Terence Brown: BYU Classes this Fall; No Football

One of the top offensive line recruits from South Carolina who submitted his letter of intent to BYU yesterday plans to pay his own way through school this fall -- on his own volition and dime -- without playing football before his LDS mission.

Terence Brown, 6-4, 280 pound lineman offered by major colleges like South Carolina, Nebraska, Clemson and others, confirmed to TotalBlueSports.com he will take part-time classes this fall in Provo and will not use up any part of his football scholarship until after his mission. He plans to leave after the fall semester.

"It will be good to attend school and get used to being there before my mission. I can then come home and have all of my eligibility left. It's a good plan," Brown said.

Aside from playing for a legendary Summerville High School program and coach, Brown was a consensus First-Team All-State selection in South Carolina's top high school division. He was also one of the 44 players who participated in the annual All-Star game between the top players from North Carolina and South Carolina.

Brown was the first to verbally commit to BYU shortly after returning home from the Cougars' summer camp last July. "BYU has a great environment and it's a place I feel real comfortable with, being LDS and all. They also have outstanding facilities -- as nice as any I've seen and that includes Nebraska, South Carolina and some other big schools," he added.

Watching the Cougars through a dismal season last year, Brown admitted he was "a bit discouraged" watching the team during the season, insisting he believed the program will turn around. "It was real tough to be honest with you. It's not fun seeing the school you're going to sign with struggle like that. But they could have easily had won at least four of those games (they lost) and you have to keep that in consideration. We'll be good again; I have no doubt about that."

Commenting on BYU's coaching staff, he commented that "I have full confidence in BYU's coaches. They know what they're doing and they'll rebound from last season's disappointments. I wouldn't have committed to them and stuck with my commitment if that wasn't the case."

Brown took his official trip to BYU last month with fellow offensive line signees Nick Alletto and Ray Feinga. "It just confirmed everything I already knew – that BYU was the right place for me. It was also great to see Nick again. We became friends over summer camp, but we got along really well during the visit. He's a great guy and a great player. I can't wait to play with him. I also got along great with Ray."

His goal in the meantime? "I want to keep in shape even though I won't play again for a while. I want to keep my weight down so whatever weight I gain when I get back from my mission is mainly muscle."

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