BYU Summer Camp: Cougar Prospects Impressive

It's hard to surpass last year's BYU summer camp in terms of star power – which fielded Div. 1 prospects like <b>Austin Collie</b> (BYU); <b>Max Hall</b> (Arizona State); <b>Paul Kruger</b> (Utah); <b>Jacob Bower</b> (BYU); <b>Drew Mugleston</b> (BYU); <b>Nick Alletto</b> (BYU); <b>Justin Soi</b> (Utah State); and <b>Isley Filiaga</b> (BYU) – but there were still quality athletes that have college coaches battling for their signed letters of intent next year.

One notable standout is 6-4, 225 pound tight end/ linebacker prospect Vic So'oto, who has already been offered by BYU and a number of Pac-10 colleges.

So'oto demonstrated good speed for his size, even though he apparently pulled a groin muscle during the morning activities. It was reported he still ran a 4.8/40 on the artificial field turf.

After the morning injury, BYU trainers escorted So'oto inside the new practice facilities and had him back out into the hot sun for the remainder of the day's activities.

"Man, I can't believe they (trainers) got him back out here," So'oto's father, Vic, said. "He could hardly walk and they took him inside and wrapped him up. He's doing fine; a lot better."

During the later part of the day, teams were drawn and So'oto showed why BYU coaches have offered this big, nimble, talented tight end prospect.

In the offense vs. defense skeleton drills, So'oto lined up at tight end position and ran many deep crossing routes. When the quarterbacks were able to find him, So'oto showed good speed and made successful catches for long gains and touchdowns. So'oto has the tools to be an outstanding tight end in college.

In the first two days of camp, it is easy to spot the cream rising to the top. Along with So'oto, another impressive standout is Samoan linebacker Kaluka Maiava, an All-State first teamer as a junior from Maui, Hawaii.

Maiava is a solid 5-11, 225-pound middle linebacker from Baldwin High School with quickness and speed coaches covet on the defensive side. From two days of camp performance, he has shown himself to be a hard- nosed player who oozes confidence, tenacity and made his presence felt in 7-on-7 drills.

Watching Maiava go up against another camp participant, a nearby onlooker remarked, "It almost seems like he doesn't know this is just camp and not a game."

During a one-on-one offense vs. defense drill, a receiver pushed off Maiava going for the ball and inadvertently hit him on his nose. Quietly taking exception to it, Maiava lined opposite the same receiver with a different outcome. The receiver had to be helped off the field by trainers after an extra-hard hit downfield from Maiava.

Maiava is quick and aggressive and, despite getting lost at times during passing drills, possesses the quickness to make up for lost ground. Simply put, Maiava showed why he is rated one of the best middle linebackers in the west, according to

BYU has already offered him a scholarship as have a host of other major colleges. Maiava leaves Wednesday for two days at the Utah camp before heading down to the USC camp next week.

CAMP NOTES: Granger High School tight end/ defensive end prospect Kyle Leukenga also participated today. He played well and is expected to receive a number of Div. 1 offers, including BYU. Players from Kahuku High School's (Hawaii) state champion team are expected to participate in BYU's camp next week.

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