Tyrone Jackson a Shooting Star on BYU's Radar

The main attribute one of BYU's top 2004 basketball prospects brings to the table as a scoring and emotional team leader is a 54-3 two-season record – and this season's not done yet – as an immediate impact JC player "with the ability to take over a game if I need to."

Tyrone Jackson, a 6-2, 195-pound point guard star, is currently averaging 24 points, seven assists, six rebounds and four steals for Fresno City College coach Vance Walberg.

"Without a doubt, Tyrone is the most highly recruited player since I've been here (two years), Coach Walberg said, adding that, "Whatever school gets him is going to be very lucky. He just has the ability to find a way to win. Tyrone just hates to lose. He's a top-notch competitor."

Jackson was last year's MVP for the Central Valley Conference and co-MVP for the All-California team as a freshman.

"I've coached Travis since he was a fifth grader at Clovis West Elementary and High School. I know what kind of competitor he is." So does Arizona, Connecticut, Washington, San Diego State, Maryland, BYU and a number of other programs also recruiting Jackson.

Jackson told TotalBlueSports.com today that "BYU is in my top six with UConn, Washington, San Diego State, Arizona and Maryland. I know the (BYU) coaching staff and like them. They win a lot of games."

BYU head coach Steve Cleveland visited Jackson during the preseason last September. He added that SDSU's Steve Fisher has also visited with him. With his 24-1 team still in season, he has not yet scheduled recruiting trips.

"What I'm looking for is a good coaching staff and a good program. They're (BYU) a good team. I just want to have fun wherever I go," Jackson said, noting one of the negatives about BYU would be living far away and a different living style, like the women thing" (a reference to the Cougars' stringent Honor Code).

Coach Walberg, who replaced Cleveland as Clovis West High coach, has been coaching at FCC two years, the same junior college Cleveland coached at before his appointment at BYU.

"Steve's a very good friend of mine and a very good offensive coach. He's as classy as they come. I also coached his sons Casey and Skyler at Clovis West. You're not going to find a better family man than him.

"We play an up-tempo style and we average 106 point per game. I think, for Tyrone, that it's going to come down to who he really thinks will be a good fit for him."

Jackson said the only colleges that have offered scholarships so far are Connecticut, San Diego State and Washington.

When asked what he felt his biggest strength or asset as a player, he said, "I get everyone involved in the game, but I can take over a game if I need to. I have that ability."

Meanwhile, Jackson and Coach Walberg are more concerned right now with winning the California State JC Championship. "I feel we should be back in the state championship game this year," Jackson concluded.

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