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"CLUELESS:" TBS' BYU Sports Trivia Contest. Day 7

<b>QUESTION: <i>Nicknamed the "Provo Marriott" by the men and women who use it except it is NOT the Provo Marriott. What is it?</b></i>


* There will be 10 DAILY Winners receiving FREE 30-Day TBS Subscriptions.

* The first FIVE correct responses in THIS thread on BOTH Cougarboard.com and TotalBlueSports.com message boards win.

* Play as often as you like and win as many times as you can.

* You cannot be a daily winner on both the TBS and CougarBoad message boards on the same day.

* Daily winners MUST claim their prize via email (regschwenke@aol.com) within TWO days of being officially declared a winner on either the TBS or CougarBoard message boards.

* Anyone who wins at least five times over the duration of the contest will automatically receive the $99.00 PREMIUM TBS SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE that includes a year's subscription to TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine, complete access to TBS website and all premium content throughout TheInsiders.com national sports network. Contestants can ONLY win one of these no matter how many times they are daily winners.

* Winners can transfer their FREE TBS subscription for 30-day prize to another BYU sports fan if they are already TBS subscribers.

* Daily winners will be announced on both message boards.

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