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Our insatiable appetite for football isn't lost on the rest of the NCAA. Fans from all over haven't really discovered that BYU is, after all, a basketball school and has been since the 1940s when BYU was running a highly ranked program nationally.

Ever since the Reid debacle, BYU fans have been gorging on football as a means to sustain the sports junky appetites in Happy Valley. Now, that our football Cougars seem to be walking through the valley of death (TIC), attention is slowly turning to our schools strength on the hard court ...

Hoops, there it is! In Utah, absolutely; for the rest of the nation, not really. I guess the fans of other schools can't get Air Lavell, or is it Chow now, out of their minds. With that, I leave you this week's BluNotes ...

DJ: Wishful thinking comes in all shapes and sizes. North Carolinas Deep Run must be further east than I realized with this gem.

Deep Run "Let's talk about Norm Chow" ----------------------------------

BWSmith......yes, he is Mormon, as am I.

His son and I served missions at the same time in Japan. While in Raleigh his family remained in Utah and he lived in the Brownstone Hotel on Hillsborough Street. He is a very nice guy and one that would be great for any program. However, he is a west coast guy. One concern he had was moving his family out here to the east because they have such strong family ties in the west. I would not be surprised if he does not end up at BYU after their current head coach is fired. If they continue losing then he could be out of a job real soon. I seriously doubt that he would come back to the east coast.

DJ: Two things Deep that will make that impossible: 1. Chow has a chip on his shoulder the size of the Wasatch Front when it comes to BYU. He is still feeling spurned by the BYU admin. 2. Chow isn't a head coach. He likes it where he is. Being OC has its advantages for someone who isn't willing to put their heads on the chopping block. You see BYU was at that time a place where careers were made. I mean where else could you go that offered an admin job at the worst if you couldn't cut it on the field. Nah, my friend, Chow is both too bitter and too satisfied to move back to Provo.

DJ: Why can't fans just give this a rest? One would think that Myopia is a requirement to be the fan of a BCS mythical championship team or at least a contender that cannot even wins its conference. Oklahoma Sooners fan Boomer 69 just can't seem to leave the Switzer era...

I always say it - without the BCS, you have 1984 and BYU who wasn't even Top-10 material yet were voted National Champion just "because they beat everyone on their schedule." Yeah, right...13-0; beat only four teams with winning records, the best of which was 8-4 (WOW!!) and beat Michigan in the Holiday Bowl. Michigan you say? WOW again. No, Michigan finished 6-6 and was another of those nine non-winners BYU beat. What a joke, but it is what the single, purely "human" poll gives you since the coaches don't have the time (or cajones) to go against one of their own. And the writers - they only remember what happened this week, and vote for their closest area code team.

DJ: Okay, so Oklahoma this year plays 6 teams with losing records and 8 with winning of which 2 resulted in losses by the Sooners. So the Sooners only beat 6 teams with winning records this past season. Where am I going with this? Well maybe if you understood that without the BCS, bowls could pick and choose who they want coming and not have it dictated to them. Also there is a little thing called a playoff, which seems to have escaped the minds of both the BCS cronies as well as the NCAA. Oh yeah I know The University of Oklahoma President and AD wouldn't want a playoff since it would have a negative affect on the academic possibilities offered during the month of December at that fine institution in Norman. Well as Irony would have it, the entire Ivy League participates in a collegiate football playoff every year. I don't see school Presidents and AD's at Harvard, Yale and Princeton et al complaining about lost quality academic time. Hmmm maybe since they recruit players to represent the school instead of paying players to suit up for a farm club.

DJ: I really don't know what all the fuss over Norm Chow is? Does BYU really suffer because Norm wasn't the glove in hand choice to run the program after Lavell finally retired? Maybe, but contrary to popular belief, Chow isn't the only quality coach out there. Wake Forest fan vandalrama wants to continue to propagate a myth:

Vandalrama "Best offensive coordinator


Correction: Norm Chow left BYU when he wasn't given the head coaching job. That was a decision that has and will haunt BYU for a long time".

