Harris' "Boring" Trip "Way Better than Expected

The young man traveled from South Garland (Texas) to Provo (Utah) with his grandmother last Friday for the first of several official college recruiting trips expecting "it to be kind of boring." It was anything but.

Instead, the trip "was way better than I thought it would be. I was surprised," wide receiver prospect Antwaun Harris, said, adding he received the scholarship offer he was hoping for Saturday from BYU head coach Gary Crowton.

Harris was accompanied on the Provo visit by his quarterback teammate Jordan Reever (see separate TotalBlueSports.com story).

"The funnest part of the trip was the snowmobiling and meeting the coaches. My grandmother and I meet with Coach Crowton for about 30 minutes alone. He said I (playing style) reminded him of Troy Edwards, his receiver at Louisiana Tech" – now a standout wide receiver for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars.

"I liked his character. He was upfront. He talked a lot about life and not only football. I was really impressed with him."

His grandmother, Faye Harris, added: "He (Crowton) told us what he expected of Antwaun and what the school stood for. I like that he's family oriented. He understands how to take care of kids, from little ones (Crowton has seven children from ages 1 to 16) to teenagers. The trip was better than I expected to be truthful. I really liked the atmosphere of the campus," she said.

Mrs. Harris, who raised Antwaun from birth with his solo mother, Velonda, noted, "I like BYU's philosophy and the emphasis they (BYU) put on family and education; that's the way I am. I think it's a terrific school. The people I met were real nice and friendly."

As for her grandson, Mrs. Harris simply added, "I want him to be happy wherever he goes. He was real excited about the trip. I just want my grandson to do well, choose well and get a good education."

She said she accompanied the recruits on their campus tour. "The facilities are first rate. I told them they have some things better than the pros. Provo is a beautiful city, nice and clean."

Antwaun has scheduled other recruiting trips to Texas Christian next weekend; Wyoming on Jan. 23 and Kansas on Jan. 30. "More than likely I'll take all my trips, but I might commit early."

He did not indicate where or to whom he might commit "early" to.

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