Ealy Sits on Three Offers Despite Rushing Records

A record-setting Colorado running back visiting BYU next weekend turned a lot of heads last season when he scored a staggering 10 touchdowns in a single game (two called back for penalties), but that has inexplicably not opened the flood gate of college scholarship offers.

Patrick Ealy, a 5-9, 190 pounder from South Denver High School with 4.38 40 speed, rushed for more than 1,800 yards, with an 11.7 yard per carry average with 410 yards receiving out of the backfield.

Ealy admitted he had never heard of BYU until Cougar coaches offered him a scholarship offer. "I'm excited (about his upcoming recruiting trip), but I don't know what to expect, really. I am looking forward to it."

"I don‘t really know much about BYU. When they first offered me, I was like, ‘Who is this school?' But I'll have fun," said Ealy. "I'm gonna check it out and see what's up."

After a quick BYU football history lesson, Ealy replied, "Steve Young went to Brigham Young? Hey, that's nice, I like that."

As impressive as his offensive stats are, Ealy said BYU is apparently recruiting him as a defensive player, a proposition he isn't fond of right now.

"Coach Mitchell, their cornerback coach, is recruiting me and I think they want me as a cornerback. He said I'm an athlete and if I can prove that I can handle the punishment of being a running back in college, then I can play running back.

"But I don't like playing defense. I hate hitting people. I'm a good hitter and I can tackle well, but I don't like playing defense. I like running the ball and breaking tackles and scoring, breaking records and stuff. On offense, all I gotta do is depend on my offensive line and the quarterback. I mean, I never depended on my receivers blocking for me downfield and I can catch the ball out of the backfield," Ealy continued.

He added, "I want to get my speed down even more in college. Maybe 4.3 or 4.2, or something around there." Despite his on-the-field successes, BYU is one of only three Division I schools to offer him – BYU, North Carolina and New Mexico. "There are some others looking at me too but that‘s about it. My father (Will Ealy) wants me to stay here (Colorado) and go to college here, but I want to get away."

Ealy noted also that "my defensive coach is trying to get a job at Troy State. He's taking a highlight film to them this week, and now Wyoming, their coaches, are asking about me. They were interested, then they weren't, but now that I've got my GPA, up they're asking about me again."

He is currently playing basketball on his high school team which has turned out to be a disappointing experience thus far. "We would be losing and I would be like, ‘Where's the heart at?' I just get tired of these guys playing with no heart," said Ealy.

"We're 3-4 right now and I get sick of sitting on the bench when some of these guys are showing up late and not doing all they can. Man, if I acted like this during football, coach (Ryan) Mullaney would chew me out good and my butt would be sitting out. This wouldn't be happening."

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