DJ: You are correct, Vandal, Norm Chow wasn't given the head-coaching job. Regardless of how both he and the media try creating controversy over the BYU administrations lack of Asian sensitivity, Chow wasn't the right man for the job. Events bear this out. In the conference formally known as the WAC, the competition due to its familiarity had begun during the nineties to figure out Norm and his offensive strategy. Lavell Edwards' final years at BYU were less than stellar, and Norm Chows had long failed to strike fear into opposing defenses. The writing was on the wall, and it was time for a fresh start. Norm Chow could not provide that fresh start. His success and NC State and now most recently at USC has shown what lack of familiarity can accomplish. When the Pac-10 opponents begin to recognize Chow's offense, his star will again begin to wane on the horizon.

One of the tenets of being Head Coach is keeping abreast of developments within your own sport. It is a major responsibility and requires adaptability. If Chow is truly head coaching material, than he would have been sparked by the challenge years ago when he was receiving offers from many different universities to come and lead their teams. Even now, he sticks to his "I am discriminated against rhetoric" when referring to why he didn't get the BYU job, but when his name appears on the shortlists of Nebraska and Arizona among others, he suddenly reverts back to how much he likes USC and prefers to coordinate. Can't have it both ways, but one thing is for sure, whether Crowton is the answer to BYU's football program or not, it is hard to believe that fans and administration are losing any sleep over the fact that Norm is in Pasadena.

DJ: Well, it is funny how things can change. I guess that most of us although aware fail to keep the cyclical nature of things in the forefront of our minds. Many accuse BYU of living on the memories of past Cougar football heroics such as the 84 National Championship, defeating number 1 Miami in Provo and even the Miracle Bowl. Well suffice it to say, here is one Texas A&M fan that now understands what we Cougar fans have known for quite some time:

AgontheDL "No game, how about a memory"


Since we have no bowl to attend, I thought that it would be fun for everyone to share his or her favorite FTA bowl trip/game.

One of my favorites was our 1990, 65-14 Holiday Bowl win over Brigham Young in San Diego. The TMF put us up at a wonderful hotel. BTW, the BYU football team was housed there also. All week we heard how they wished for a tougher opponent. Other than their mouths, the trip was great. My favorite memory of the game was Bucky Richardson's touchdown reception from Darren Lewis. All the Ags cracked up. BYU had long since cratered. It was a wonderful trip. Will you share your favorite? "

DJ: Well Agon, there is nothing like finding a piece of dinner caught in your teeth. I guess that morsel of a 1990 shellacking can go a long way. Careful though, if the Aggies cannot bounce back to old glory within two years, you may need to keep that morsel and stretch it as far as you can to get you through those lean years.

DJ: The owner of the quote "I want to win by 9 and not 2" needs no introduction. This statement alone has a half-life that favorably compares to Uranium. Of course, the media did their best to botch the conditions behind such a statement and looking back on the results, I have a hard time with the idea that sitting on a 2 point lead with over 4 minutes remaining in the game is the way to play football. One Texas Tech fan actually goes to bat for Gary as ESPN bobble head Craig James of SMU fame broached this subject. I guess Craig has forgotten what can happen when a team decides to sit on a lead with 4 minutes remaining in the game:

FortKnight "Re: ESPN way too up tight"


Ask Craig James if he wishes that SMU had run up the score a little more against BYU in the Holiday Bowl before BYU made a miracle comeback to win, including a last second hail mary by (I think) Jim McMahon. "

DJ: Ask Craig James if he is limited to reading queue cards, or can he actually think about what he and his cohorts say on ESPN about college football. I guess that SMU education did him a world of good. Hmmm, which college was it that received the NCAA death penalty? Hmmmm, I wonder if academics were an issue back then.

DJ: One would think that after the fiasco that is the BCS laid a major egg this year, that people would stop and reflect that the term "Mythical National Championship" applies to every national champion of Div IA football since a NC was declared. Of course some people like this Hurricane fan like to walk around with myopia brand shades:

ShilohCane " Re: Old system, BCS or playoffs?"


The BCS. The old system in 1984 let BYU win a MNC playing a 6-6 Michigan in the Holiday Bowl. BYU only played 4 teams that year with a winning record and the best was 8-4 Air Force.

Does this look like a team that should be the MNC in 1984?

