Will Mannschrek Top LB Prospect from Idaho

The recruiting letters are coming in from BYU and a host of other major colleges for a 6-2, 225-pound linebacker prospect from Lewiston High School in Idaho.

Though he has not received any scholarship offers yet, Will Mannschrek is, at different degrees, already in the recruiting mix from schools like Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Nebraska, Michigan BYU, Arizona State, Colorado and Washington State. "I'm looking through my letters right now. Ivy League schools and military schools like Army and Navy have sent letters too. I think that pretty much covers everything," Mannschrek said.

After his junior season, he was named All-I.E.L (Inland Empire League) 1st team tight end and 2nd team linebacker. He was also was defensive MVP for his team as well as All-North-Idaho 2nd team tight end.

"We don't really keep a whole lot of stats, but I had an interception, a sack during the season, a couple of fumble recoveries, probably over 100 solo tackles. As far as assisted tackles, I don't really know," Mannschrek said.

Though he is not LDS, Mannschrek commented that, "I've heard that BYU is a good academic school and a good athletic school. I'm not Mormon or anything, but that doesn't bother me."

He noted his budding interest in the Cougars is not dissuaded by the school's stringent Honor Code. "It (Honor Code) doesn't bother me. Growing up, we have pretty good morals as a family. We probably aren't quite as strict, but my parents expect me to make good choices in my life."

Academics do not appear to be a major obstacle for the Idaho native. "I have a 3.87 GPA. I just took the ACT, but I haven't gotten my scores back yet. I feel pretty confident. I think I did really well. If they don't turn out up to par with what I want, I'll probably do it again," he said.

Closer to home, Mannschrek is attracting the keen eye of Oregon coaches. "I went to Oregon's Junior Day and talked a little bit with their recruiting coach. He said they saw me on film and they look forward to watching me and stuff."

Indeed, this young athlete from a small, rural Idaho town seemingly has the enthusiasm and drive to be the best he can be without the egocentric personality quirks.

"Our season (last year) didn't go as well as we wanted, but I look forward to this year. I play tight end too, but I'm only 6-2, so I don't think I'll play tight end in college. Linebacker is something I can go for. I definitely love to hit. I would describe my playing as pretty aggressive. I love to play linebacker," Mannschrek said.

"I'm really working hard. I bench probably 263, squat 350 and I'm working on my speed, strength and technique so I can be the best I can be," he added. "My goals this year is to run 4.5-6 in the forty and to power clean in the 250-260 pound range. I would like to squat in the 360-370 pound range and gradually work my way up as I go."

Mannschrek is planning to work this summer with a local trainer. "I am going to work with a strength coach (Bruce Madsen) at a local college. He's supposed to really know his stuff."

For now, Mannschrek has simple guidelines about where he'd like to play in college. "I would say someplace that I feel would be a good fit for me; kind of a cross between a good athletic program, a good football program with good academics and someplace where I fit in socially," he concluded.

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