includes a highly-touted quarterback, linebacker, offensive lineman and three exciting wide receiver standouts.

Intentional or not, Crowton noted his desire and attempt to "improve the overall strength of our team" and there is no question he has done so with immediate-impact type players for his woeful offense.

A cursory review of the newly committed and enrolled athletes confirms five proven JC receivers are headed to Provo, with possibly one more from the high school ranks. An experienced JC quarterback was signed as insurance because of the injury fiasco BYU suffered last year when the top two were sidelined with broken bones in their hands and the Cougars ended up with a walk-on, former scout team QB as the starter in the all-important Utah-BYU rivalry game.

It all comes down to how soon Crowton can right the tilting ship of his offensive woes. The Cougar defense seems to be in great shape and the anxious expectation of most fans are that better days are on the near horizon for BYU football, the undisputed "King of Sports" at BYU.

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