9/1 @ Pittsburgh (3-7-1) W 20-14 9/8 vs. Baylor (5-6) W 47-13 9/15 vs. Tulsa (6-5) W 38-15 9/22 @ *Hawaii (7-4) W 18-13 10/6 @ *Colorado State (3-8) W 52-9 10/13 vs. *Wyoming (6-6) W 41-38 10/20 @ *Air Force (8-4) W 30-25 10/25 @ *New Mexico (4-8) W 48-0 11/3 vs. *Texas-El Paso (2-9) W 42-9 11/10 vs. *San Diego State (4-7-1) W 34-3 11/17 @ *Utah (6-5-1) W 24-14 11/24 vs. Utah State (1-10) W 38-13 12/21 vs. Michigan (6-6) W 24-17 @ San Diego, CA Holiday Bowl

The Old system didn't work. I want a Playoff, but what we have now in the BCS is better than the old system."

DJ: The old system would have kept BYU in the Holiday bowl with better competition. The old system would have made the 1996 Holiday bowl a major barn burner, as many of the top programs were itching to play No. 5 BYU to knock them down. Of course, the Cougars at least were granted Cotton Bowl status and spanked a top KSU team. The Old system would not have put a Big XII team that did not win their conference in the premier bowl that the Big XII would have represented. There were flaws in the old system only in that the Bowls superceded any idea of a real playoff. Fans want a Playoff, the players want a playoff, and so what is the big issue here? Am I missing something? As far as your logic is concerned Shiloh, USC, LSU and Oklahoma played 6 teams on their schedules with losing records, and some of them were really bad, as in 1-11 or 2-10 bad. The rankings no longer reflect what they used to as they are unfortunately tied to the BCS. This year, the media decided to speak out as their poll reflected the public sentiment that USC in all likelihood was the national champion. I guess even hack journalists have their limitations as to what is acceptable.

DJ: Well you know things are slow in South Bend when Notre Dame fans speculate on the expansion plans of the Mountain West conference, although I guess I can understand it a little since Notre Dame as been given a carte blanche "keep your NBC revenues" invitation to the Big East in football. Yes I can imagine the sweat on Trangheses forehead as he passes the BCS mantle over to the Big XII commissioner. This particular Irish fan seems to be in the know regardless:

javajive "Re: Boise St. building a tradition"


The word in western media I check indicate that TCU and Boise State are the leading candidates to add BCS muscle to the Mountain West Conference. If they go to 9, it's likely TCU. If ten its likely TCU/Boise (although Hawaii has the best WAC attendance stats). There are rumors on some boards that an announcement may coincide with the TCU/Boise bowl game, and there are other rumors that state that Thompson, the MWC commish, will make the announcement in January...

Boise does have an edge with the original MWC "gang of five", since Idaho has a 40% Mormon population that likes to travel and visit the relatives at BYU and Utah, and those two schools always lock votes with AirForce, Wyoming, and Colorado State. It takes 6 MWC votes to add a school."

DJ: Well, Jive you are correct that the top two in any MWC expansion plans are TCU and Boise State. It is my humble opinion that both schools should be taken in as soon as possible. The MWC has waited patiently on the sidelines as expansion and conference piracy took its toll on the weaker conferences. Now is the time to pounce and add the two teams above. Not only will the competition be a good shot in the arm for the conference, but also both schools bring with them two bowl games. BSU's bowl game is within 12 hours driving distance for the fans of seven conference members. The Fort Worth Bowl although on the far side makes up for distance by being one, in a much warmer area than Memphis that time of year, and two being in the middle of the metroplex, which is a huge television market. I am confident that the wisdom in economics of inviting these two schools will bear out regardless of whether the MWC gets invited to the BCS party or not.

DJ: Sooner fans are my favorite targets. I don't know why, but I guess it has to do with having reminders of Barry Switzer's angry mug on the television day in and day out as the unthinkable happened. BYU became national champions. In any case, I caught some Sooner smack against a USC fan so this is a real gem. I hope this fan saw the humor in the events that followed his little tirade:

ou2020 "Re: You are going to get your arse handed to you today"


Tell me this is not coming from a fan of the Pac-10. There is no competition in that weak stick conference (i.e. YOUR trojans being left out of the BCS). The main reason for the BCS is for pretenders like you to be exposed and not waltz through an easy schedule and win a national championship that you do not deserve. The BCS was implemented so a BYU in 1984 or USC in 2004 would not win a championship when they are not the best team in the country. Michigan will prove that!"

