Max Hall Removes All Lingering Doubts

<B>MEMO TO BYU HEAD COACH GARY CROWTON</B>: The LDS quarterback recruit from Arizona you told Texas prospect <b>Jordan Reever</b> you were waiting on respects you in bunches for honoring your word to hold a scholarship despite his longtime ASU commitment, but he reaffirmed today he will "definitely" sign with Arizona State on national signing day. Whether he ever plays for the Sun Devils is an entirely different story.

"The BYU coaches have continued to recruit me and told me they are going to hold my scholarship all the way up to signing day. It feels awesome. It gives me a lot of respect for the coaches and shows me how much they want me to come and play for them. Their commitment to me sticks with you."

Despite the continuing "love" from Cougar coaches, Max Hall, the 6-1, 180-pound top-rated high school signal caller in Arizona, confirmed to this morning he will definitely honor his Aug. 14 verbal commitment to sign with Arizona State on Feb. 4, national signing day.

But here's the flip side of that coin: Hall said he now plans to leave immediately on an LDS mission rather than play one year as first planned. "I'm confident I can win the starting (ASU quarterback) job when I get back because that's the way I am.

"Hopefully, when I come back and the coaches are still there, everything will be fine. If not, I might come and play at BYU. They're my next choice," Hall added.

He pointed out he was not concerned about ASU signing other high school quarterbacks this season. "I won't be playing for three years (two years on my mission and a redshirt year) and by the time I'm ready, they'll be juniors."

Hall noted that he will fully evaluate the quarterback situation at Arizona State after his mission knowing full well he will be a "free agent" of sorts, eligible to sign with any college that might offer him.

The bottom line is "BYU is still high on my list, but my top interest is still ASU. I don't want the ASU coaches to think I'm wavering because they might be signing other high school quarterbacks. I am definitely signing with ASU. Any commitments now doesn't have any effect on me" because of LDS mission plans.

In a TBS interview last year, Hall said his decision to sign with Arizona State "was a tough decision, but I grew up an ASU fan and I've always thought that I'd play there. It's just where I always thought I'd play. I mean my father played there, my grandfather played there and now I get the chance. That's just hard to pass up."

Hall said BYU was definitely in the mix. "I went to BYU's (summer) camp thinking that it would be nice to visit, but it seriously blew me away. I love the coaches there and I love the atmosphere, but I love the coaches at ASU as well."

Playing in the Pac-10 also factored heavily into Hall's final decision. "I've always wanted to play in the Pac-10. Playing in a top conference along with following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather is probably what gave them the edge and what ultimately won out."

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