Jack Darlington a Top Prep Arizona WR to Watch

BYU, Notre Dame and most of the Pac-10 schools are on the recruiting horizon for a fast-emerging standout prep wide receiver from a private Catholic school in Arizona.

After only his second year of football, the 6-2, 190-pound Jack Darlington from Salpointe Catholic High School has impressed college recruiters with his stats from last season: "I had 1,250 yards receiving and 13 touchdowns on around 60 receptions. It was a pretty good year," Darlington said.

"I played defensive back and did pretty good there, too. I don't know which one I would prefer in college because I love to hit people. Defense is pretty fun, but I also like to score touchdowns. Some colleges are looking at me for receiver and some for defensive back."

Darlington joked his mother would not let him play football earlier for fear he would get hurt, "but now she's like, ‘Yeah, go football,' and all that. This is pretty awesome. I can't really believe it. This is only my second year of playing football. When I started, I never thought I would be any good or anything."

He said he will spend spring and summer preparing for a better senior year. "I want to work on running better routes and getting open easier. Right now, I bench about 225 pounds, squat 375 pounds, and I've got a 34-inch vertical."

Darlington also plays basketball to keep in playing shape. "I play three sports so I live for competition," he said. "I can dunk a basketball. That's the fun part about playing basketball is dunking on everyone."

So who is currently knocking on Darlington's football recruiting door? "I've received stuff from Notre Dame, Boston College, Oregon and Oregon State. Pretty much everyone from the Pac-10 schools and BYU," he said.

Darlington says that although many schools have taken notice, he will carefully evaluate all offers to determine the best fit for him. "I'd go pretty much anywhere, basically."

As a Catholic athlete at a Catholic high school, Notre Dame is one college that particularly intrigues Darlington because of its rich football tradition. "Notre Dame is one of the top ones. I can't really pass that one up with their tradition. I really like the tradition. I was watching the Senior Bowl and they were exchanging stickers and all that, but the Notre Dame kids didn't have stickers on their helmets because it's their tradition to wear the plain gold helmet. It's little things like that interest me," said Darlington. "Tradition matters definitely, but facilities, coaching and pretty much everything also factor in."

When asked to pick a favorite school, Darlington said, "Well, since I'm in Tucson, I would have to say Arizona (Wildcats), but as far as going to play some place, I'll go anywhere." Darlington said BYU's new athletic facilities also place the Provo school in the mix. "I was looking at their facilities online and they look like they are awesome! They definitely throw a lot, and I could definitely see that (playing at BYU). You gotta like the fact they throw the ball a lot so you have to definitely look at that along with their facilities. I've received some information from them and I've spoken to an assistant coach while he was down here awhile back. I just shook his hand and spoke to him for a second."

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