DJ: Can you really keep a straight face after reading that? It sure is difficult. ou2020, your hindsight better be as sharp as your namesake, because Michigan couldn't prove anything in 1984 and they couldn't prove it twenty years later. The BCS must have been implemented for another reason since it has failed to prevent anything except mass confusion and fan and player ire. Maybe if we had a playoff huh? Think that would work. Well, 2020, you might want to put your glasses on so you can better see the egg on your face.

DJ: The talk of BYU getting picked up by the Pac-10 seems to never want to die. Well, there is always something you can count on when broaching this topic. One, there will always be a contingent of Cougar fans who believe that football Nirvana can be obtained if BYU were only in the Pac-10, and two that reactionary bigoted comments from fans of Pac-10 schools rear their ugly head. I don't know what they are teaching in the PAC10 these days, but I do know the Timothy Leary age died a long time ago. I wish somebody had told this Bruin fan:

CLassof1973 "Re: BYU #64 ranking"


Well...sorry, but a sectarian school which teaches that good people go to other planets when they die (as long as they were married), and that Native Americans are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel, is not respectable, IMHO. I won't comment on ND, BC or Catholic teachings here, though.

Furthermore, I wonder if BYU's relatively "high" ranking in USN&WR is helped by the unregenerate Republicanism of that shoddy publication/apologist for capitalist crime."

DJ: Wow! What do you say to that? A religious school that teaches that good people go to other planets when they die? Sounds cool. Where do I sign up? Is there some special ceremony involved, or do I just tap the communicator on my right breast pocket and request to get beamed aboard the spirit ship Enterprise. Maybe we should all just sit in a circle listening to tribal music while consuming Psilocybins? Class of 1973, please take off your sandals and stay awhile. You might learn that BYU is ranked rather high due to the administration striving to attain levels of excellence. The word is out that BYU grads seem to have a lot to offer. Of course it is difficult to see with all that bud smoke blocking your vision. I am glad you decided not to comment on Catholicism, since you wouldn't want to botch two attempts to ridicule with reason. By the way, I sure hope they have a Dish Network or Cable on Kolob; otherwise I wouldn't be able to get my weekly BYU sports fix and that my friend would be a capitalist crime.

DJ: On the recruiting front, Crowton has quickly reached legendary status on the quality of recent Cougar classes. Well not only does the recruiting seem to be going well, but unexpected gifts in transfer players keep showing up at opportune times. Another Cougar fan from Washington State chimes in regarding a future BYU linebacker:

pacrat "Wagner is a Mormon" ----------------------------------

I think he feels he is going where he truly belongs. Can't knock that. It bums me out cause he is a bad ass with a chip on his shoulder. Oh well, best of luck to him. "

DJ: Pacrat, trust me when I say that BYU fans all over are excited to have Wagner. Yes he will, as an LDS football player, feel more at home in Provo and that is a good thing. Well, here's to Wagner's chip is directed at opposing offenses in 2005.

DJ: BYU basketball has hit a bump in the road toward a conference championship. Let us hope that coach Cleveland can get the team back on course. Well, Cougars fans knew that Araujo was special when he came to BYU last year, and now that recognition is spreading. UNC fans know their hoops, and this one is no exception:

Maverickcowboy25 "Re: How good is your bb team?"


Don't be surprised when the Center from BYU goes first round.

DJ: Yeah, kind of like Cougars in the NCAA tourney. I wouldn't be surprised to see BYU go in the first round. Badda Boom, badda Bing. Sorry, that was too easy.

DJ: Well if there is one tough place to play, that is in ACC country, but laying an egg is still laying an egg regardless of which venue. BYU had a chance to compete, but were stuck on Mormon standard time. Well I guess MWC proponents are walking Tobacco Road these days with their hats hanging down over their faces:

ChandlerHeel "Re: Which team do you want UNC to start a series with?"


BYU (So I can stop hearing my friend whine about the Mountain West being underrated, although BYU is pretty decent this year.) "

DJ: Chandler, while a series with BYU would be great, I am sure in your mind the sudden lack of whining in your ear is much better. BYU is pretty good; they just forgot that for some reason. Thank goodness the season is long and we have plenty of basketball ahead. As far as the underrated MWC, all I can say is OUCH!

Well, that is all for this installment of BluNotes. I had a few basketball quotes in the queue to run, but BYU's embarrassing no-show in Raleigh combined with the grotesque handling of a one point lead in San Diego have made these interesting remarks only painful to read.

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