Travis Brown Still Has Sights Set Firmly on BYU

If the No. 1 wide receiver in the WSFL conference makes up the 40 credit units he needs to receive his AA degree to qualify and suit up as a BYU Cougar this fall, he will have earned it the hard way.

Travis Brown, a 5-10, 180-pound all-star verbally committed to BYU in late December and would have signed and faxed his letter of intent last Wednesday were it not for the deep uncertainty of his academic situation.

Brown spurned scholarships offers from eight Pac-10 schools, Notre Dame and Michigan out of high school and signed with Oregon State. With head coach Dennis Erickson left the Beavers to coach the San Francisco 49ers, changes by the new coaching staff concerned him and he transferred to Dixie State College, a junior college in St. George, Utah.

He said BYU coaches were not confident he would be eligible this year, but joked he was not letting them off the hook so easily.

"I let them know what was going on because at first they were thinking it wasn't going to happen. They couldn't really do anything about it and they were just like, ‘Well, good luck,' and everything and I was like, ‘No, no hold on man.'

"They (BYU coaches) came to my house and told me about it because they had talked to my (Dixie) counselors about it. We found a way where I could get it done. They said if I do it, then it (scholarship) will be waiting there for me. That's what I've got to do is take care of my end and they (BYU coaches) will take care of theirs," Brown explained.

Brown continued, "It will be cool man, I just gotta get this other stuff done first, then I can get ready to go. I gotta take like 5 or 6 classes right now. In the summer time, I have to take 10 and 10, then I'll be straight. I'll be there (BYU), man.

Before his academic issues became apparent, he talented receiver was expected to challenge for a starting slot receiver spot for the Cougars this fall.

He noted there was a miscommunication with the Dixie counselors about how many credits would transfer from Oregon State.

"Basically, what they told me when I first got up here was my D's were going to transfer from Oregon State. After the end of the term, they said they are not going to transfer now. Now I have to take two 20 credit loads. I'm taking 20 now and I'll take two sessions of summer school with 10 credits each – and I'll be ready for fall."

Brown remarked he is "very confident" he will complete the classroom requirements on schedule because "the classes I've got to (re)take are freshman classes (from Oregon State). If I can't pass those, I don't deserve to go to college (Div. 1)," chuckled Brown. "It's stuff like intro to English and intro to writing; stuff that you take your first year that didn't transfer over here (Dixie) because they were D's. It's just a pain to go through it. I thought I was going to have an easy second term, but now I gotta do second term and summer school. Nothing goes smooth for Travis Brown, I gotta tell ya. Nothing goes smooth bro."

The fact that BYU has signed possibly its best-ever wide receiver class in its history from the JC and high school ranks does not deter Brown in the least. In fact, he is even more excited to sign and suit up- for the Cougars.

"It's tight, man. We (BYU) are going to do some big things. I see it. I made my decision when I saw our boy (First-Team All-American Todd Watkins) from Grossmont (College) commit. Then I heard his other boy (Joe Griffin) from Grossmont was going to commit too. I knew that coming in I wasn't going to have to do everything by myself. It was cool because they (BYU coaches) were telling me that I do need some help and I know for a fact I can't do it all by myself. When I heard those two boys where going to commit, I think we can come in and play right away and do some things, no problem."

Despite his heavy academic load, Brown has a plan to remain in playing shape. "I'll be taking my classes, working out and also going to California in the summer to work out with Danny (Dixie quarterback Danny Southwick) and his quarterback coach Bob Johnson. I'll be staying in shape because Southwick is like a personal trainer. It's like his major or something. I just listen to whatever he says in the weight room because he knows what he is doing," said Brown.

He added: "We have crazy workouts. We do weights in the morning; we have speed workouts, endurance workouts and all kinds of stuff we mess around with. I ran a 4.40 at Oregon State but that was a while ago," said Brown. "That was when I was there last spring. We've been doing this for a while so I'm pretty sure that I can break a 4.30. I would say my bench is around 275-280 (pounds), but I can squat 420-425. I need legs, man," Brown continued.

In a closing thought for expectant Cougar fans expecting him to showcase his considerable skills at LaVell Edwards Stadium in BYU blue, Brown concluded: "I'll be there, man. I'm not going to leave you hanging."

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