Jason Taking LONG Strides for Lone Peak High

The best all-round athlete from Utah's Lone Peak High School is drawing recruiting attention from Pac-10, Mountain West and Sun Belt Conference schools.

Jason Long, a 6-1, 190 pound safety/wide receiver with 4.54/40 speed, was particularly impressive at the NIKE camp this summer at Oregon. He recorded a 4.18 shuttle and a 31.5 vertical quickly established himself as the top defensive back within his group.

His father, Kevin Long, recalled his son's success at the NIKE camp. "What they did was take the seven defensive backs they had pre-picked coming into camp that they felt were the best for Group One. He (Jason) was in Group Two and he ate all the receivers' lunch. Nobody caught a pass on him. His camp position coach, who worked with him all day, jokingly asked him, "You wouldn't mind moving to Central Point, Oregon, would you? I had a couple coaches talk to me later and ask me what colleges I wanted to go to."

Long said that Arizona State and Utah State "are probably the two most interested schools. I get letters from other ones, but they're not as interested as those two. I haven't really heard that much from BYU, but I have talked to the coaches. They ask how I'm doing and ask how my stats are and stuff. Bronco Mendenhall has been talking to my coaches. I believe he is talking to my head coach, Ron Olsen."

"It's (BYU) a great university. I've been a fan of BYU my whole life. Bronco is a great coach and I would love to play for him. Their defense is one of the best in the nation," Long said.

"Jason's very athletic. As far as offense goes, he's probably our No. 1 offensive guy, according to assistant coach Tevita Ofahengaue." He can play wide, slot, wing and sometimes he comes in at tight end. If anything, he is our top player. He'll make the big hit or the big catch and we rally around that."

Ofahengaue speculated Long would likely be recruited to play safety in college. "He plays safety on defense and can play either strong or the three spot," Ofahengaue added. "He knows the game very well. He's got the fundamentals down. He understands formations and coverages really well. He's got the tools and is very coachable."

He added: "As a safety he can cover side to side. The most important part about playing the game at safety is being at the right place at the right time."

His equally proud father, Kevin, added, "Jason has a remarkable ability to be a playmaker. He's always at the right place at the right time to make the play."

"We were playing Olympus in the quarterfinals last year and we were behind 27-14 at the half," said his father said. "With a minute and a half left, it's fourth and three at around the 11 yard line, and our quarterback, who is just a great playmaker, rolls out of the pocket and he clears the defensive end."

"You can see he's got the first down; that he can make the first down. Just as he approaches the first down marker, he pulls up and riffles the ball into the end zone between three defenders. I'm standing on the 50-yard line saying, ‘No Mike, don't do it!' We didn't know who he (receiver) was, but he jumps up, gets clobbered, rolls over, and reaches up and hands the football over to the official. I said to myself, "That was my kid. That's cool!"

Long said he currently has a 3.49 core and 3.53 cumulative GPA. In the weight room, he squats 335 and scored a 56.7 on his SPARQ rating.

Last season, his defensive stats included 7 pass deflections, about four interceptions and I had about 60 tackles. Offensively, he caught about 20 passes for more than 400 yards, averaging 20.4 yards per reception.

Recognized as a Region 7 first team player, Long will captain his Lone Peak squad this year. He noted he may also serve an LDS mission. Other accomplishments include:

• Serves on a regional youth advisory council
• Life Scout, Senior Patrol Leader, Boy Scouts of America
• Football Team Captain
• Track Team Captain (unanimous selection)
• Three sport athlete as a sophomore - football, basketball & baseball
• 1998 WBBA Little League World Series Co-MVP
• As a junior, lettered in football and track for the high school
• Qualified for state in the 4 x 100 meter relay
• He was backup goalie for the Lone Peak 17 and under soccer team for indoor AAU league play

Jason Long's personal website link: http://home.earthlink.net/~kglutah/

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