Limited Reps, But Patterson Getting a Lot of Looks

So intent was this coveted California prep quarterback on playing in a pro-style passing offense that he transferred high schools and it paid off – the big boys from the Pac-10, Big 10, Notre Dame and BYU have come calling.

K.C. Patterson, the 6-3, 200 pound signal caller, confirmed he specifically transferred from Granite Bay High to Oakmont High before his junior season "because I wanted to get into a passing offense. My prior high school was a running offense so I made the move and had to learn a whole new offense."

With 4.8/40 speed, Patterson said he much prefers his current pro-style offense to the run-oriented game of his former school. That, he confirmed, will also be a key factor on which college program he chooses.

Still, he took the calculated gamble knowing full well he would be playing behind All-League quarterback Phil Barna at Oakmont. The move didn't do much for his junior stats, but Patterson knew it would help him develop his talents within an offensive system that will best prepare him preparation for college football.

"I was playing behind an All-League senior Phil Barna," said Patterson. "They (Oakmont) run a pro-set offense and my coach, (Bob Ukajlovich) who had been coaching there for 28 years, went with Phil because he had been there a lot longer and he was more mobile."

Slated to start at quarterback this fall for Oakmont, Patterson faces another new challenge with the retirement of Ukajlovich. His new head coach is the former running back coach from Granite High, his old school with the run-oriented offense.

"With our old coach (Ukajlovich), we ran a pro-style offense. Our new coach was our old running back coach from Granite Bay. He followed me over here and has brought a lot more to the team that we had before. There adapting the old-fly offense from Granite Bay into a fly-and-shoot offense, which is what you see at Boise State. It's kind of like the run-and-shoot (University of Florida offense), but we have the fly motion in there to keep the defense guessing.

Despite minimal playing time his junior season, Patterson still posted decent numbers as a fourth quarter quarterback.

"I racked up 412 yards and 20-for-48 with 15 dropped passes," Patterson noted. He also scored three passing touchdowns while running for one in mop-up duty. Still, college recruiters apparently feel he has the tools to be a good Div. 1 quarterback despite his limited stats.

"Arizona, Stanford, Cal (Berkley), Michigan, Oregon, Oregon State and Notre Dame are all looking at me. I'm getting letters from all the Pac-10 schools and BYU; even the Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale," said Patterson.

Patterson admitted there is one school, in particular, that currently stands out above the rest. "Probably Stanford. They've sent me a bunch of hand-written notes from the coaches," Patterson continued. "I went down to one of their spring practices and got to talk to one of their coaches, coach Cubit, a little bit. I went to their spring game and got to stand on the sidelines. That was pretty cool. I got invited to the junior day at Stanford, but I decided to go to the Elite 11 that day at Cal. I thought I did great, definitely in the Top 5."

Patterson explained why Stanford has the early lead on his college list. "They're looking to take two quarterbacks this year. The campus is great and they've had a long tradition. Their academics are great and I'm looking at Business as my major – and they're a great business school. I've looked at them as my top for a while now. I like it because the school is in California and it's not to far away. I'm heavily considering them," he said.

After Stanford, California looks to be a close second on his short list. "After Stanford, its Cal. Coach (Jeff) Tedford is a great coach. "After Stanford and Cal, it's pretty much a toss up," Patterson said.

During one of his visits to Cal, he said he met a coach who left a lasting impression on the young quarterback. "I remember going to one of Cal's camps a while back and I got a chance to meet Tom Holmoe (former California head coach and current BYU athletic department administrator) when he was a coach there. I also had a chance to play with his son a little bit. He's a really good guy. I don't know what he's doing now though."

Informed Holmoe was currently working at BYU in a non-coaching management position, Patterson said that "BYU has been knocking at my door a little bit too. It's a great passing school. They like big quarterbacks and you usually are Mormon to go there, but I don't have a problem with that. I'm Catholic here, but I don't have a problem with that. Jim McMahon was a Catholic," Patterson said. "They've sent me a lot of mail, but they haven't made any phone calls yet, but they are showing interest. They do have the best facilities in the country though."

Patterson confirmed he has passed his college entrance exam, but plans to raise his score to ensure Stanford remains a viable option. "I got a 1220 (SAT) and I'm going to take it again to boost it over 1300," he added.

"I'm definitely looking to go where I can pretty much come off a redshirt and get some playing time. I'm looking at a passing team because it's no fun as a quarterback to always hand off the ball to a running back," Patterson chuckled. "What I'm pretty much looking at is if there is a gap between the starting quarterback and me. Is there, at least, like a two year deal? If there is, then you're probably going to get some playing time."

In the weight room, Patterson said "I can bench around 225 (pounds). That's about my max and my squat is 365 (pounds)."

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